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“Borrowing Fire”

“Borrowing Fire” is a film from the series New Immigrant and Refugee Visions.

“Borrowing Fire” is one of 10 films made by and about immigrants and refugees. We are sharing them as part of Voices, our platform for refugees and immigrants to tell their own stories. We are posting a new film every month in 2020.

About the film “Borrowing Fire”

“In Ethiopia, growing up, we used to go to the neighbor and say, ‘Can I borrow some fire?’ because we didn’t have matches. So people take a little fire and go back to their kitchen and start their own fire.” Yonas tells this story to his congregation in his adopted country of the United States. He uses it as an analogy for their relationship with God: they are borrowing God’s “fire” to warm and feed their own lives. It also symbolizes what Yonas sees as his purpose as an immigrant. He finds that his immigrant heritage, accent and personality open doors with people everywhere: in the gas station and two coffee shops he owns, and through his church, which began as a bible study group in his gas station.

About Kebrewosen Densamo

Arriving in the United States from Ethiopia in 2001 as a young girl, Kebrewosen has a special understanding of the challenges for youth in migration. Kebrewosen lives in Massachusetts. She has a degree in public health and works at Boston Children’s Hospital. She is actively involved with her local cable access station and hopes to use documentary filmmaking to integrate her love of film with her desire to help people.

Organize a virtual screening or community screening

The New Immigrant and Refugee Visions (NIRV) film-makers were chosen, trained and mentored by Community Supported Film. You can organize an online or live screening of any or all of the films to inspire conversation and action in your community.

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