你被邀请参加面试了吗?? 你可能对做得好感到紧张. 您可以采取一些步骤来准备自己. 了解面试流程的工作原理以及如何准备. 阅读一些在工作面试中做好事的技巧.

Did you get invited for a job interview? You are probably nervous about doing well. There are steps you can take to prepare yourself. Learn how the interview process works and how to prepare. Read some tips for doing well in a job interview.

A man comining into an office for a job interview

A man comining into an office for a job interview


The job interview process

面试是你和雇主之间的谈话。. 面试期间, 雇主会问你很多问题. 你需要知道如何准备面试. 这是找工作最重要的步骤之一.

A job interview is a conversation between you and the employer. During the interview, the employer will ask you many questions. You need to know how to prepare for an interview. It is one of the most important steps in getting a job.

雇主会询问你的工作经验. 他们会想知道你的教育和你所受过的任何培训. 你对面试问题的回答也表明了什么样的人是谁?. 你将向雇主表明你是这份工作的好人.

The employer will ask about your work experience. They will want to know about your education and any training you have had. Your answers to interview questions also show what kind of person are. You will show the employer that you are a good person for the job.

面试并不总是亲自进行. 你可以先接受电话采访. 利用这个机会展示你将如何帮助公司. 如果你通过了电话面试, 然后你将接受亲自采访. 对于许多工作, 你会有一个电话面试和至少一个面对面的面试. 或者他们可能会和你建立一个视频通话.

Job interviews do not always take place in person. You may have a phone interview first. Use this chance to show how you would help the company. If you pass the phone interview, then you will be interviewed in person. For many jobs, you will have one phone interview and at least one in-person interview. Or they may set up a video call with you.


Before the job interview

为面试做准备是很重要的. 每个公司都不一样, 所以你每次都要练习 ".

It is important to prepare for your interview. Every company is different so you must practice every time.


Research the business

了解有关公司的一切信息. 如果您的问题和答案显示了对业务的了解, 面试官会知道你关心这项工作.

Find out everything you can about the company. If your questions and answers show knowledge about the business, the interviewer will know that you care about the work.

您可以通过公司的网站信息. 您还可以在 LinkedIn. 寻找这些问题的答案:

You can read through the company’s website information. You can also find information about the company on LinkedIn. Look for answers to these questions:

  • 公司的目标是什么??
  • 公司的使命是什么??
  • 公司目前的主要项目是什么??
  • 你的技能如何使公司受益??
  • What are the company’s goals?
  • What is the company’s mission?
  • What is the company’s main project/work right now?
  • How can your skills benefit the company?

在 Google 上搜索公司名称, 然后点击 "新闻". 如果你看到好消息, 你可以在你的面试中提到它.

Search for the name of the company on Google and then click “news”. If you see good news, you can mention it in your interview.

找到公司 Glassdoor, 这是一个网站, 员工谈论公司. 如果是公共场所, 如商店或餐馆, 进去参观. 当你做你的研究, 开始思考一些问题, 你可以问你的面试, 并把它们写下来.

Find the company on Glassdoor, which is a website where employees talk about the company. If it’s a public place, such as a store or restaurant, go in and visit. As you do your research, start thinking of some questions you can ask in your interview and write them down.


Practice answering job interview questions

准备面试的最好方法是练习回答问题. 它会让你更有信心,帮助你在面试中取得好成绩. 有许多雇主会问面试问题. 阅读问题,了解如何给出好的答案.

The best way to prepare for a job interview is to practice answering questions. It will make you more feel confident and help you to do well in your interview. There are job interview questions that many employers ask. Read the questions and find out how to give good answers.


Review your resume

你已经在你的简历中作出和发送. 雇主会要求你提供更多关于简历上写的任何内容的细节. 面试前看简历很重要. 你应该能够描述你以前工作过或自告奋勇的公司. 阅读创建好简历的提示.

You have already made and sent in your resume. The employer will ask for more details about anything written on your resume. It is important that you read your resume before the interview. You should be able to describe the companies you worked or volunteered for in the past. Read tips for creating a great resume.


Know where you are going

如果可以的话, 在面试日之前进行一次到面试地点的练习之旅. 了解您的路线. 如果它是一座大建筑, 找到正确的入口. 然后你就会为这一天做好准备.

If you can, make a practice journey to the interview location before your interview day. Learn your route. If it’s a big building, find the right entrance. Then you will be prepared for the day.


On the day


There are certain things you can do to make a good impression on the day of your interview.


Be on time for your job interview!

提前计划, 给自己额外的时间. 你早一点也可以迟到, 因为你可以在附近等. 到达面试现场 10 提前几分钟, 但没有早.

Plan ahead and give yourself extra time. It’s better to be early than late because you can wait nearby. Arrive at the interview 10 minutes early but no earlier.

做一个好员工意味着按时来上班. 准时在美国是非常重要的. 迟到面试的面试官向面试官表明, 如果你被录用, 你可能会上班迟到. 即使你有很好的工作面试技巧, 也会降低你被录用的机会.

