你在美国墨西哥边境的两边,你需要帮助吗? 您是否正在寻找住所、法律支持、食物和申请庇护的帮助? 你被移民拘留吗? 以下是一些在线资源和有关组织的信息,它们可以帮助您或为您提供建议。

Are you on either side of the United States Mexico border and do you need help? Are you looking for shelter, legal support, food, and help with claiming asylum? Are you in immigrant detention? Here are some online resources and information about organizations that may help or advise you.


immigrant detention


If you are traveling through Central America and intend to cross the United States/Mexico border, you need to know that you risk being placed in immigrant detention if you don’t have the documentation that allows you entry to the country. This is done not only in the USA, but in Mexico, Guatemala, and El Salvador.


Finding help on both sides of the border

在这里,您可以找到墨西哥为遇险移民提供帮助的团体的紧急联系信息。有些人提供食物、水、医疗救助和住所。本页所列的Grupos Beta组织在墨西哥有许多办事处。

On the Border Angels website, you will find emergency contact information for groups in Mexico that offer help to migrants in distress. Some offer food, water, medical help, and shelter. The organization Grupos Beta, listed on this page, has many locations throughout Mexico.

天主教服务接待中心为游客提供了一个安全的休息、饮用水、吃饭和照顾孩子的地方。它们提供更换衣服、卫生用品和清洗的机会。志愿者欢迎旅行者,帮助他们联系家人,安排公交出行。妇女和儿童在离开前会收到装满基本物品的旅行包。那些不能在获释当天离开的人可能会在一个受信任的志愿者的家中过夜,或者在由志愿者和天主教社区服务人员组成的图森市的一个小家Casa Alitas过夜。(等待回电以了解地址)

The Catholic Services Hospitality Center gives travelers a safe place to rest, rehydrate, eat, and care for their children. They provide a change of clothes, hygiene items, and a chance to wash up. Volunteers greet the travelers and help them contact family members and arrange bus transportation. Women and children receive travel bags filled with essential items before they leave. Those who are unable to depart the day they are released may spend the night at the home of a trusted volunteer or at Casa Alitas, a small home in Tucson staffed by volunteers and Catholic Community Services.


Arriving at the United States/Mexico border


If you are planning to claim asylum at the United States/Mexico border or are already there, there are resources to guide you to safety and to navigate the United States immigration system.

你是在美国犯罪案件的受害者吗? 你帮助执法了吗? 你因为犯罪而受伤了吗? U型签证可以让某些符合特定要求的犯罪受害者留在美国。

Estamos Unidos (“We Are United”) is a legal representation network on the Mexican border at Ciudad Juarez. Volunteers from across the country provide legal guidance and other services. The project is run by Al Otro Lado and CLINIC.


The Florence Immigrant Rights Project has collected documents to help you defend your case. Materials include documents that are general resources, for after you are released from detention, fighting your deportation in front of an immigration judge, and appealing your case.


What information do I need when I apply for asylum?

There are many pieces of documentation you can use to support your asylum case. This is a presentation about the documents you can use in your asylum case and how to use them.


In order to get asylum in the USA, it helps your case if you have evidence to prove you were persecuted or abused, and that your government did not protect you. The more evidence you have the better chance you have to win your asylum case to be able to stay in the United States.


Be sure to always tell the truth, otherwise you could immediately have your case denied. You also need to be very specific about the details. It is important to spend time remembering exactly what happened, on the exact date. If you make a mistake, the government may think you are lying.


Here are types of evidence that you can use to support your asylum case:

  • 身份证件(如护照、出生证明、学生身份证、户籍、国家身份证或政党证)
  • 与你一起前往美国的家庭成员的身份证件
  • 子女结婚证、出生证
  • 学术记录(即学校记录、证书和文凭)
  • 在母国因虐待而住院或治疗的病历
  • 监狱或法庭记录
  • 您可能创建的任何庇护申请或书面上陈述草稿
  • 向美国政府任何部门提交的任何文件
  • 你认为重要的其他文件
  • Identity documents (i.e. your passport, birth certificate, student identification card, household registry, national identity card, or political party membership card.)
  • Identity documents of family members who traveled to the United States with you
  • Marriage certificate and birth certificates for children
  • Academic records (i.e. school records, certificates, and diplomas)
  • Medical records from hospitalization or treatment due to mistreatment in home country
  • Jail or court records
  • Any draft asylum applications or affidavits that you may have created
  • Any document that has been filed with any part of the United States government
  • Any other documents that you think might be important


If you were not able to bring these documents with you when you fled your home country, that is fine and we can discuss documenting your claim with you.


Know your rights!


United States Mexico Border- Know Your Rights, Department of Labor


Arabic, English, Spanish, Somali, Urdu, Mandarin, French, Hindi, and Punjabo languages. Manuals for LGBTQ immigrants, adults, and unaccompanied children.


This packet is intended to provide an overview of the rights an immigrant (whether here legally or not) or even a citizen may exercise if confronted by an immigration official.

国家移民司法中心可提供法律顾问和提供法律转介。您可以拨打国家移民司法中心免费电话:(312) 263-0901。

The National Immigrant Justice Center is available to provide legal counsel and provide legal referrals. You can contact the National Immigrant Justice Center at its toll free number: (312) 263-0901.


This document is for people who are afraid to return to their home countries because they are lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender (LGBT) and/or due to their HIV status. You may have a defense against deportation if you fear you will be harmed or tortured if you are deported to your home country. This manual is a guide and resource. It is not intended to serve as a substitute for legal counsel. You should attempt to obtain a lawyer.

You can read this information in Spanish, French, and Arabic.

These manuals provide basic information in English, Spanish. French, Arabic and other languages to give immigrants an understanding of their rights under US law during immigration proceedings or if they are arrested and detained by the Department of Homeland Security.

If there has been an order issued for your removal or deportation, you still have a chance for applying for asylum, even if you do not have a lawyer. Here are some guidelines for filing for asylum without a lawyer.


The T visa is a visa that is issued to victims of human trafficking, both children and adults. There are many people who are smuggled into the USA illegally and against their will on false claims for employment and other benefits. If this happened to you, you can apply for this type of visa.


Were you a victim of a crime that happened in the United States? Did you help law enforcement? Were you hurt because of the crime? A U-Visa lets victims of certain crimes, who meet certain requirements, stay in the United States.


Read this information to protect yourself from people who are not real lawyers! There are people who will pretend to help you so they can keep your money. Learn how to recognize them and protect yourself! The Immigrant Legal Resource Center (ILRC) made information to protect you from fraud. You can read and download the information in English. Or you can read and download the information in Spanish.

你是在美国发生的犯罪的受害者吗? 你帮助执法部门了吗? 你因为犯罪而受伤了吗? U-Visa 允许符合某些要求的某些犯罪的受害者留在美国。


阅读此信息,保护自己免受那些不是真正的律师的人! 有些人会假装帮助你,这样他们就能留着你的钱。了解如何识别他们并保护自己! 移民法律资源中心 (ILRC) 提供信息,以保护您免受欺诈。您可以 阅读并下载英文信息。 或者你可以 阅读并下载西班牙语信息。

The information on this page comes from CLINIC, the Immigrant Legal Resource Center (ILRC), The National Immigrant Justice Center (NIJC), and other trusted sources. It is intended for guidance and is updated as often as possible. USAHello does not give legal advice, nor are any of our materials intended to be taken as legal advice. If you are looking for a free or low-cost lawyer or legal help, we can help you find free and low-cost legal services.


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