6 yo'llari endi qochqinlar yordam berishi mumkin

shu yerdamisiz 6 yo'llari endi qochqinlar yordam berishi mumkin

1) Add pro-bono immigration lawyers to USAHello’s local resource database.

USAHello website had over 8,000 mehmon bu o'tgan hafta davomida Ijroiya tartibi to'g'risidagi tarjima axborot resurslari kirish va topishga harakat. Sizning City resurs bazasiga bizning ma'lumot taqdim, including pro-bono lawyers from your city. Be sure to enter the address (including zip code), telefon raqami, and website. Locate ACLU affiliate lawyers. Find other service organizations in your area that are supporting immigrants and refugees? Please add them as well!

2) hadya etmoq $60 to help us translate our materials into refugee languages.

USAHello is working to create materials in many languages that increase understanding about the Executive Order, refugee travel rights, and provide information on how to ask for assistance or lawyers. Please help us translate these materials and have them ready for refugees.

3) Contact your legislators about this issue of equality and justice.

Send gratitude to those legislators who support refugee and immigrant rights, or voice your concerns to those legislators who have not spoken out in support of refugees. For more information on how to advocate, tashrif Refugee Council USA’s advocacy page.

4) Speak knowledgeably about refugees and the resettlement process.

Complete USAHello course “Qochqinlar bilan ko'ngilli.” Learn who refugees are, about the process of resettlement, and the history of refugees and immigrants in our country. By being knowledgeable, you can help others understand why supporting refugees is an important moral duty of the United States that makes our country safer and stronger.

5) Be an advocate for refugees who are traveling right now.

If you have friends or know refugees or immigrants who are traveling, ask them if you can be an advocate for them. With their permission, get their flight information and arrival time. Confirm that they made it off their flight safely and through customs and/or security lines. If you do not hear from them, elektron pochta: airport@refugeerights.org yoki call your local ACLU. Keep advocating until you are sure the person has received the constitutional right to a lawyer and is safe.

6) Support refugees in your local community.

Write letters of welcome and donate needed items like grocery store gift cards, bus passes, professional clothing and items for children and infants. If you need help finding a local organization to support, search our database or email us for a recommendation.

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