If you are new to the USA, you may want to learn about American food. You have probably noticed that there are many choices! Find out about American food and food at your children’s school. Learn how to introduce Americans to foods from your home country. See ways to handle cultural differences about food.

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You may be surprised to see how many choices there are for food in the USA. There are many brands of food in all kinds of packages. 水果和蔬菜即使不在季节也可以买到。. 你会注意到餐厅供应来自不同文化的食物。. Fast food is popular in the United States. It is easy to get a cheap meal quickly, and even to buy it without getting out of your car.

Unhealthy American food

许多美国食品, 尤其是快餐食品, in the United States contain sugar or preservatives (配料放在食物中, 使其持续较长时间). 许多水果和蔬菜喷洒杀虫剂, 农药使用的保持昆虫消失的农场有哪些?. 你的身体不可能用到这些类型的食物,所以你可能觉得在第一次生病或五月开始增加体重. Consuming unhealthful foods is a problem for many Americans, who get overweight and experience health issues. 虽然你可能会兴奋地尝试新的食物, 您可以选择要逐渐做到, 为了让你的身体调整.

Restaurant food

If you are trying to eat healthfully and cheaply, you will want to avoid eating at restaurants often. 餐馆提供的食物往往是不太健康,包含很多更多的卡路里, 这是衡量食物有多少能量的单位. 冰激淋, 举个例子, 有很多的卡路里. 水果和蔬菜的卡路里少.


有些美国人可能没有尝试你在你的祖国吃的食物. 在大城市, there are many ethnic restaurants and so people have more experience of foreign foods. 在较小的城镇, 文化品种少, 人们可能不是经验丰富.

Introduce new dishes

大多数美国人乐于尝试新类型的烹饪和会好奇尝试新菜. 许多美国人参加了 "家宴,"这是社会集会, 每个人都带来一道菜分享. 家宴发生在大型聚会或休闲晚宴上. 这可能是很好的机会,介绍别人到你的食物, 无论是在学校和社会情况. 你也可以邀请人们来吃饭, 为你的文化提供菜肴。. 有些人可能不愿意尝试新的食物。, 然而, 重要的是要尊重.


美国学校的学生不接受早餐, 除了在一些幼儿幼儿园. Children eat before they go to school, although in some schools children can buy a small breakfast at the school cafeteria.

Lunch and snacks

在午餐时间, 儿童可以购买他们的食品或从家里带饭. Packing lunches for your children is the best way to make sure that your children have healthy food, 由于许多学校服务对象是不健康的食物和含糖的饮料. Children in the USA also bring “snacks” to school. 这些都是食物的少量的他们在课间休息时吃. 例子包括水果, 坚果, 燕麦棒, 或饼干.

Help with food costs

如果你的家人并没有很多钱, 有时,学校会提供免费 (或更便宜) 吃饭, 包括早餐, 为您的孩子. 每所学校都不同, 所以最好与你的孩子的老师或学校秘书谈谈你有任何问题.

Other children

有一种可能性, 孩子可能取笑你的孩子吃不熟悉的食物. 年幼的孩子有时害怕新事物,认为,取笑别人是正确的方式来处理自己的感情. 你应该跟你的孩子谈这, 所以他们并不感到惊讶或非常不安如果发生这种情况. 你的孩子可能会选择解释什么食物是由, as some ethnic dishes contain similar ingredients to those eaten in the USA. 如果孩子不感兴趣, your child may choose to walk away from the situation. They may want to choose a different group of companions.

If children continue to make fun of your child’s choices of food, 你或你的孩子应该跟老师谈谈情况. Another strategy would be to talk to the teacher about organizing an activity in which food can become a teaching opportunity about culture. You could make a larger amount of the food for the class, and it would be discussed and shared

Polite ways to decline American food

如果你被邀请到某人家吃饭, 因为你的宗教或文化而不能吃某种食物。, 你应该感到舒服, 解释给你的主人和女主人. 它是合适的时候你去事件之前. 大多数美国人都非常尊重他人饮食,甚至会问你问题,以了解更多关于你的生活方式. 如果你已经吃得够多,不想任何更多的食物, 说是不礼貌的。, "不, 谢谢你, 我饱了,"即使主机提供了很多次.


你习惯于在你的国家吃一些食物不是可用或有禁忌. Taboo means inappropriate or forbidden within a culture. 某些类型的肉, 如马肉和一些动物器官, 不是出售或不吃. Many Americans think eating baby or fetal animals is wrong. 昆虫也不是传统饮食的一部分, 但你可以偶尔发现他们在一些民族市场.

在美国, 乳制品是巴氏杀菌的 (加热) 杀死细菌, 新鲜的牛奶和奶酪, 不经过这个过程不能出售. 一些水果, 山竹和广告牌等, are not sold in the United States because they are considered unsafe.