了解餐饮服务行业和不同类型的餐饮服务工作. 了解您在食品和餐饮业的不同职业道路. 了解您需要哪些培训以及从何处开始求职. 了解创办自己餐饮服务业务的新人.

Learn about the food service industry and different kinds of food service jobs. Read about the different career paths you can take in the food and restaurant industries. Find out what training you need and where to start your job search. Learn about newcomers who start their own food service businesses.

The food service industry often has available jobs

The food service industry often has available jobs

餐饮服务有时被称为餐饮业, 餐饮业, 或热情好客. 更多 14 百万人在食品服务行业工作, 和许多工作很容易进入. 餐饮业正在增长,因为美国人喜欢和家人和朋友一起出去吃饭.

Food service is sometimes called the catering industry, the restaurant business, or hospitality. More than 14 million people work in the food service industry, and many jobs are easy to get into. The food service industry is growing because Americans enjoy going to out to eat with their family and friends.


Which food service job?


Here are some jobs and careers you can consider in the food service industry:

  • 餐饮服务助理 | 从自助餐厅到昂贵的餐厅,餐饮服务助理为顾客准备和供应食物和饮料. 他们还必须帮助支付账单,保持厨房干净整洁.
  • 餐厅厨师 | 餐馆厨师是在咖啡馆或小餐馆做饭的人. 他们做一切,从购买食材到烹饪完整的饭菜. 在较大的餐厅, 他们帮助高级厨师准备水果和蔬菜和许多其他任务.
  • 女服务员或侍者 • 等待表涉及描述菜单, 接受订单, 和提供食物. 对于一个性格外向、喜欢与公众打交道的人来说,这是一份好工作。. 在美国, 服务器接收提示以及支付. 找出 如何成为餐厅服务器.
  • 屠夫 • 屠夫专业为商店和餐馆切肉. 屠夫准备, 价格, 并显示肉. 他们必须能够集中精力,密切注意手头的任务.
  • 厨师 — — 厨师 是另一个受过训练的专业厨师的名字. 厨师必须特别注意细节,以遵循食谱和跟踪烹饪用品. 一些厨师擅长酱料或烧烤食品. 糕点厨师擅长蛋糕和甜点. 苏斯厨师是在行政主厨手下工作并协助履行多项职责的人.
  • 主持人或女主人 • 接待或女主人处理预订并问候客户. 将客户带到他们的表, 给他们一个菜单,通常让他们感觉舒适. 托管是入门级作业, 和雇主将寻找一个友好和可靠的人,而不是伟大的经验.
  • 餐厅经理 • 餐厅经理是管理整个餐厅并确保一切平稳运行的人. 他们监督员工, 订购用品, 有时与客户打交道,处理营销和财务. 找出 如何成为餐厅管理.
  • Food service assistant – food service assistants prepare and serve food and drinks to customers in all kinds of places from cafeterias to expensive restaurants. They also have to help with bills and keep the kitchen clean and tidy.
  • Restaurant cook – a restaurant cook is someone who prepares and cooks meals in cafes or small restaurants. They do everything from buying ingredients to cooking complete meals. In larger restaurants, they help the senior cooks with preparing fruits and vegetables and many other tasks.
  • Waitress or waiter – waiting tables involves describing the menu, taking orders, and serving food. It’s a good job for someone with an outgoing personality who likes dealing with the public. In the United States, servers receive tips as well as pay. Find out how to be a restaurant server.
  • Butcher – a butcher cuts meat professionally for stores and restaurants. Butchers prepare, price, and display the meat. They must be able to concentrate and pay close attention to the tasks at hand.
  • Chef chef is another name for a trained professional cook. Chefs must have excellent attention to detail for following recipes and keeping track of cooking supplies. Some chefs specialize in sauces or grilled food. Pastry chefs specialize in cakes and desserts. A sous chef is someone who works under an executive chef and assists with many duties.
  • Host or hostess – a host or hostess handles reservations and greets customers. The take customers to their tables, gives them a menu and generally makes them feel comfortable. Hosting is an entry-level job, and employers will be looking for a friendly and reliable person rather than great experience.
  • Restaurant manager – a restaurant manager is someone who manages the whole restaurant and makes sure everything runs smoothly. They oversee staff, order supplies, sometimes deal with customers and handle marketing and finances. Find out how to become a restaurant manager.

看: 移民家庭如何开始他们的餐馆和餐饮业

Watch: How an immigrant family started their restaurant and catering business


Is food service the right job for me?

在食品服务工作将让你与不同背景的人见面和互动. 工作有时可能很忙碌, 有些客户可能难以处理. 在压力下保持冷静和积极的态度是这个职业中人们的良好品质. 许多餐饮服务工作提供灵活的工作时间,因此您可以安排在学校周围工作, 家庭, 和其他活动. 您可以 参加careeronestop.org的自我评估测试 看看这份工作是否适合你.

Working in food service will allow you to meet and interact with people of different backgrounds. The work maybe hectic sometimes, and some customers may be difficult to handle. Staying cool under pressure and a positive attitude are good qualities for people in this career. Many food service jobs offer flexible hours so you can schedule your work around school, family, and other activities. You can take the self-assessment test at to see if the job suits you.


Where do I start?

