你需要去美国的什么地方吗?? 你需要走的一些距离太远了, 走不动了. 你将需要不同类型的交通工具才能上班, 学校, 和购物地点. 公交车、地铁等服务被称为公共交通, 或公共交通. 这里有一些信息可以帮助你了解公交车和地铁系统.

Do you need to get to places in the USA? Some of the distances you need to go are too far to walk. You will need different types of transportation to get to work, school, and places to shop. Services such as buses and subway trains are called public transportation, or mass transit. Here is some information to help you understand buses and subway systems.

woman getting on public transportation train

woman getting on public transportation train

公共交通是美国生活的重要组成部分. 四处走动会占用你很多时间. 如果你住在大城市, 你将有机会使用公共交通工具, 包括巴士, 的士, 地铁. 许多城市也有面包车或汽车, 特别是老年人和残疾人. 如果你选择住在哪里, 设法在公共交通附近找到一间公寓或房子, 如果可能的话.

Public transportation is an important part of life in the USA. Getting around can take up a lot of your time. If you live in a big city, you will have access to public transportation, including buses, taxis, the subway. Many cities also have vans or cars especially for senior citizens and the disabled. If you are choosing where to live, try to find an apartment or house near public transportation, if possible.

在第一次, 它可能很难理解的方向和你可能会迷路. 谷歌地图 是最好的资源之一, 帮助你找到你在寻找什么. 这是一个在线工具, 将给你的方向, 你要通过步行, 公共交通, 或驾驶.

At first, it may be difficult to understand directions and you may get lost. Google Maps is one of the best resources to help you find what you are looking for. It is an online tool that will give you directions to where you are going via walking, public transportation, or driving.


You will also need to learn how the buses and subways work.



公共巴士通常是从一个地方到另一处的最便宜的方式。. 它们可以是拥挤而缓慢的, 然而.

Public buses are usually the cheapest way to get from one place to another. They can be crowded and slow, however.

你经常可以买一张每周或每月的公交卡. 老年人和学生甚至可以免费乘坐公共交通巴士。.

You can often buy a weekly or monthly bus pass. Seniors and students may even be able to ride the public transportation bus for free.

你可以通过在线搜索来了解如何在你的城市购买公交通行证. 键入您所在城市的名称, 然后键入单词 “公交通行证信息。”

You can find out how to buy a bus pass in your city by searching online. Type the name of your city and then the words “bus pass information.”



乘坐公共汽车旅行可能会让人感到困惑. 这里有一些提示,帮助你学会坐公交车.

Traveling by bus can be confusing. Here are some tips to help you learn to ride the bus.


Planning your bus journey

·大多数总线具有路由名称或编号. 举个例子, 你可以乘公交车号码 52. 这辆公车每次都要沿着同一条路走, 在同一个地方停车。.

• Most buses have a route name or number. For example, you may ride bus number 52. This bus will follow the same route every time and will stop at the same places.

·找到您的公交线路. 应该有地图在线的所有巴士路线在您的城市或城市. 如果你需要帮助, 在小镇的主要汽车站去和从信息服务台求助. 他们可能有打印地图给你, 大多数公交站都有大型信息板上的地图. 许多公共汽车也有预定的时间到达在每个中止.

• Find your bus route. There should be maps online of all bus routes in your town or city. If you need help, go to the main bus station in town and ask for help from the information desk. They may have printed maps to give you, and most bus stations have maps on large information boards. Many buses also have scheduled times to arrive at each stop.

·平日公共汽车通常有不同的小时数 (星期一, 星期二, 星期三, 星期四, 和星期五) 和周末 (星期六和星期天). 公共汽车也可能有不同的小时或不运行在假日, 如圣诞节.

• Buses usually have different hours on weekdays (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday) and weekends (Saturday and Sunday). The bus may also have different hours or not run on holidays, such as Christmas.

·在上班或上学的第一天前练习乘坐公交车. 这种方式, 你就会知道巴士路线 (总线的驱动器的道路) 并认识到你需要下车的公共汽车站.

• Practice your bus ride before your first day of work or school. This way, you will know the bus route (the roads the bus drives on) and recognize the bus stop where you need to get off.


