你需要借钱吗?? 信贷和贷款都是借钱的方式. 某些类型的借款比其他的更安全. 了解信用卡, 发薪日贷款和最好的借钱方式.

Do you need to borrow money? Credit and loans are both ways to borrow money. Some kinds of borrowing are safer than others. Learn about credit cards, payday loans and the best ways to borrow money.

learn about credit cards and loans
learn about credit cards and loans
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Credit cards

您可以使用信用卡支付东西,而不是使用现金. 在商店付款, 你把一张小塑料卡放进机器里. 通过电话或在线, 您可以输入或说出卡号和密码.

You can use a credit card to pay for things instead of using cash. To pay in a store, you put a small plastic card in a machine. Over the phone or online, you can enter or say the card number and password.

信用卡购物和支付账单既方便又安全. 但他们有风险. 如果你不每月还信用卡, 你将支付利息. 利息是您在借款的基础上支付的金额. 你不付的时间越长, 你欠的利息越多. 在美国,很多人因为信用卡而负债累累.

Credit cards are easy and safe to use for shopping and paying bills. But they have risks. If you do not pay back the credit card every month, you will pay interest. Interest is the amount you pay on top of what you borrowed. The longer you do not pay, the more interest you owe. A lot of people in America have big debts because of credit cards.


Credit history

您可能不想使用信用卡,因为有负债的风险. 但它可能有用的另一个原因: 开始你的信用记录. 你的信用记录是你借了什么,你偿还了多少钱. 良好的信用记录有助于建立信用. 如果你建立信用, 你可以借钱,当你需要它做大事, 比如买车或买房.

You may not want to use a credit card because of the risk of getting into debt. But it can be useful for another reason: to start your credit history. Your credit history is a record of what you have borrowed and how well you paid it back. A good credit history helps to build credit. If you build credit, you can borrow money when you need it for big things, such as buying a car or a home.

所以,你需要一张信用卡来建立你的信用记录. 但信用卡公司不会给你信用卡,除非你已经有良好的信用!

So you need a credit card to build your credit history. But credit card companies will not give you a credit card unless you already have good credit!


But how can I build a credit history without a credit card?

您可以从有担保的信用卡开始. 斯蒂尔茨 为移民和其他努力建立信贷的人提供安全信用卡. 有担保的信用卡不是真正的信用,因为你已经给了钱, 或有人答应为你付钱. 但他们确实让你建立良好的信用. 银行和信用卡公司已经担保了信用卡, 太. 与其他公司相比,高跷的利率更低,适用流程也更容易. 信用社也是如此.

You can start with a secured credit card. Stilt offers secured credit cards to immigrants and other people who struggle to build credit. Secured credit cards are not really credit because you have already given the money, or someone has promised to pay for you. But they do allow you to build good credit. Banks and credit card companies have secured credit cards, too. Stilt has lower interest rates and an easier process to apply than other companies. So do credit unions.


Join a credit union

信用社就像银行, 但他们试图帮助人们成功. 账户持有人共同拥有信用社. 信用社通过借钱或给低收入人群和没有信用记录的人提供信用卡来提供帮助. 他们会帮你省钱, 太. 您可以 找到你附近的信用社

Credit unions are like banks, but they try to help people succeed. The account holders all own the credit union together. Credit unions help by lending money or giving credit cards to people with low incomes and people with no credit history. They will help you save money, too. You can find a credit union near you


Personal loans

有几种不同的贷款,你可以得到. 有些是短期紧急情况, 而其他人是长期的情况, 喜欢买房子.

There are several different kinds of loans you can get. Some are for short-term emergencies, while others are for long for long-term situations, like buying a house.


Payday lending

发薪日贷款是为需要现金的人快速. 人们向贷款人借钱,在拿到钱的当天还清. 但是发薪日贷款往往导致比你开始时更严重的资金问题. 获得发薪日贷款意味着你已经有更少的钱通过,直到你的下一个薪水. 还, 发薪日贷款人收取很多利息. 所以你还钱比你借的多得多. 如果你不按时还钱, 你将不得不支付更多的利息.

Payday loans are for people who need cash quickly. People borrow money from a lender to pay back on the day they get paid. But payday loans often lead to more serious money problems than you start with. Getting a payday loan means you already have less money to get through until your next paycheck. Also, payday lenders charge a lot of interest. So you pay back a lot more than you borrow. And if you don’t pay back on time, you will have to pay even more interest.

发薪日替代贷款 (朋友)

Payday Alternative Loans (PAL)

信用社可能为您提供比发薪日贷款更好的紧急情况选择: 发薪日替代贷款 (朋友). PAL 是短期贷款,因此您无需获得发薪日贷款. 您可以借到 $1,000 他们不会收取这么多的利息. 你必须成为信用社的成员一个月,然后才能拿出PAL.

Credit unions may give you a better choice for emergencies than a payday loan: a payday alternative loan (PAL). A PAL is a short-term loan so you don’t have to get a payday loan. You can borrow up to $1,000 and they will not charge so much interest. You have to be a member of the credit union for a month before you can take out a PAL.

抵押 贷款


抵押贷款是人们买房的贷款. 每个月都有一大笔付款. 但有时这只不过是付房租, 最后, 你将拥有你的家! 获得抵押贷款可能很难. 但是你的信用社可能会帮助你. 阅读有关抵押贷款 非美国公民. 联邦住房管理局 教你不同的贷款,可以教你如何省钱在你的新家.

Mortgages are loans people get to buy a house. There is a large payment to make every month. But sometimes it is no more than paying rent, and at the end, you will own your home! It can be hard to get mortgages. But your credit union may help you. Read about mortgages for non US-citizens. The Federal Housing Administration teaches you about different loans and can teach you how to save money on your new home.


Business loans

美国各地的几个项目帮助难民和移民创业. 他们提供贷款和其他支持, 如商业咨询和资金研讨会. 下面是其中的一些:

Several programs across the United States help refugees and immigrants start their own businesses. They give loans and other support, such as business advice and money workshops. Here are some of them:



社区发展金融机构 (CDF) 像信用社. 他们不想从他们的服务中获利. 相反, 他们想帮助人们成功. CDF 向小型企业借钱, 新业务, 并建造负担得起的住房。您可以 找到您附近的 CDFI.

Community development financial institutions (CDFIs) are like credit unions. They do not want to make a profit from their services. Instead, they want to help people succeed. CDFIs lend money to small businesses, new business, and to build affordable homes.You can find a CDFI near you.


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