Personal behavior means many things. It includes topics that are hard to talk about. It means your private life, your habits, and your personal relationships. How do people behave in their personal lives in the USA? Learn about staying clean, personal relationships, and addiction.

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Staying clean

Staying clean is very important to Americans. Most Americans take a shower or bath every day. They use soap to wash their bodies and shampoo to wash their hair. Some use conditioner to make their look shiny. Many people shower right after they exercise. Americans do not like the smell of sweat and so they put deodorant on their underarms to stop sweat and smells.

Americans wash their clothes often as well. Most people do not wear the same clothing two days in a row.

Clean homes are important to Americans, but most people do not clean every day. When guests are coming, they make sure that their houses are clean and neat. Americans use dishwashers and vacuum cleaners to help them with cleaning. Most Americans do not take off their shoes when they come into a house. Some do, and they may put on slippers. If you are not sure what to do in someone’s house, it is okay to ask.

Personal relationships and dating

Dating is spending time with someone in a romantic way. People who are dating do things together, such as going to dinner or going to the movies. If you would like to take someone on a date, you should invite them. If they say yes, the two of you can decide where to go and what to do.

There are many ways to find someone to date. You can be introduced by friends or meet someone at work. If you date someone at work, 你可能需要告诉你的雇主. 智能手机上的约会应用越来越受到年轻人的欢迎. 你可以下载一个应用程序, 并满足其他有兴趣找到一个人的人日期.

美国人选择他们约会的对象. 他们的父母可能会给他们建议, 但他们不决定他们将与谁约会或结婚.

美国人并不都是年轻时结婚的. 男人和女人在找人结婚之前, 可能会和很多人约会. 在美国, 离婚或伴侣死亡后的老年人至今也很常见.


在美国, 男人和女人都做家务和照顾孩子. 在美国有工作的人中, 大约一半是女性. 在美国, 妇女的工资往往低于男子.

每个家庭都有点不一样. 与其他国家相比, 老年人和爷爷奶奶在美国与家人生活在一起的可能性要低得多. 家庭的子女也较少. 美国的一些人选择根本不生孩子. 生活在农村地区的人可能比城市里的人有更多的孩子. 他们的生活方式往往不那么现代, 太. 但即使在传统家庭, 大多数妇女工作.


任何公共场所都禁止吸烟, 包括酒吧和餐馆. 您必须是 20 离公共建筑的步行距离吸烟. 大多数美国人不喜欢汽车或家庭闻起来像烟.

美国人知道吸烟是危险的. 所以燃烧液体尼古丁的电子香烟很流行. But they are also addictive and bad for your health.

Chewing tobacco is popular in some parts of the USA and unusual in other parts. It can cause cancers of the tongue, gums, and throat. You have to be 18 to purchase all tobacco products.

Drinking alcohol

Drinking alcohol is very common in the USA, especially in social situations. Americans drink wine, beer, and liquor (drinks such as whisky and vodka). If you do not want to drink alcohol, it is fine to say no or ask for water. Most people will not be upset or pressure you. 如果他们这样做, say no politely again.

Driving when you are drinking or using drugs is dangerous and illegal. If you get caught, you will go to jail. You will also spend thousands of dollars on lawyers and paying fines. You will get your license taken away. You might even have trouble with job applications.


在美国, the term drugs 指药品以及非法药品. 非处方药是合法的药物, 你可以在没有医生处方的情况下购买. Prescription drugs are medicines that you cannot buy without a medical prescription. 你不应该和任何人分享处方药. 服用医生没有开处方的处方药也是违法的. 吸毒会伤害你的身体, 会给你的警察带来麻烦.

大麻 (也被称为锅或杂草) 是一种在某些州是合法的药物. 它是人们吸烟或吃的植物. 有些人用它来帮助解决健康问题. 还有一些人使用它的方式, 人们喝酒: 因为他们喜欢它的效果. 每个州对大麻都有不同的规定. 在一些国家中, 你可以去坐牢使用它. 在其他情况下, it is legal to use marijuana.


酒精和毒瘾是一个非常严重的问题在美国. 成瘾意味着你不能戒烟, 喝, 和使用药物, 即使你想或如果他们让你生病. 你可能会意识到, 上瘾正在伤害你爱的人, 或者给你带来工作上的麻烦. 停止可能会很困难, 但你可以得到帮助. To get free advice by phone, 调用该 National Substance Abuse and Mental Health helpline. 您可以 also search 芬德你好 for help near you. Enter your location or address. 然后选择 “healthcare and mental healthto look for free and low-cost mental health and addiction resources.



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