Starting your bus journey

·找到最近的公交站. 尽量提前几分钟, 以防公共汽车提前。. 更经常, 如果有大量的交通或道路施工, 公共汽车可能会迟到. 你可能想坐早班车, 以确保你准时到达上班时间。.

• Find your nearest bus stop. Try to be a few minutes early in case the bus is early. More often, if there is a lot of traffic or road construction, the bus may be late. You may want to take an early bus to make sure you arrive to work on time.

·当你看到巴士与你的号码来, 站在公交站牌,挥动你的手臂. 这种方式, 驱动程序会停止并接你. 通常, 你坐在公共汽车的前门上, 司机.

• When you see the bus with your number coming, stand by the bus stop sign and wave your arm. This way, the driver will know to stop and pick you up. Usually, you get on at the front door of the bus by the driver.


On the bus

·向巴士司机支付车费, 这是你乘坐公车的代价. 它常常是便宜买公交车月票,如果你将很多乘坐公共汽车. 你需要准备零钱坐公共汽车. 这意味着如果巴士成本 $1.50 你需要有一个美元五十美分. 公交车司机便会不给你换.

• Pay the bus driver your fare, which is the price for your bus ride. It is often cheaper to buy a monthly bus pass if you will be riding the bus a lot. You need to have the exact change for the bus. This means if the bus costs $1.50 you need to have one dollar and fifty cents. The bus driver will not give you change.

·如果你不确定从哪里下车, 告诉公共汽车司机. 你可以带着一张纸,说你们的地方的名字. 你可能还想把你的名字放在纸上.

• If you are unsure where to get off the bus, tell the bus driver. You can bring a piece of paper with you that says the name of the place you are going. You may also want to have your name on the paper.

·如果没有座位, 找个空座位或什么东西拿着。.

• Find an empty seat or something to hold onto if there are no seats.

·残疾人或老年人的座位通常位于公共汽车的前面。. 你必须把这些座位让给老年人。, 残疾人, 或孕妇. 如果你很年轻,你看到一个老人在公交车上, 反正给他们你的位子是礼貌的。. 但记住在美国, 第一个得到座位的人有权坐在座位上。, 所以不要觉得不好, 如果你老了, 没有人给你他们的座位.

• Seating for the disabled or elderly is usually located at the front of a bus. You must give up these seats to seniors, disabled people, or pregnant women. If you are young and you see an elderly person on the bus, it is polite to give them your seat anyway. But remember in the US, the first person to get a seat has the right to the seat, so do not feel bad if you are older and no one gives you their seat.


Getting off the bus

·在您到达您的中止之前, 有时,你需要打电话给钟或蜂鸣器, 通常位于公共汽车的墙上或天花板上, 告诉司机停下来. 这样做, 除非你确信公共汽车停在每一个站. 如果需要, 请寻求帮助.

• Before you reach your stop, you sometimes need to ring a bell or buzzer, typically located on the wall or ceiling of the bus, to tell the bus driver to stop. Do this unless you are sure the bus stops at every stop. Ask for help if you need it.

·通常, 您使用背面或侧面门下车的公交车. 等待,直到公交车已停下车. 你可以观看如何其他乘客下车并复制他们做些什么.

• Normally, you use the back or side door to get off of the bus. Wait until the bus has stopped moving to get off. You can watch how other passengers get off and copy what they do.

·如果公共汽车不拥挤, 很高兴感谢公交车司机,你下车时.

• If the bus is not crowded, it is nice to thank the bus driver when you get off.


Subway and metro systems

地铁和地铁系统是城市铁路, 将大量人员从一个车站转移到另一个车站. 大多数火车在隧道里走到地下, 但有时火车也会从地面上开. 在大城市, 地铁或地铁系统往往是最方便和最快的旅行方式, 因为他们不受交通影响. 然而, 地铁系统经常花费比乘公共汽车.

Subways and metro systems are city railways that move large numbers of people from station to station. Most of the trains travel underground in tunnels, but sometimes the trains go above the ground too. In big cities, the subway or metro system is often the most convenient and fastest way to travel because they are unaffected by traffic. However, the metro system often costs more than riding the bus.

