开始在美国开车, 你必须学习如何安全驾驶,并通过测试,表明你知道美国驾驶法. 如果你打算开车,每个州都要求你获得驾驶执照. 如果移动到其他状态, 您必须在该州将旧许可证换成新许可证. 这里有一些重要的事情,知道如何在美国开车.

To start driving in America, you must learn how to drive safely and pass a test showing you know the US driving laws. Every state requires you to get a driver’s license if you plan on driving. If you move to a different state, you must exchange your old license for a new license in that state. Here are some important things to know about how to drive in the USA.

How do learn to drive

How do learn to drive


Getting a driver’s license

没有驾驶执照开车是违法的. 在美国每个州都有不同驾驶法规. 你可以通过阅读美国 驾驶手册 多种语言. 您还需要阅读实际 您的状态的驱动程序手册.

It is illegal to drive without a driving license. Each state in the US has different driving laws. You can learn these laws by reading a US driver’s manual in many languages. You will also need to read the actual driver’s manuals for your state.

一旦您已经阅读并理解法律, 你将需要采取笔试和驾驶考试,拿到驾照. 你将需要安排此测试时间. 您可以上网或访问或致电 DMV 办公室 离你家最近. 你必须支付费用采取您的测试并拿到驾照. 许多州都允许您使用母语参加考试.

Once you have read and understood the laws, you will need to take both a written test and a driving test to get your license. You will need to schedule this test ahead of time. You can go online or visit or call the DMV office that is closest to your home. You have to pay a fee to take your test and get your license. Many states allow you to take the test in your native language.


Car insurance

汽车保险涵盖意外或损伤时的成本. 法律要求所有汽车的基本保险,以防司机害人或损坏他人财产. 你也可以得到保险费用损害你自己的车, 和偷车案.

Car insurance covers costs in the event of an accident or injury. The law requires basic insurance on all cars in case the driver injures someone or damages someone else’s property. You can also get insurance to cover the cost of damage to your own car, and for car theft.

你必须有至少基本汽车保险为了合法驾驶. 即使你开车的朋友 ’ s 车, 它是你的责任,以确保你正在驾驶的汽车投保. 保险单据应存放在车去显示是否你的车被警察.

You must have at least basic car insurance in order to drive legally. Even if you are driving a friend’s car, it is your responsibility to make sure that the car you are driving is insured. The insurance document should be kept in the car to show if you are stopped by police.


Car registration

汽车登记是每年上交国家税收. 它允许你把这辆车的道路上,并支付你的车牌. 它是不合法驾驶未注册的汽车. 登记文件应存放在车去显示是否你的车被警察.

Car registration is a tax paid every year to the state. It allows you to take the car on the road and pays for your license plates. It is not legal to drive a car that is not registered. The registration document should be kept in the car to show if you are stopped by police.


Safety and driving tips

美国有法律保护你,而你开车. 你必须始终遵循这些法律. 这些法律可能不同于在你的国家. 你必须学会为你的国家具体的法律. 这里有大多数的州要求一些重要的安全规则:

The USA has laws to protect you while you are driving. You must always follow these laws. These laws may be different than in your home country. You will need to learn the specific laws for your state. Here are some important safety rules that most states require:

• 汽车座椅

• Car seats

婴儿和儿童必须乘坐在汽车座椅适合于他们的大小,牢固地绑在车里. 孩子们可以停止使用汽车安全座椅的年龄因国家而异. 如果您不确定, 联系您当地的 DMV 办事处. 永远不会举行一个孩子在你的大腿上,而驾驶或乘坐在一辆车; 这是危险和非法.

Infants and children must ride in car seats appropriate to their size that are strapped securely in the car. The age children can stop using car seats varies by state. If you are unsure, contact your local DMV office. Never hold a child in your lap while driving or riding in a vehicle; it is both dangerous and illegal.

• 安全带

• Seatbelts

在美国开车或开车时必须系安全带. 车辆中的每个人都必须系安全带, 无论开车或骑作为一个乘客. 其原因在于, 在碰撞中, 没有安全带的人可以飞出座位, 伤害自己和他人.

You must wear a seatbelt while driving a car or riding in a car in the US. Everyone in the vehicle must wear a seatbelt, whether driving or riding as a passenger. The reason is that, in a crash, people without seatbelts could fly out of their seats, injuring themselves and others.

• 头盔

• Helmets

如果你是骑或驾驶一辆摩托车, 你应该戴上头盔. 美国几乎每个州都要求摩托车手戴头盔.

If you are riding or driving a motorcycle, you should wear a helmet. Almost every state in the USA requires motorcyclists to wear helmets.

