当有紧急情况时, 知道该怎么做是很好的。. 知道什么时候报警很重要. 当你叫警察, 你能帮助保护自己,也有助于良好公民的. 你可以通过拨打电话从美国任何地方的任何电话报警 911.

It is good to know what to do when there is an emergency. Knowing when to call the police is important. When you call the police, you can help protect yourself and also contribute to being a good citizen. You can call the police from any phone in any place in the USA by dialing 911.

It can be hard to know when to call the police for help

It can be hard to know when to call the police for help


When to call the police

警方在那里报警, 还有其他原因 ".

Police are there to call in an emergency and for other reason.


Call the police in all of the following emergencies:

  • 犯罪, 特别是如果还在进行中, 如偷窃或盗窃
  • 车毁人亡, 特别是如果有人受伤
  • 一场大火
  • 医疗紧急情况, 如心脏病发作, 无法控制的出血, 或过敏反应
  • 家庭暴力或被忽视儿童的怀疑, 肉体或性虐待
  • 其他任何看起来像紧急情况
  • A crime, especially if is still in progress, such as a theft or burglary
  • A car crash, especially if someone is injured
  • A fire
  • A medical emergency, such as heart attack, uncontrollable bleeding, or allergic reaction
  • Domestic violence or suspicion of a child being neglected, physically or sexually abused
  • Anything else that seems like an emergency


You may also call the police when there is suspicious activity:

  • 有人在附近的院子里徘徊-这可能是一个迹象, 该人试图闯入房子
  • 有人试图打开车门-这可能是一个迹象, 该人试图偷车
  • Someone wandering through yards in the neighborhood – this could be a sign that the person is trying to break in into a house
  • Someone trying to open car doors – this could be a sign that the person is trying to steal a car

当发生可疑的事情时, 不要以为别人已经报警了. 人们不愿意报警, 生怕有危险或卷入其中. 然而, 警察想帮助预防犯罪.

Do not assume someone else has already called the police when something suspicious is happening. People hesitate to call the police for fear of danger or of getting involved. However, the police want to help prevent crime.


What to do when you call the police

叫警察, 拨号 911. 保持冷静,在调用时,您的姓名, 地址, 和电话号码. 如果您使用的是手机, 提供您所拨打的州和城市. 然后告诉对方你打电话的原因. 按照给您的任何说明进行操作. 举个例子, 调度员可能会说, “保持在线,” 或 “离开大楼。”

To call the police, dial 911. Remain calm when calling and give your name, address, and phone number. If you are using a cellphone, provide the state and city you are calling from. Then tell the person why you are calling. Follow any instructions you are given. For example, the dispatcher might say, “Stay on the line,” or “Leave the building.”

如果您拨打 911 错了, 做不挂了,因为这可能会让 911 官员认为紧急情况真的存在. 相反, 只是告诉你的人, 你错了.

If you dial 911 by mistake, do not hang up because that could make 911 officials think that an emergency really exists. Instead just tell the person that you called by mistake.


What happens when you call the police

大多数美国警察部门都有一个通信中心. 通信中心工作人员用车辆用无线电联系警察. 个别警察还携带耳机, 像耳机. 警车有一台与网络相连的电脑. 电脑允许他们查看车辆信息, 犯罪记录, 和其他敏感信息.

Most American police departments have a communication center. The communication center staff reach police officers on a radio in their vehicles. Individual police officers also carry headsets, like earphones. Police cars have a computer linked to a network. The computer allows them to view vehicle information, criminal records, and other sensitive information.


Responsibilities of the police

执法人员, 或警务人员, 给予某些权力, 使他们能够做他们的工作. 他们有广泛的责任.

Law enforcement officers, or police officers, are given certain powers to enable them to do their work. They have wide-ranging responsibilities.


Arresting suspected criminals

当有理由相信某人犯了严重罪行时,, 一名军官可以用手铐和逮捕的人. 执法的权力通常只在违法和必须查明和逮捕嫌疑人的情况下才能执行. 犯罪包括入室盗窃, 贩毒, 谋杀, 和抢劫. 被拘留的人会带到警察局或根据保释被判入狱.

When there is a reason to believe that a person has committed a serious crime, an officer can handcuff and arrest a person. The powers of the law enforcement are typically enforced only in cases where the law has been broken and a suspect must be identified and apprehended. Crimes include burglary, drug trafficking, murder, and robbery. The detained person will be taken to a police station or jailed depending on a bail.


Maintaining order

当警务人员出警社区, 他们的主要目标是维持秩序. 他们的工作需要保持平和和防止可能扰乱他人的行为。. 预防从介入战斗到停止大声播放音乐. 在这些情况下, 情况是谨慎处理, 而不是作为一种犯罪. 然而, 当这种情况下可以违反法律时,可能有实例.

When police officers are out policing communities, their main objective is to maintain order. Their job entails keeping peace and preventing behaviors which might disturb others. Prevention ranges from intervening in a fight to stopping loud music playing. In these cases the situation is handled with discretion rather than as a crime. However, there might be instances when these situations can violate the law.

提供急救, 车辆辅助, 旅游信息, 和公共教育

Providing first aid, vehicle assistance, tourist information, and public education

警察机构常年备有, 24 一天一小时, 因此, 市民呼吁警察部门不仅在遇到麻烦时, 而且在不方便的情况下, 以及. 作为一个结果, 警务处超越打击罪案, 协助车辆故障, 提供有关其他机构的信息, 和帮助查找丢失的宠物或属性.

Police agencies are available year-round, 24 hours a day, so citizens call the police department not only when in trouble but when in inconvenient situations as well. As a result, police services go beyond combating crime to assisting with vehicle breakdowns, providing information about other agencies, and helping locate lost pets or property.


Who are the police?

执法是美国刑事司法系统的三个部分之一。其他部分是法院和矫正 (惩罚和监狱). 执法部门由几个政府机构管理. 不同的机构一起工作,试图阻止犯罪. 有三种不同类型的机构:

Law enforcement is one of the three parts of the US criminal justice system.The other parts are the law courts and corrections (punishment and prisons). Law enforcement is run by several government agencies. Different agencies work together to try to stop crimes. There are three different types of agencies:


Federal law enforcement

联邦的手段是对整个国家的影响, 和联邦机构有权在美国各地执法. 司法部负责联邦一级的法律. 其他机构包括联邦调查局 (美国联邦调查局), 美国缉毒署 (DEA), 美国法警服务, 还有联邦监狱局等.

Federal means to do with the whole country, and federal agencies have authority to enforce the law all over the USA. The Department of Justice is responsible for the law at the federal level. Other agencies include the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), the United States Marshals Service, and the Federal Bureau of Prisons among others.


State law enforcement

国家机构在全州范围内提供执法服务. 他们的职责包括调查和国家巡逻--他们可能被称为州警或公路巡逻. 国会大厦警察, 学校校园警察, 而医院警方下国家机构运作的其他分支.

State agencies provide law enforcement services across their state. Their duties include investigations and state patrols – they may be called state police or highway patrol. Capitol police, school campus police, and hospital police are other branches that operate under the state agency.


Municipal law enforcement

城镇有自己的警察部门. 他们与州执法部门合作, 确保安全. 最大的城市可能有非常大的警察部门, 有成千上万的警察. 小城镇可能只有几个官员.

Towns and cities have their own police departments. They work with state law enforcement to ensure safety. The biggest cities may have very large police departments with thousands of police officer. Small towns may have just a few officers.


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