了解教育领域和不同类型的教育工作. 阅读您在教育中可以采取的不同职业道路. 了解您需要哪些培训以及从何处开始求职.

Learn about the education field and different kinds of education jobs. Read about the different career paths you can take in education. Find out what training you need and where to start your job search.

education jobs - male teacher smiling

education jobs - male teacher smiling

教育意味着学习. 当你在教育工作中工作时, 你将帮助人们以一种或那样的方式学习.

Education means learning. When you work at education jobs, you will help people learn in one way or another.

在美国, 所有的孩子都必须去上学. 所以学校系统很大, 还有很多教育工作要填补. 还有许多大学, 学院, 和培训中心. 所有这些提供教育领域的工作.

In the USA, all children must go to school. So the school system is large, and there are many education jobs to fill. There are also many universities, colleges, and training centers. All of these offer jobs in the field of education.


Which education job?

如果你想得到一份教育工作, 你可能想教. 你会发现在这个页面更远的时候成为老师的步骤. 但是在学校教室之外还有其他的教育工作和职业. 以下是其中的一些-其中大部分需要学位:

If you want to get an education job, you probably want to teach. You will find steps to becoming a teacher farther down this page. But there are other education jobs and careers beyond the school classroom. Here are some of them – most of them require a degree:

  • 图书馆 员 -高校图书馆员, 学校和其他图书馆组织书籍, 期刊, 和杂志, 和计算机数据. 这是一个好工作的人谁喜欢阅读.
  • 指导顾问 -学校辅导顾问帮助学生与他们的学者保持正轨, 并帮助提高技能. 一个伟大的工作, 为那些喜欢帮助孩子, 但不想教的人.
  • 学校联络 -学校联络官让家长, 学生, 和教师的联系和合作. 这将是一个很好的工作, 如果你想帮助你的社区. 学习 如何成为学校联络员.
  • ESL 教师 – ESL 代表 "英语为第二语言". ESL 老师教英语的学生不是母语者.
  • 助教 — — 也叫老师助手, 助教帮助教师在课堂上和支持学生. 一个没有学位的人的好工作. 学习 如何成为助教.
  • 代课老师 — — 代课老师为缺席的老师而来. 如果你没有教师认证, 或者你不想对一份工作做全职的承诺, 这是一项很好的工作。. 您将需要在短时间内获得工作.
  • 美术老师 -艺术教师在每一个层次上教授艺术技能和艺术史. 他们帮助学生发展艺术才华和表达自己. 这是一个很好的工作, 如果你是一个艺术家, 但不能靠艺术谋生.
  • 大学教授 — — 大学教授教学生挣学位. 这是一个人谁有很大的知识, 并在他们的领域高素质的工作, 这可能是从古希腊到技术的任何东西.
  • Librarian – librarians in colleges, schools and other libraries organize books, journals, and magazines, and computer data. This is a good job for people who love to read.
  • Guidance counselor – a school guidance counselor helps students stay on track with their academics and helps improve skills. A great job for people who like helping kids but don’t want to teach.
  • School liaison – a school liaison officer keeps parents, students, and teachers connected and working together. This would be a good job if you want to help your community. Learn how to be a school liaison.
  • ESL teacher – ESL stands for “English as a second language”. An ESL teacher teaches English to students who are not native speakers.
  • Teaching assistant also called teacher’s aide, a teaching assistant helps teachers in the classroom and support students. A good job for someone without a degree. Learn how to be a teaching assistant.
  • Substitute teacher A substitute teacher steps in for a teacher who is absent. It is a good job if you do not have teacher certification or if you do not want a full-time commitment to one job. You will need to be available to work at short notice.
  • Art teacher – art teachers teach artistic skills and art history at every level. They help students develop artistic talent and express themselves. This is a good job for you if you are an artist but cannot earn a living just through art.
  • College professor college professors teach students who are earning degrees. This a job for a person who has great knowledge and is highly qualified in their field, which could be anything from Ancient Greece to technology.