• 饮酒

• Drinking

你不是允许喝酒之前或驾驶时. 这是非常重要的因为你可以失去你的驾照,如果你喝了,开车,须支付巨额罚款或甚至在狱中服刑. 你可能也严重受伤或杀死某人如果你喝和驱动器.

You are not allowed to drink alcohol before or while driving. This is very important because you can lose your license if you drink and drive and be required to pay huge fines or even serve time in jail. You could also seriously injure or kill someone if you drink and drive.

• 手机和其他干扰

• Cellphones and other distractions

它是非法的在美国的一些州开车的时候讲电话. 在几乎所有国家都被禁止发短信. 手机可以使你分心,以致无法专心之路. 如果你需要使用你的手机, 你应该靠边. 越来越多的美国城市都禁止以及其他分心, 比如吃, 喝咖啡, 或者参加宠物.

It is illegal to talk on your phone while you are driving in some states in the US. Texting is banned in almost all states. Cell phones can distract you from the road. If you need to use your phone, you should pull over. A growing number of US cities are forbidding other distractions as well, such as eating, drinking coffee, or attending to pets.

• 车内儿童

• Children in vehicles

你一般不是允许离开你的孩子在你的车,当你不在车里的时候. 举个例子, 如果你走进一家商店, 你必须带你的孩子. 如果儿童被单独留下, 他们可能会受伤想出去, 释放的制动器或离合器, 过热或冻结, 你锁在外面, 或去失踪.

You are generally not allowed to leave your children in your car when you are not in the car. For example, if you go into a store, you must bring your children with you. If children are left alone, they could be injured trying to get out, release the brake or clutch, overheat or freeze, lock you out, or go missing.

• 疲劳时驾驶

• Driving when tired

不开车如果你累了. 如果你在你的车,意识到你是太累了,开车, 信号到一个安全的位置,在那里你不阻碍交通,你靠边不处于危险之中. 高速公路上有指定的休息区. 虽然你打盹总是锁好门.

Do not drive if you are tired. If you are in your car and realize you are too tired to drive, signal and pull over to a safe location where you are not obstructing traffic and you are not in danger. On freeways there are designated rest areas. Always lock your doors while you nap.

• 喇叭和其他噪音

• Honking and other noise

避免使用你的喇叭,除非对安全的关注. 在某些领域, 它是非法使用喇叭,不必要地或在某些时段. 大声的无线电通讯设备的使用也是气馁或非法在某些领域.

Avoid using your horn unless there is a concern for safety. In some areas, it is illegal to use the horn unnecessarily or during certain hours. The use of loud radios is also discouraged or illegal in some areas.

• 锁和钥匙

• Locks and keys

偷车及车内的盗窃案是在某些领域的问题. 很重要的是要锁上车门, 甚至当你的车, 并采取你的钥匙,当你离开的时候. 从视图中删除贵重物品.

Vehicle theft and theft from vehicles is a problem in some areas. It is important to lock your car doors, even while in your car, and take your keys when you leave. Remove valuables from view.

• 车内宠物

• Pets in vehicles

如果天气很热或很冷的通常高于 70 ° F 或低于 40 ° F, 它是一个坏主意,留宠物在车上甚至开着窗户, 因为他们可以死. 宠物就会锁定一个司机从车里出来, 所以总是坚持你的关键.

If the weather is very hot or very cold typically above 70°F or below 40°F, it is a bad idea to leave pets in the car even with the windows open, because they could die. Pets have been known to lock a driver out of a car, so always keep a key on you.



如果你得到一次事故中,在你开车的时候, 你必须停止. 不离开不停事故现场. 如果你的车还在工作, 试着马路上拉. 如果有人受伤, 你应该打电话给 911 立即.

If you get in an accident while you are driving, you must stop. Do not leave the scene of the accident without stopping. If your car is still working, try to pull off of the road. If anyone is hurt, you should call 911 immediately.

如果没有人受伤, 你应该写下名字, 电话号码, 地址, 驱动程序 ’ s 许可证编号, 车牌号, 和你打人的保险资料或谁打你. 如果有人曾目睹了 (看到) 这次事故, 你也应该收集他们的姓名和电话号码. 如果你有一台照相机, 你可以拍照的任何损坏. 你也应该写下这次事故的位置和拍照的位置以及.

If no one is hurt, you should write down the name, phone number, address, driver’s license number, license plate number, and insurance information of the person you hit or who hit you. If there were people who witnessed (saw) the accident, you should also collect their names and phone numbers. If you have a camera, you can take pictures of any damage. You should also write down the location of the accident and take pictures of the location as well.

事故发生后, 你应立即向保险公司报案事故.

After the accident, you should report the accident to your insurance company immediately.


