Голоси є збірку оповідань, написані біженців і іммігрантів, які проживають у США.

Ви можете прочитати про проблеми, інші біженців і іммігранти стикаються. Читання, щоб дізнатися, як вони пристосовані до життя в США.


WeaveTales is telling stories around the world

Weavetales is looking for the stories of refugees, іммігранти, and other displaced people. Tell us your story, and have it heard by the world. As the name shows, the website WeaveTales brings together the threads of many tales, or stories, into one piece. WeaveTales collects and presents the stories of displaced people. We present the ... Читати далі

Chasing the American dream

  I was born in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Baraka. A place where the sky is always blue. The sun is always out. A downfall being it gets a little too hot. The temperature varies from 68 degrees F to 90 degrees F. A place where music from different cultures is always playing ... Читати далі

Because good food feels like home

  For many newcomers, food may be one of the last links they have to the country they came from. Sitting around the table with a home-cooked meal may be the only thing that feels like home. I spent my childhood in Bosnia, a country whose cuisine is like a map of its past. Боснія ... Читати далі