你曾经想过学习如何创业吗?? 拥有和经营是企业独立的好方法. 您还将更多地参与到您的社区中.

Have you ever wanted to learn how to start a business? Owning and running is a business a great way to be independent. You will also become more engaged in your community.

如何做生意: 难民和移民企业家的信息

How to make a business: Information for refugee and immigrant entrepreneurs


Here are ten steps to help you if you decide to start a business of your own.

1. 找到您的想法

1. Find your idea

从一个好主意开始! 想出一个原创的想法很重要. 创业的另一个原因是,如果您看到需求或需求未得到满足. 进行市场调查将告诉您产品或服务是否有需求. 收集有关行业的信息, 的客户, 和最好的地方,你开始. 市场研究的例子有调查, 访谈, 和焦点小组.

Start with a great idea! It’s important to come up with an original idea. Another reason to start a business is if you see a demand or need that is not being met. Conducting market research will tell you if there is a demand for your product or service. Gather information about the industry, the customers, and the best places for you to start. Examples of market research are surveys, interviews, and focus groups.

2. 评估并提高您的技能

2. Assess and improve your skills

在学习如何创业之前, 问问自己: 你的技术是什么?? 你喜欢做什么?? 你不应该为了赚钱而经商, 所以选择一个你有兴趣的领域. 然后诚实地评估您是否具备经营公司所需的技能. 你有足够的知识和经验吗?? 如果你这样做, 你可以潜入工作,并了解更多,你走. 但如果你没有任何技能或足够的知识, 有资源可以帮助您. 你可以去当地的图书馆借商务管理书籍, 你可以参加在线课程, 你可以参加创业活动.

Before you learn how to start a business, ask yourself: what are your skills? What do you like doing? You shouldn’t go into business just to make money, so pick an area that you have an interest in. Then honestly assess if you have the necessary skill sets to run a company. Do you have enough knowledge and experience? If you do, you can dive into the work and learn more as you go along. But if you don’t have any skills or enough knowledge, there are resources to help you. You can go to your local library to borrow books on business administration, you can take online classes, and you can join entrepreneurship events.


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3. 写一份商业计划

3. Write a business plan

商业计划书是一份指南,概述了您的目标以及您计划如何实现这些目标. 这一点至关重要,因为它确定了计划的关键要素. 如果您需要资金才能开始, 您可以向愿意在经济上支持您的人员展示您的商业计划书. 了解如何编写商业计划书.

A business plan is a guide that outlines your goals and how you plan to achieve them. It is essential because it identifies the key elements of your plan. If you need funds to get started, you can show your business plan to people who may be willing to support you financially. Learn how to write a business plan.

4. 选择名称和位置

4. Pick a name and location

你的名字可以帮助你从成千上万的其他企业中脱颖而出. 你能脱颖而出的一个方法是选择一个让人们容易记住的名字. 有些名字很容易记住, 因为它们准确地告诉客户他们做了什么 (如 多佛鱼市场). 还有一些人可能会脱颖而出, 因为他们是矮个子和急躁的 (如 亚马逊).

Your name can help you stand out from thousands of other businesses. One way you can stand out is to choose a name that’s easy for people to remember. Some names are easy to remember because they tell customers exactly what they do (eg Dover Fish Market). Others may stand out because they are they are short and snappy (eg Amazon).

您也可以选择一个口号, 或标签, 这可以是你独特的销售主张 (Usp). USP 是一种策略,您可以使用来区分您与其他人. 它应该是你独有的, 你必须能够证明它并执行它. 这一定是人们可以记住的一个简短的短语, 应该说明客户会得到的好处 ".

You can also choose a slogan, or tagline, which can be your unique selling proposition (USP). USP is a strategy you can use to distinguish you from everybody else. It should be unique to you, and you have to be able to prove it and execute it. It must be a short phrase that people can remember and should state the benefit that the customers will get.

您还需要找到合适的位置. 在某些情况下, 最便宜的位置可能是最好的,所以你省钱在第一. 在其他情况下, 你不会成功, 除非你是在一个黄金地段, 人们可以看到你.

You also need to find the right location. In some cases, the cheapest location may be the best so that you save money at first. In other cases, you won’t succeed unless you are in a prime location where people can see you.

5. 选择您的业务结构

5. Choose your business structure

在美国有几种类型的企业. 它们有不同的要求和结构. 最常见的是独资企业, 伙伴 关系, 公司, 有限责任公司. 它们都有优点和缺点. 重要的是了解您的需求,并选择适合您需求的正确结构. 了解有关业务结构的详细信息.