教育 obs - 返回页首 5 教师短缺

education obs - top 5 teacher shortages

你愿意在公立学校当一名普通教师吗?? 对合适的人来说, 这是一个很好的选择。. 美国教师短缺. 如果你是一个合格的老师, 你会很容易找到一份工作.

Would you rather be a regular teacher in a public school? It is a very good choice for the right person. There is a shortage of teachers in the United States. If you are a qualified teacher, you will easily find a job.


Is education the right job for me?

教育领域是最重要的一项. 如果你想为你的社区和国家的未来做出贡献, 那么教育工作是一个很好的职业选择。. 但很少有教育工作像商业工作一样高薪。. 如果赚很多钱对你来说很重要, 那么教育可能不适合你.

The field of education is a most important one. Education jobs are a good career choice if you want to contribute to your community and to the future of your country. But few education jobs are as high paying as jobs in business. If making lots of money is important to you, then education may not be right for you.

教书对外向的人来说是一份好工作. 这不是一个好工作的人谁有困难在小组面前发言.

Teaching is a good job for outgoing people. It is not a good job for people who have trouble speaking in front of a group.


Watch a video about teaching refugees


Where do I start?

如果你想成为一名学校教师, 一个好的起点是与你所在州的教育部门. 这是因为国家认证教师, 每个州的要求都是不同的. 查找您所在州的教育部.

If you want to be a school teacher, a good place to start is with the Department of Education in your state. This is because the states certify teachers, and every states’ requirements are different. Find your state’s Department of Education.


The steps to becoming a public school teacher


These are the steps you will take to become a teacher:

  • 获得学士学位: 如果你想教小孩子, 幼儿教育的学位是好的. 如果你想教大一点的孩子, 考虑你想教什么科目 – 举个例子, 数学-这将是你最好的程度. 学习 如何获得教学学位.
  • 成为一名学生教师: 在你成为老师之前, 大多数州都要求你成为一名学生教师。. 你将在一个或两个学期里练习教你附近的学校。.
  • 参加教学考试: 大多数州要求你通过实习考试为教师. 了解实践.
  • 获得您的教学证书: 按状态查找教师要求.
  • Earn a bachelor’s degree: If you want to teach young children, a degree in early childhood education is good. If you want to teach older kids, consider what subject you want to teach – for example, mathematics – and that will be the best degree for you. Learn how to earn a teaching degree.
  • Become a student teacher: Most states require you to be a student teacher before you become a teacher. You will practice teaching a school near you for one or two semesters.
  • Take the teaching exam: Most states require you to pass the Praxis exam for teachers. Learn about PRAXIS.
  • Get your teaching certificate: Find teacher requirements by state.


What if I don’t want to teach in a school?


What if I am already qualified in another country?

  • 向上全球 帮助工作授权的移民, 难民, 庇护, 和特殊移民签证持有人 (结构性投资工具) 重新启动他们在美国的职业生涯.
  • Learnersegdeinc.com 是一个网站的合格教师谁想要获得更多的证书.
  • Upwardly Global helps work-authorized immigrants, refugees, asylees, and special immigrant visa holders (SIVs) restart their professional careers in the United States.
  • Learnersegdeinc.com is a website for qualified teachers who want to gain more credentials.


What else do I need?


Start your job search

  • Use Teach.org to learn more about the steps to becoming a teacher.
  • If you do not have a degree, you can still find work in a school or college. Government employment centers offer free advice and keep a list of local jobs. They help with resumes and job applications. Find your nearest employment center.
  • Schoolspring.com is a website for jobs in education.
  • Read more about education jobs.

聚光灯: Eklas 艾哈迈德, 来自苏丹的难民在波特兰成为一名教师, 缅因州–观看 Eklas 收到一个奇妙的惊喜!

SPOTLIGHT: Eklas Ahmed, a refugee from Sudan who became a teacher in Portland, Maine – watch Eklas receive a wonderful surprise!


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