Portrait of Bhuwan Gautam

Bhuwan Gautam

SHAN Nepal

Bhuwan Gautam, a former refugee from Bhutan who resettled to the US in 2008, is a co-founder of Sanitation, Health and Nutrition Study Center, Nepal. He received his MPA in non-profit management from Westfield State University in 2017. He launched Bhutanese Society of Western Massachusetts, a non-profit that aids the social, cultural, educational, and health needs of the resettled Bhutanese refugees in Western Massachusetts. He also serves as a co-investigator and steering committee member for the Research Program on Children and Adversity at Boston College School of Social Work and also a researcher with Project Bhalakushari, a study on the well-being of aging Bhutanese refugees in the US and Canada funded by National Institute of Aging of the National Institutes of Health under award number P30AG024409, and a grant from the McGill University Health Center. Mr. Gautam has been nominated for the “40 Under 40” leadership award by BusinessWest. Bhuwan is a strong advocate for refugees and immigrants who served as ambassador to Define American. His Op-Ed articles and commentaries have appeared in a number of local and regional media. Bhuwan has co-authored number of research articles on Bhutanese mental health issues in the United States.