大多数人获得餐饮服务经验, 特别是在餐馆, 从底部开始,逐渐向上工作. 餐饮服务的好处是,你可以进入许多工作,没有培训或经验. 所以如果你需要马上工作, 这是一个不错的选择,因为这个行业通常对非熟练工人有需求. 但是,如果你喜欢烹饪, 或想进入管理职位, 您需要先获得一些认证或经验.

Most people gain experience in food service, especially in restaurants, by starting at the bottom and gradually working their way up. The good thing about food service is that you can get into many jobs without training or experience. So if you need a job right away, it’s a good choice because there is usually a demand for unskilled workers in the industry. But if you love cooking, or would like to get into a management position, you will need to get some certifications or experience first.


Training and skills

对于入门级作业, 如餐饮服务助理, 餐具, 和等待表, 无需特殊培训, 大多数雇主会为新员工提供在职培训. 获得 高中文凭 会帮助你得到这份工作. 您还可以获得其他培训和证书,这将有助于.

For entry level jobs, such as food service assistant, dishwashing, and waiting tables, no particular training is required, Most employers will give on-the-job training to their new staff. Gaining a high school diploma will help you get the job. You can also get other training and credentials that will help.


Food safety training and certificates

获得食品服务工作的第一步是获得安全食品处理证书. 这表明您了解食品安全法规,并且已接受过确保食品安全的培训. 在一些国家中 (加利福尼亚州, 伊利诺伊州, 亚利桑那州, 西弗吉尼亚州, 德克萨斯州, 和新墨西哥州) 这是法律,食品处理者有这种培训.

A good first step for getting a job in food service is to get a certificate for safe food handling. It shows that you understand food safety regulations and that you have been trained to keep food safely. In some states (California, Illinois, Arizona, West Virginia, Texas, and New Mexico) it is the law for food handlers to have this training.

您需要的证书是 ANSI 食品安全认证. 您需要查找 ANSI 认证计划. 这些认证计划之一是 伺服安全, 由全国餐馆协会管理. 但还有许多其他认证项目. 查找您所在州或在线食品安全证书中的食品安全课程.

The certificate you need is an ANSI Accreditation for Food Safety. You will need to find an ANSI-accredited program. One of these accredited programs is ServSafe, which is run by the National Restaurant Association. But there are many other accredited programs. Find food safety classes in your state or online food safety certificates.


Cooking and management training

虽然一些餐馆的厨师和厨师已经接受过烹饪培训, 其他人获得了在餐馆工作的经验. 许多人从入门级职位开始,努力提升阶梯.

While some restaurant cooks and chefs have received culinary training, others gained their experience working in restaurants. Many start with entry-level positions and work hard to move up the ladder.

如果您对餐厅管理感兴趣, 您将需要一些凭据. 有许多两年管理和行政课程. 在你附近找一所社区学院.

If you are interested in restaurant management, you will need some credentials. There are many two-year management and administration courses available. Find a community college near you.


Learn online

有很多机会在网上了解餐馆业务. 在线学校将帮助您培养沟通技能,并了解如何管理餐厅. 举个例子, Coursera 优惠 餐饮管理在线课程.

There are many opportunities to learn online about the restaurant business. Online schools will help you build your communications skills and learn about managing a restaurant. For example, Coursera offers online courses in food and beverage management.


Find a class near you


What else do I need?


Start your job search


Here some ways to start your job search:

  • 使用您当地的就业中心 | 每个城市的政府就业中心都是免费的。. 他们提供建议并保留一份本地工作清单。. 他们帮助简历和求职申请. 他们可以连接你与餐饮服务工作培训和教育. 找到 您最近的就业中心.
  • 在线查看 | 是一个就业网站,帮助人们在食品服务和其他行业找到小时工作.
  • Use your local employment center – government employment centers in every city are free. They offer advice and keep a list of local jobs. They help with resumes and job applications. They can connect you with food service job training and education. Find your nearest employment center.
  • Look online – is an employment site that helps people find hourly jobs in food service and other industries.

餐饮服务的未来 – 成为自己的老板!

The future of food service – be your own boss!

你想在食品服务工作,开始自己的生意吗?? 你有特色食品吗?也许是来自你国家的传统食品?

Would you like to work in food service and start your own business? Do you have a food specialty – maybe a traditional food from your home country?

食品卡车是烹饪和供应食物的移动厨房. 食品卡车提供新鲜烹制的食品, 经常与种族主题 - 食物从你的祖国可以是新的和有趣的美国人. 每年, 全国各地的食品卡车数量增长. 作为餐馆的替代品,它们很受欢迎。. 如果你是一个很好的厨师或知道谁做美味的饭菜的人, 在这个主意上合作会很棒. 食品卡车也能成为一家好家族企业. 阅读有关 香料厨房孵化器: 培训难民成为食品卡车企业家. 了解如何 开办食品卡车业务.

Food trucks are mobile kitchens for cooking and serving food. Food trucks serve freshly cooked food, often with an ethnic theme – food from your home country can be new and interesting to Americans. Every year, the number of food trucks around the country grows. They are very popular as an alternative to restaurants. If you are a good cook or know somebody who cooks delicious meals, it would be great to collaborate on this idea. A food truck would also make a good family business. Read about the Spice Kitchen Incubator: training refugees to be food truck entrepreneurs. Learn how to start a food truck business.


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