“Rhythms of Respect”

“Rhythms of Respect” is a film from the series New Immigrant and Refugee Visions.

These 10 films were made by and about immigrants and refugees. We are sharing them as part of Voices, our platform for refugees and immigrants to tell their own stories. We are posting a new film every month in 2020.

About the film “Rhythms of Respect”

Jorge Arce, a Puerto Rican dancer, musician, educator, and political activist, engages people of all ages through dance and music. Through rhythm, movement and melody, Jorge brings people together to celebrate and raise awareness about our shared history. “When you see the audience coming out, dancing, singing, playing the instruments … and they don’t want to stop … There’s changes of behavior there. Changes of attitudes. There is acceptance also. There is recognition. And there is respect.”

About Katsyris Rivera Kientz

Katsy came to the United States from Puerto Rico in 2016. She works closely with the Puerto Rican diaspora in the United States on issues of cultural identity and the political relationship with the United States. She was a PhD student in Sociology at UMass Boston when she made this film.

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