There are several types of businesses in the United States. They have different requirements and structure. The most common ones are sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, and limited liability company. All of them have pros and cons. The important thing is to understand what your needs are and choosing the right structure to fit your needs. Learn more about business structures.

6. 注册您的企业

6. Register your business

有几件事, 你可能需要做, 以注册您的业务:

There are several things you may need to do to register your business:

  • 注册您的企业名称 与你的状态, 所以它成为一个法律实体, (在大多数情况下) 将阻止其他人在该州以相同的名义做生意. 了解如何注册您的业务.
  • 申请你的联邦和州 税号. 你需要这些数字来纳税. 您的联邦税号也称为您的雇主识别号码 (Ein) 是由国税局发布的. 您的州税号是用于缴纳州税, 由您的州颁发. (独资企业不需要国家身份证号码。) 获取您的业务 ID 号.
  • 许多企业需要 执照和许可证 合法经营. 了解州和联邦许可证和许可证.
  • 您是否需要保护您公司的名称, 货物, 或服务? 您可以 商标 这些, 所以没有其他人在美国使用它们. 您还应该检查以确保您没有使用其他企业标记的名称. 了解商标.
  • Register your business name with your state, so it becomes a legal entity and (in most cases) will stop others in the state from doing business under the same name. Learn how to register your business.
  • Apply for your federal and state tax ID numbers. You will need these numbers to pay taxes. Your federal tax ID number is also called your Employer Identification Number (EIN) and is issued by the IRS. Your state tax ID number is for paying state taxes and is issued by your state. (Sole proprietors do not need a state ID number.) Get your business ID numbers.
  • Many businesses need licenses and permits to operate legally. Learn about state and federal permits and licenses.
  • Do you need to protect the name of your company, goods, or services? You can trademark these so nobody else in the United States uses them. You should also check to make sure you are not using a name trademarked by another business. Learn about trademarks.

7. 为您的新企业融资

7. Finance your new venture

找到资金为你的企业提供资金, 对一个企业家来说是一个很大的挑战. 您可以使用资源, 如您的储蓄, 或来自家人和朋友的投资. 或者你可以向银行申请贷款. 在这里, 你找到了合适的银行来帮助管理你的金融未来, 开立一个商业银行账户. 您可以 阅读有关银行的基本信息 了解贷款.

Finding the money to finance your business is a big challenge for an entrepreneur. You may be able to use resources such as your savings, or investment from family and friends. Or you may apply for a loan from a bank. This is the point at which you find the right bank to help manage your financial future and open a business bank account. You can read basic information about banks and learn about loans.

8. 打开您的业务

8. Open your business

取决于您的业务, 你可能需要一个办公室, 商店, 工厂空间, 或其他类型的房地. 您可能需要决定是否为您的业务购买或租赁空间.

Depending on your business, you may need an office, store, factory space, or other type of premises. You may need to decide if you will purchase or lease the space for your business.

您需要努力设置一切,以便它吸引您的客户. 您甚至可以聘请专业人员来帮助您设计您的商店或办公室.

You will need to work hard to set up everything so it is appealing to your customers. You may even hire a professional to help you to design your store or office.

顾客在购物甚至办公室寻找体验. 但是如果你刚刚开始, 更重要的是拥有出色的客户服务.

Customers are looking for an experience when they go shopping or even to an office. But if you are just starting out, it is even more important to have great customer service.

9. 找到合适的人

9. Find the right people

您需要什么样的劳动力才能将您的业务带入生活? 家人, 朋友, 和业务合作伙伴可以是一个伟大的资产,当你开始. 您可能需要一个招聘流程来找到更多的员工. 如果你花时间找合适的人, 它会为你的生意支付红利.

What kind of workforce do you need to bring your business to life? Family members, friends, and business partners can be a great asset when you are starting out. You may need a hiring process to find more employees. If you take the time to get the right people, it will pay dividends for your business.

10. 营销和销售

10. Marketing and sales

商业的基本目的是创造有价值的东西,并给人们换取金钱. 营销和销售只是传达和交付客户价值的交通工具. 如果您提供卓越的产品或服务, 区别, 和良好的客户服务, 您将获得客户,使您的业务取得成功!

The basic purpose of business is to create something of value and give it to people in exchange for money. Marketing and sales are just the vehicles of communicating and delivering that value to your customers. If you deliver your products or services with excellence, distinction, and good customer service, you will gain customers and make a success of your business!


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