Being a good employee means coming to work on time. Being on time is very important in the USA. Coming to your interview late shows the interviewer that you might be late for work if you are hired. It will lower your chances of being hired even if you have great job interview skills.

如果是视频采访, 你仍然需要提前计划, 给自己额外的时间. 一定要在一个安静的地方, 你不会被打扰 ". 如果你家里没有互联网或电脑, 找一个朋友, 在他们家做采访. 你也可以和你当地的图书馆谈谈, 看看他们是否会帮助你安排面试. 即使是视频采访, 你需要做好准备, 提前几分钟等待.

If it is a video interview, you still need to plan ahead and give yourself extra time. Make sure that you are in a quiet place and you will not get interrupted. If you do not have internet or a computer at home, find a friend who does and do the interview at their house. You can also talk to your local library to see if they will help set up your interview. Even for a video interview, you need to be ready and waiting a few minutes early.


Look professional

即使你的工作面试会在视频通话中进行, 也要看起来很专业. 以下是一些如何通过寻找专业人员来准备面试的方法:

Look professional even if your job interview will happen on a video call. Here are some ways how to prepare for an interview by looking professional:

  • 是干净的

    总是穿干净的衣服去面试. 去面试前洗个澡. 刷你的牙齿和梳理你的头发.

  • Be clean

    Always wear clean clothes to an interview. Take a shower before going to an interview. Brush your teeth and comb your hair.

  • 不要太随便

    面试时不要穿凉鞋或人字拖. 穿的袜子和鞋. 不要穿休闲服, 如牛仔裤或 t恤. 不得穿短裤、 背心. 不戴帽子, 放养帽, 或者在一次采访的太阳镜. 避免珠宝是非常大和丰富多彩的.

  • Don’t be too casual

    Do not wear sandals or flip-flops to an interview. Wear socks and shoes. Do not wear casual clothes such as jeans or a t-shirt. Do not wear shorts or tank tops. Do not wear hats, stocking caps, or sunglasses during an interview. Avoid jewelry that is very large and colorful.

  • 穿商务服装

    男士的专业服装是指穿不是牛仔裤的裤子和带纽扣的长袖衬衫. 如果这份工作很专业, 你需要一套西装和一条领带. 适用于女性, 一件普通的衣服或一件有裙子或漂亮裤子的衬衫是可以接受的. 但你不需要花很多钱! 你会在当地的二手店里找到好的面试服装, 如商誉.

  • 避免吸烟和饮酒

    不嚼槟榔或烟草之前或期间采访. 不吸烟或使用酒精在面试之前. 吸烟会使你的衣服闻起来很臭. 任何工作都不允许饮酒.

  • Wear business clothes

    Professional clothing for men means wearing pants that are not jeans and a long-sleeve shirt with buttons. If the job is very professional, you will need a suit and a tie. For women, a modest dress or a blouse with a skirt or smart pants will be acceptable. But you do not need to spend lots of money! You will find good interview clothes at your local second-hand store, such as Goodwill.

  • Avoid smoking and alcohol

    Do not chew betel nut or tobacco before or during an interview. Do not smoke or use alcohol before an interview. Smoking can make your clothes smell bad. Alcohol is not allowed at any job.

微笑, 做眼神交流

Smile and make eye contact

试着微笑, 看着别人的眼睛. 这表明面试官你很积极, 很友好. 虽然这可能与您的文化不同, 这是你在美国能做的最重要的事情之一, 可以帮助你找到工作. 对美国人来说, 目光接触表明尊重和帮助人们信任你. 当你到达面试的时候, 你可能会受到不同的人的欢迎. 对你遇到的每一个人都要有礼貌, 尽量对每个人都面朝下微笑.

Try to smile and look people in the eye. This shows the interviewer you are positive and friendly. Although this might be different than in your culture, it is one of the most important things you can do in the United States to help you get a job. For Americans, making eye contact shows respect and helps people trust you. When you arrive at the interview, you might be greeted by different people. Be polite to everyone you meet and try to look and smile at everyone.


During the job interview

在工作面试期间, 尽量放松. 这并不容易. 提醒自己要诚实, 自然, 和热情. 当你知道你正在尽你最大的努力, 你不必为犯错误而紧张.

During your job interview, try to be relaxed. It is not easy. Remind yourself to be truthful, natural, and enthusiastic. When you know you are doing your best, you do not have to be nervous about making mistakes.

握手, 除非你不能因为宗教或文化

Shake hands, unless you can’t because of religion or culture

握手在美国很常见. 男人和女人握手是可以的. 如果你不想握手, 没关系. 相反, 把你的手放在胸口, 稍微把头向前倾斜。. 说清楚, "很高兴见到你". 谢谢你今天抽空采访我。有些人可能会惊讶于你不想分享双手. 如果你觉得舒服, 解释说, 与异性握手是违反你的宗教.

