Đền Ansari: Không gian thám hiểm nữ đầu tiên

Anousheh Ansari stands in front of the American flag in a spacesuit
Courtesy of su.org

Anousheh Ansari là người phụ nữ Hồi giáo đầu tiên và Iran để trở thành một “không gian du lịch”. Cô cũng là một doanh nhân thành công, những người trao quyền cho phụ nữ để đạt được ước mơ của họ.

Nếu được hỏi tên một người đã đến không gian, câu trả lời của hầu hết người dân nói cùng tên: Neil Armstrong và Buzz Aldrin, the first people to walk on the moon are obvious choices. The cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova, the first woman to fly into space, is another well-known figure. Tuy nhiên, in this line-up of impressive astronauts and cosmonauts, one lesser-known name is often absent.

In part, her story is not known because she’s not the typical astronaut. The first Muslim woman and first person of Iranian descent in space is a private explorer.

This means that, rather than launching into space as a professional astronaut, she went into space as a “tourist.” This woman is Anousheh Ansari.

Anousheh Ansari is the first female private space explorer, a successful entrepreneur, and an immigrant in the USA. Anousheh Ansari was born in Iran in 1966 and she came to the USA as a teenager. She did not know any English at the time of her arrival.

She worked hard to improve her English and later earned a bachelor’s degree in electronics and computer engineering. After graduating from George Mason University, she went to George Washington University for her master’s degree. Có, she earned a master’s in electrical engineering.

Just a few years after graduating, Đền Ansari, her husband, and her brother-in-law cofounded a company called Telecom Technologies.

Telecom Technologies was later merged with another company. Tuy nhiên, while Anousheh Ansari was running it, Telecom Technologies was one of the 500 fastest-growing companies. This was only the beginning of her success as an entrepreneur.

She co-founded another company called Prodea Systems, that handles services related to the Internet of Things (IoT). IoT refers to devices that are connected to the internet, like remote control thermostats and tablets. Through the funds raised by her success as an entrepreneur, Anousheh Ansari and her brother-in-law made a donation of 10 million dollars to the X Prize Foundation. The Foundation is a nonprofit organization that holds competitions for inventors to create inventions that help others.

The donation they made funded a $10 million prize for any company that could launch a reusable spacecraft into space.

The winner of this prize was the company called Scaled Composites of Mojave, Calif. Their spaceship, called SpaceShipOne was designed by an American designer forspace tourism.Space tourism is travel into outer space as a form of recreation; it’s like a vacation in space.

Anousheh Ansari decided to contact the space tourism company, Space Adventures, Ltd to arrange for her journey to space on the SpaceShipOne! She wanted to fulfill one of her dreams but going to space wasn’t easy. Along with her donation, she had to train for months to get ready for her trip.

More than just experiencing what it was like to go to space, she wanted to be a Space Ambassador.

In her role as a Space Ambassador, she works to make space travel possible for others. Anousheh Ansari also makes others aware of the possibilities of space exploration and urges girls and women to achieve their dreams.

Qua 10 years since she funded it, Anousheh Ansari is now the CEO of XPRIZE! She dreams that, with funding, anyone can come up with solutions for the world’s biggest issues. She doesn’t want the success of others to depend on their gender or how much money they have. Hôm nay, in addition to being the CEO, she is the co-founder of the Billion Dollar Fund for Women.

The mission of her fund is to invest at least $1 billion into companies started by women so they can follow her footsteps and become successful businesswomen.

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