“Seeking Settled Ground”

“Seeking Settled Ground” is a film from the series New Immigrant and Refugee Visions.

These 10 films were made by and about immigrants and refugees. We are sharing them as part of Voices, our platform for refugees and immigrants to tell their own stories. We are posting a new film every month in 2020.

About the film “Seeking Settled Ground”

From the killing fields of Myanmar (Burma), a young Rohingya man, persecuted as a Muslim, escapes death or imprisonment by walking to Thailand. On a boat with 500 to 600 other people, he floats from country to country seeking refuge. More than 2 years later, from a refugee camp in Indonesia, he is granted asylum in the United States. He desperately misses his family, but is grateful to be alive and learning the ways of a new life that was inconceivable just a few months ago.

About Mohammad (Roman) Arifuzzaman

Mohammad emigrated from Bangladesh in 2015. He lives in Quincy, Massachusetts. Mohammad works as a software engineer with interests in music, theater and photography. His story about Mohammad Anwar is particularly relevant as so many Rohingya refugees have sought refuge in Bangladesh, his country of origin.

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