Handshakes are common in America. It is ok for men and women to shake hands with each other. If you do not want to shake hands, that is okay. Instead, place your hands across your chest and slightly tilt your head forward. Say clearly, “It is so nice to meet you. Thank you for taking the time to interview me today.” Some people may be surprised that you do not want to share hands. If you feel comfortable, explain that shaking hands with the opposite sex is against your religion.


Make sure your phone is turned off during the job interview

面试前把电话关掉. 不要看你的手机. 如果你忘了, 你的电话响了, 立即沉默, 并为中断道歉. 不要回答!

Turn your phone off before the interview. Do not look at your phone. If you forget, and your phone rings, immediately silence it and apologize for the interruption. Do not answer it!


Ask at least one question

在你来面试之前, 准备一份关于 5 问题. 问题可能是关于公司的一般问题, 也可能是关于你的角色的问题. 提出问题, 表明你对这份工作和公司感兴趣. 做 问一些关于工资或休假的问题, 直到你对工作和生意表现出兴趣. 在面试结束时提出你的问题, 或者当雇主说, "你有什么问题吗"?"如果你所有的问题都已经回答了", 然后说, "接下来的步骤是什么"?"或, "我什么时候能收到你的来信"?”

Before you come to the job interview, prepare a list of about 5 questions. Questions can be about the company in general or about your role. Ask questions that show you are interested in the job and company. Do not ask questions about salary or time off until you have shown interest in the work and the business. Ask your questions at the end of the interview, or when the employer says, “Do you have any questions?” If all your questions have already been answered, then say, “What are the next steps?” or, “When can I expect to hear from you?”

尽量放松, 尽力而为

Try to relax and do your best

记得, 你已经做了最困难的部分, 因为你已经得到了工作面试. 你已经学会了如何准备面试, 你已经做好了很好的准备. 现在是时候尽你最大的努力了. 每个人在面试中都会犯错. 如果您出现错误, 花点时间暂停一下, 重新开始.

Remember, you have already done the hardest part because you already got the job interview. You have learned how to prepare for an interview and you have prepared well. Now it is time to just do your best. Everyone makes mistakes during interviews. If you make an error, take a moment to pause and start again.


After the interview


There are a few steps you can take after your interview to increase your chance of success.


Ask for business cards

面试结束后, 你就要离开了, 要和你说话的人的名片. 当他们把它们交给你的时候, 礼貌地感谢他们. 如果他们没有名片, 要求他们写下自己的全名和电子邮件地址. 这种方式, 你会有他们的联系方式, 所以你可以给他们发一张感谢函.

When the interview is over and you are getting to leave, ask for the business cards of the people you spoke to. When they hand them to you, thank them politely. If they do not have a business card, ask them to write down their full name and email address. This way, you will have their contact information so you can send them a thank you note.


Send a thank you email or letter after the job interview

您可以以信函或电子邮件发送感谢信. 大多数人使用电子邮件. 如果你忘了要名片, 您可以通过电子邮件或致电办公室, 询问联系信息.

You can send a thank you note as a letter or by email. Most people use email. If you forgot to ask for a business card, you can email or call the office and ask for contact information.

在你的感谢便条里, 你应该提到:

In your thank you note, you should mention:

  • 你很感激他们花在采访你上的时间
  • 你能给公司带来什么技能?
  • 你期待着很快收到他们的来信
  • That you are grateful for the time they spent interviewing you
  • What skills you can bring to the company
  • That you look forward to hearing from them soon


Below is an example of a thank you note:

亲爱的 [面试者姓名],

Dear [Interviewer Name],

非常感谢你今天能和我见面. 能更多地了解球队和职位, 我感到非常高兴 ". 我对有机会加入感到非常兴奋 [公司名称] 和帮助 [引进新客户/为您的客户服务/您将要做的任何其他事情] 与您的团队.

Thank you so much for meeting with me today. It was such a pleasure to learn more about the team and position. I am very excited about the opportunity to join [company name] and help [bring in new clients/serve your customers/anything else you would be doing] with your team.

我期待着收到你关于招聘过程中下一步工作的消息. 请不要犹豫与我联系, 如果我可以提供更多的信息.

I look forward to hearing from you about the next steps in the hiring process. Please do not hesitate to contact me if I can provide additional information.


Best regards,


[Your Name]


Ask for feedback

如果你没有得到这份工作, 给面试官发个便条, 感谢他或她面试你. 问他们是否会给你反馈为什么你没有得到这份工作. 告诉他们你打算面试更多的工作, 并希望改进. 不是每个人都会回答你, 但他们中的一些人可能有一些意见, 将帮助你成功的下一次!

If you don’t get the job, send your interviewer a note thanking him or her for interviewing you. Ask them if they will give you feedback on why you didn’t get the job. Tell them that you plan on interviewing for more jobs and want to improve. Not everyone will answer you, but some of them may have some comments that will help you succeed the next time!


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