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Anousheh Ansari: The first female space explorer

Anousheh Ansari is the first Muslim woman and Iranian to become aspace tourist”. She is also a successful entrepreneur who empowers women to achieve their dreams. If asked to name someone who has been to space, most people’s answers would say the same names: Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, the first people to walk ... Ko'proq o'qing

Nima 2020 Census?

You may be wondering: what is census and why is it important? Learn about how information is collected and why it matters. As a recent immigrant, this is my first time participating in the census and I am excited about the opportunity. Someone might wonder, what is Census and why does it matter? Some people in ... Ko'proq o'qing

ishlab chiqarish, bir martaba uchun Maslahatlar

Manufacturing is a quickly growing industry in the USA. It offers many opportunities for entry-level positions and long-term careers. Read tips about how you can succeed in manufacturing. faoliyatimda, I had the privilege of working with a hard-working team that helps refugees and immigrants get jobs. Most of those jobs were in manufacturing. ... Ko'proq o'qing

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The GED exam gave me a second chance at the American Dream

Many immigrants do not get the chance to graduate from high school. Passing the GED test shows that you have the same knowledge as a high school graduate. Our USAHello board member Jeanna Lui tells us about the opportunities that the GED diploma gave her. My name is Jeanna and I am an immigrant. When ... Ko'proq o'qing