Driving in bad weather

取决于在哪里你都安置在美国, 天气可能会非常的不同,你所在的国家. 它可能是你第一次在极端条件下驾驶.

Depending on where you are resettled in the US, the weather may be very different from that of your home country. It may be your first time driving in extreme conditions.

  • 如果这条路是冰或雪, 你应尽量避免开车. 如果你必须开车, 走得慢,使用雪地轮胎或链上你的轮胎. 它们可以帮助你在冰或雪中更好地停止.
  • 在你的车中包含安全项目包一套应急资料袋, 如第一个急救包, 额外暖和的衣服, 水, 链, 雪铲, 和一个手电筒.
  • If the road is icy or snowy, you should avoid driving. If you must drive, go slowly and use snow tires or chains on your tires. They can help you stop better in ice or snow.
  • Pack an emergency kit in your car that contains safety items, such as a first aid kit, extra warm clothing, water, chains, a snow shovel, and a flashlight.


Road rage

路怒症有一个词语来形容愤怒人觉得当他们开车. 人们也许会大喊或按喇叭或开车去接近你,如果他们对你的驾驶愤怒. 如果你意识到你犯了一个错误,你开车的时候, 你可以挥舞的人展示你很抱歉. 如果有人有路怒症是生你的气, 不响应. 试图只是保持尽可能平静地驾驶,并得到他们的出路. 不面对,或挑战愤怒的司机, 不要赶当你生气或沮丧的时候. 开车需要大量的浓度和耐心.

Road rage is a term to describe the anger people feel when they drive. People may yell or honk or drive to close to you if they are angry about your driving. If you realize you made a mistake when you are driving, you can wave to show the person you are sorry. If someone has road rage and is angry at you, do not respond. Try to just keep driving as calmly as possible and get out of their way. Do not confront or challenge an angry driver, and do not drive when you are angry or upset. Driving takes a lot of concentration and patience.


Buying a car

这是你第一次在美国买车吗?? 买车是一个严肃的承诺. 我们建议您在第一次买车时有一位美国朋友或导师帮助你. 有时你可以从银行或信用社获得贷款来购买汽车. 但如果你得到贷款, 你会支付利息,每个月,所以汽车将花费比如果你存钱买它的现金.

Is it your first time buying a car in the USA? Buying a car is a serious commitment. We recommend that you have an American friend or mentor help you the first time you buy a car. You can sometimes get a loan from the bank or credit union to purchase a car. But if you get a loan, you will pay interest on it every month so the car will cost more than if you saved money to buy it with cash.

当你已经买了你的车或完全付清你的贷款, 你会得到 “标题” 你的车-官方文件证明你拥有它.

When you have paid for your car or paid off your loan completely, you will get the “title” to your car – the official document proving you own it.


How to buy a car

一般便宜买一辆二手车比新车. 你可以从车主或汽车经销商那里购买二手车. 你可以就价格进行谈判. 如果你要买一辆二手车, 它是一个好主意,有机械看看车之前,你买它以确保没有毛病的车. 你也会想要试驾这辆车. 这意味着你将它用于驱动器和检查,以确保一切工作之前,你买它.

It is generally cheaper to buy a used car than a new car. You can buy a used car from the owner or from a car dealer. You can negotiate on the price. If you are buying a used car, it is a good idea to have a mechanic look at the car before you buy it to make sure that nothing is wrong with the car. You will also want to test drive the car. This means you will take it for a drive and check to make sure everything is working before you buy it.

当你买一辆二手车, 您需要确保汽车 “标题” (这表明证明的人你要买它从拥有它) 很清楚. 你应该得到公证的车标题 (正式签署) 并确保你得到一张收据, 即使它是手写而成, 从车的车主.

When you buy a used car, you need to make sure that the car “title” (which shows proof that the person you are buying it from owns it) is clear. You should get the car title notarized (officially signed) and make sure you get a receipt, even if it is hand-written, from the owner of the car.


Requirements for buying and owning a car

  • 买车, 你需要驾驶执照.
  • 您必须在您所在州的机动车部注册汽车以获得车牌, 这是必需的.
  • 你还会来支付每月的保险驾驶汽车和天然气汽车维修.
  • To buy a car, you will need a driver’s license.
  • You will have to register the car with the department of motor vehicles in your state to get license plates, which are required.
  • You will also have to pay for monthly insurance to drive the car and gas and maintenance for the car.

这些都是只是建议,以帮助您更好地了解在美国驾驶. 此信息都不被旨在提供法律意见. 关于驾驶的任何问题应定向到 国家 DMV 办事处 或当地警察.

These are all just suggestions to help you better understand driving in the USA. None of this information is intended as legal advice. Any questions about driving should be directed to state DMV offices or local police.


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