在公司获得更好的职位被称为升职. 有几件事你可以做,以帮助得到提升,并转移到更好的工作.

Getting a better position at your company is called being promoted. There are several things you can to do help get promoted and move on to a better job.

a woman talking to someone through video chat- get promoted

a woman talking to someone through video chat- get promoted

1. 有良好的职业道德

1. Have a good work ethic

良好的职业道德意味着对工作的积极和勤奋的态度. 良好的职业道德的人:

A good work ethic means a positive and hard-working attitude toward work. People with a good work ethic:

  • 做他们被要求做的事
  • 尽自己最大的努力,努力工作,直到工作完成
  • 不要抱怨,除非他们受到虐待
  • 支持同事
  • do what they are asked to do
  • do their best and work hard until the job is done
  • do not complain unless they are being treated badly
  • support their coworkers

如果你看到需要做的事情, 做吧. 如果你看到某人有太多的工作, 提供帮助. (但要确保你的工作是先完成的。) 良好的职业道德是 美国顶级价值观. 公司喜欢有良好职业道德的员工.

If you see something that needs doing, do it. If you see that somebody has too much work, offer to help. (But be sure your work is done first.) A good work ethic is among the top American values. Companies like employees who have a good work ethic.

2. 有积极的态度

2. Have a positive attitude

你的态度是你看待世界的方式. 在美国, 有一个关于态度的谚语. 这句谚语是, 如果你看看一个玻璃杯,中间有水, 你可以说玻璃是 “半满,” 或者你可以说玻璃是 “半空。” 说杯子是半满的,就是要有一种更积极的态度. 态度好意味着:

Your attitude is your way of looking at the world. In the USA, there is a saying about attitude. The saying is, if you look at a glass with water in it halfway up, you could say the glass is “half full,” or you could say the glass is “half empty.” To say the glass is half full is to have a more positive attitude. Having a good attitude means:

  • 你尽你最大的努力完成你的工作, 即使你累了或者不喜欢你的工作
  • 您对同事和客户很友好
  • 当你快乐的时候你微笑——美国人经常微笑,看到微笑是友好的象征
  • 你表现出主动性 | 显示主动性 意味着做一些积极的事情,而不被要求
  • you do your best to complete your work, even if you are tired or do not like your job
  • you are friendly to your coworkers and customers
  • you smile when you are happy – Americans smile often and see smiling is a sign of friendliness
  • you show initiative – showing initiative means doing something positive without being asked

积极的态度并不意味着你应该让你的公司对待你不好,或者允许别人对你无礼. 雇主喜欢态度积极的员工. 态度积极的人更有可能得到提升.

A positive attitude does not mean you should allow your company to treat you badly or allow people to be rude to you. Employers like employees who have positive attitudes. A person with a positive attitude is more likely to get promoted.

3. 找个导师

3. Get a mentor

导师是能给你建议并帮助你获得新技能的人. 如果你想留在你的公司,并获得晋升, 它可以帮助有一个导师在公司. 导师可以向您介绍您职业领域的人员,并帮助您提供简历.

A mentor is a person who can give you advice and help you gain new skills. If you want to stay at your company and get promoted, it can help to have a mentor at the company. A mentor can introduce you to people in your career field and help you with your resume.

你可以问你的公司里有更高职位的人做你的导师。. 即使那个人喜欢并尊重你, 有可能他们会说不. 当导师需要很多时间, 这个人可能太忙了. 不要亲自考虑.

You can ask someone at your company who has a higher position in the company to be your mentor. Even if that person likes and respects you, it is possible they will say no. Being a mentor takes a lot of time, and the person may be too busy. Do not take this personally.

最好您的导师在贵公司工作,或者将来有一份您希望从事的工作。. 然而, 您也可以要求公司外部的人做您的导师. 这可能是一个朋友, 办案人员, 志愿者, 教会的成员, 主管或同事. 最好有一个导师,你可以亲自会见. 如果你找不到, 你可以在网上看. 如果你不认识任何人要问, 您可以 在线查找导师.

It is best if your mentor works at your company or has a job that you wish to have in the future. However, you can also ask someone outside of your company to be your mentor. This could be a friend, a caseworker, volunteer, church member, supervisor or co-worker. It is best to have had a mentor you can meet with in person. If you can’t find one, you can look on the internet. If you don’t know anyone to ask, you can find mentors online.


Watch a video about how a mentor can help you.

(这个词 门徒 在视频中使用. 门徒是指被指导的人。)

(The word protege is used in the video. A protege means the person who is being mentored.)

4. 不断学习

4. Keep learning

如果你想升职, 重要的是你不断学习. 继续学习新技能被称为 专业发展.

If you want to get promoted, it is important that you keep learning. Continuing to learn new skills is called professional development.

想想你希望的技能更好,哪些技能可以帮助你在工作中做得更好. 一些工作场所将提供免费的专业发展. 其他人可能愿意为您感兴趣的课程付费.

Think about the skills you wish were better and which ones would help you do better at your job. Some workplaces will offer free professional development. Others may be willing to pay for courses you are interested in.

如果您发现专业发展机会,您感兴趣的, 询问您的经理您的雇主是否能够支付部分或全部费用. 准备好解释为什么它会让你成为一个更好的员工. 你的雇主可能会说不,因为没有足够的钱, 但他们会很高兴,你表现出主动性.

If you find a professional development opportunity you are interested in, ask your manager if your employer is able to pay for some or all of the cost. Be ready to explain why it would make you a better employee. Your employer might say no because there is not enough money, but they will be happy that you showed initiative.

你可能没有时间去学院或培训中心. 有免费和低成本的课程在线,可以帮助你得到提升.

You might not have time to go to a college or training center. There are free and low-cost courses online that could help you get promoted.

  • Coursera 提供课程是技术和业务, 但也有其他的选择. Coursera 优惠 难民财政援助.
  • LinkedIn学习 在商业领域开设低成本课程, 通信, 和技术. 很多课程比其他网站短, 所以,如果你很忙,这是一个不错的选择.
  • 乌代米 有各种各样的类. 您可以了解健康和健身, 摄影, 和音乐. 您还可以了解如何使用某些数据库.
  • Coursera offers classes are in technology and business, but there are other options too. Coursera offers financial aid for refugees.
  • LinkedIn Learning has low-cost classes in business, communication, and technology. A lot of the courses are shorter than other websites, so it is a good choice if you are busy.
  • Udemy has a large variety of classes. You can learn about health and fitness, photography, and music. You can also learn how to use some databases.

5. 要提升的网络

5. Network to get promoted

网络意味着使用您认识的人,并与新人建立联系,以获得新的机会. 网络是找工作和升职的重要组成部分.

Networking means using the people you know and connecting with new people to gain new opportunities. Networking is an important part of finding a job and working to get promoted.


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