在你的工作中很难要求更多的钱. 练习和知道合适的时间询问是很重要的. 当你开始新的工作时, 学习如何协商薪水. 了解如何要求加薪.

It is difficult to ask for more money at your job. It is important to practice and know the right time to ask. Learn how to negotiate salary when you start a new job. Find out how to ask for a raise.

a woman talking to her managers- negotiate salary

a woman talking to her managers- negotiate salary

在你开始新的工作之前, 你和你的雇主会同意你将得到多少报酬, 你将获得什么福利. 对于某些工作, 你可以协商你的薪水. 谈判是导致达成协议的讨论. 如果你学会了如何谈判工资和福利, 当你开始工作的时候, 你可能会赚更多的钱.

Before you can start a new job, you and your employer will agree how much you will be paid and what benefits you will receive. For some jobs, you can negotiate your salary. Negotiations are discussions that lead to an agreement. If you learn how to negotiate salary and benefits, you may earn more when you start a job.

后, 当你在工作中, 做得很好, 你可以协商增加你的工资, 这就是所谓的加薪.

Later, when you are in a job and doing well, you can negotiate an increase in your salary, which is called a raise.


What should I think about when I negotiate my salary?

当你在协商薪水的时候, 你应该考虑的不仅仅是钱. 还有其他好处,你可以谈判,使一个较小的薪水更有价值.

When you are negotiating a salary, you should think about more than just money. There are other benefits you can negotiate for to make a smaller salary worth more.



许多工作提供福利, 如健康保险, 休假时间, 和退休计划. 一份有报酬的工作 $25,000 一年, 但给你 $10,000 更多的福利是比一份工作, 支付 $30,00 没有福利的一年.

Many jobs offer benefits, such as health insurance, vacation time, and a retirement plan. A job that pays $25,000 a year but gives you $10,000 more in benefits is better than a job that pays $30,00 a year with no benefits.



你住的地方改变了你的工资. 有些地方的生活比其他地方贵很多. 在那些地方, 雇主必须为同样的工作提供更多的钱.

Where you live changes how much you get paid. Some places are much more expensive to live than others. In those places, employers have to offer more money for the same job.



您的经验, 教育, 资格都能提高你的技能. 雇主会为良好的技能和经验付出更多的代价.

Your experience, education, and qualifications all improve your skills. Employers will pay more for good skills and experience.



你在申请一份难以填补的工作吗?? 如果雇主很难找到合格的工人, 他可能会付出更多.

Are you applying for a job that is hard to fill? The employer may pay more if he is having a hard time finding qualified workers.



一些工作在年底提供奖金. 这些可能是基于目标的. 这意味着如果你做得很好, 你会赚更多. 在其他情况下, 你可能会得到更多的钱的假期 (圣诞节和新年) 或者当你开始工作的时候.

Some jobs offer bonuses at the end of the year. These may be target-based. This means if you do well, you will earn more. At others, you might get more money for the holidays (Christmas and New Year) or when you start the job.

当你得到工作机会时, 如何协商薪水

How to negotiate salary when you get a job offer

当雇主给你寄一封录取通知书时, 感谢他们的报价, 并说你想考虑它. 询问他们何时需要你的回应. 做一些研究, 找出所提供的工资是否符合工作和工作地点的平均工资. 如果你符合所有的要求, 并有以前的工作经验, 考虑你是否应该要求更高的薪水.

When the employer sends you an offer letter, thank them for the offer and say you would like to think about it. Ask when they need your response. Do some research and find out if the salary offered fits with the average salary for the job and location. If you meet all of the requirements and have prior job experience, consider if you should ask for a higher salary.

截止日期前, 给雇主打电话或发电子邮件. 告诉他们为什么你认为你应该赚更多的钱, 并建议更多的收入. 谈论你的技能和经验. 最好是要求 5% 自 10% 比雇主给你的更多. 如果对健康有好处, 奖金, 或假期对你来说更重要, 谈判这些, 而不是.

Before the deadline, call or email the employer. Tell them why you think you should earn more and suggest a higher amount. Talk about your skills and experience. It is best to ask for 5% to 10% more than the employer offered you. If health benefits, bonuses, or vacation time are more important to you, negotiate for those instead.

雇主可能需要几天的时间来决定. 通常, 他们会增加他们的报价之间的第一个数额和你要求的数字. 有时, 你不会得到任何增加. 但问并不伤人. 这也向雇主表明你对自己的技能充满信心.

Employers may take a few days to decide. Usually, they will increase their offer to a figure somewhere between the first amount and the one you asked for. Sometimes, you will not get any increase. But asking does not hurt. It also shows the employer you are confident about your skills.

在非技术工作, 雇主不太可能谈判. 他们已经规定了每小时或每周的金额, 他们将支付. 但是,如果你有额外的经验或技能, 你可以尝试谈判. 如果没有足够的好工人来做这项工作, 你也可以谈判.

At unskilled jobs, employers are less likely to negotiate. They have set amounts per hour or per week that they will pay. But if you have extra experience or skills, you can try negotiating. You can also negotiate if there are not enough good workers for the job.

如果您决定通过电子邮件询问, 你可以用这个 工资谈判电子邮件模板.

If you decide to ask through email, you can use this salary negotiation email template.


Watch a video with more tips about how to negotiate your salary


How to negotiate salary raises

谈判加薪就像谈判起薪一样. 你想表明为什么你的价值比你得到的报酬还要高. 所以再一次:

Negotiating a raise is like negotiating a starting salary. You want to show why you are worth more than you are being paid. So once again:

  • 谈论你的技能和经验.
  • 做你的研究: 什么是其他人正在支付在你的水平和类似的工作?
  • 要求为展开谈判提供具体金额.
  • Talk about your skills and experience.
  • Do your research: what are other people are being paid at your level and for similar jobs?
  • Request a specific amount to open negotiations.

要求加薪, 你也可以谈论你在工作中所做的事情. 如果你做得很好, 把它指给你的老板. 也许你给公司赚了很多钱. 也许你在公司里帮助做出了积极的改变. 不要害怕谈论这件事. 公司希望留住优秀的员工, 即使他们必须付出更多. 当你要求加薪的时候, 这里还有一些其他的事情要记住:

To ask for a raise, you can also talk about the things you have done at work. If you have done a good job, point it out to your boss. Maybe you have made the company a lot of money. Maybe you helped make a positive change at the company. Don’t be afraid to talk about it. Companies want to keep good employees, even if they have to pay a bit more. Here are some other things to remember when you are asking for a raise:

专注于工作, 不是根据你的个人需要

Focus on the job, not on your personal needs

举个例子, 指出额外的责任, 你已经承担, 不是你的车费有多高.

For example, point out extra responsibilities you have taken on, not how high your car payments are.


Use good timing

当公司亏损或有很多账单要付的时候, 不要要求加薪. 询问公司什么时候 (或者你) 已成功.

Don’t ask for a raise when the company is losing money or has many bills to pay. Ask when the company (or you) have been successful.


Be professional

问一个你可以交谈的时间. 如果你的雇主留出时间, 他们会更有可能倾听.

Ask for a time you can talk. Your employer will be more likely to listen if they have set aside the time.


Be positive

以积极的方式提问. 不要说,如果你没有得到你想要的,你会离开 - 除非你是认真的! 准备妥协.

Ask in a positive way. Don’t say you will leave if you don’t get what you want – unless you mean it! Be prepared to compromise.


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