Each big city has a different subway system. 适用于所有地铁系统, 有些事情是一样的:

Each big city has a different subway system. For all subway systems, some things are the same:

·您需要先购买机票或通行证, 然后才能旅行. 每个车站都有售票机. 如果你需要帮助, 车站会有一个人. 可能有一个售票窗口, 有人帮忙.

• You will need to buy a ticket or pass before you can travel. There are ticket machines in every station. If you need help, there will be a person at the station. There may be a ticket window with a person to help.

·每个地铁系统都有一张显示线路和车站的地图. 地铁线路就像火车线路. 他们已经设置了路线和车站, 以停止在. 你需要学习如何阅读地铁地图.

• Every subway system has a map to show lines and stations. Subway lines are like train lines. They have set routes and stations to stop at. You will need to learn how to read the subway map.

·每个车站将有多个平台上下车. 你需要知道你要选择哪个方向的平台.

• Each station will have more than one platform for getting on and off the train. You will need to know which direction you are going to choose the platform.

·大多数地铁系统都有多条线路. 你需要知道你的起跑线和目的地站在哪条线路上. 在旅途中, 您可能需要在另一个车站更换线路和站台.

• Most subway systems have more than one line. You will need to know what line your starting station and destination station are on. You may have to change lines and platforms at another station during your journey.

• Many big cities have online guides with instructions on how to use the subway system. There are online guides for 波士顿, 洛杉矶, 纽约, San Francisco Bay Area,华盛顿.

• Many big cities have online guides with instructions on how to use the subway system. There are online guides for Boston, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco Bay Area, and Washington DC.

您可以通过在线搜索找到其他地铁系统的信息. 键入您所在城市的名称, 然后键入单词 “地铁系统信息。”

You can find information for other subway systems by searching online. Type the name of your city and then the words “subway system information.”


Other forms of transportation

如果你住在一个小镇或乡村地区, 你可能需要买辆车和驾照. 您可能还可以在汽车游泳池 (和有车的人一起去兜风). 有时, 最佳的运输是步行或骑自行车.

If you live in a smaller town or in the rural areas of the country, you may need to get a car and a driver’s license. You may also be able to car-pool (get a ride with someone who has a car). Sometimes, the best transportation is walking or riding a bicycle.



如果你住在一个大城市的公共交通, 你可能不需要一辆车. 然而, 如果你住在郊区或城市没有好的公共汽车或地铁系统, 你可能想要一辆车. 有一辆车是很方便. 之前你可以得到一辆车, 你必须通过驾照考试. 你还必须能够支付的汽车和汽车保险. 在美国, 法律说你必须有汽车保险. 您将需要 关于在美国开车的信息. 你需要学习驾驶规定. 要做到这一点, 您可以 阅读美国司机手册在许多语言.

If you live in a big city with public transportation, you probably do not need a car. However, if you live in the suburbs or in a city without a good bus or metro system, you may want to get a car. Having a car is very convenient. Before you can get a car, you must pass a driving test. You also have to be able to pay for the car and for car insurance. In the USA, the law says you must have car insurance. You will need information about driving in the USA. You will need to learn the driving regulations. To do this, you can read the US driver’s manual in many languages.



骑自行车是伟大和低成本的方式,绕过你的城市. 骑自行车是特别好,如果你住在一个小镇. 现在很多大城市都有自行车路线和自行车道, 让骑自行车在城市里更容易 ".

Biking is a great and low-cost way to get around your city. Biking is especially good if you live in a smaller town. Many larger cities now have bicycle routes and biking lanes to make it easier to bike around the city.

然而, 自行车很容易就可以窃取和需求量很大, 所以投资一把好锁并要确保总是安全的整个框架和车轮到一个坚固的金属物体. 学习 如何锁定您的自行车. 大多数学校和工作场所都有自行车停车区。.

However, bicycles are easy to steal and are in great demand, so invest in a good lock and be sure to always secure the entire frame and wheels to a solid metal object. Learn how to lock your bike. Most schools and workplaces have bicycle parking areas.



一辆出租车是你雇来带你从一个地方到另一辆车. 出租车在纽约这样的大城市很常见。, 和一些商人每天乘出租车. 然而, 出租车是非常昂贵的, 他们可能会被困在车流中, 就像公共汽车一样.

A taxi is a car you hire to take you from one place to another. Taxis are common in big cities like New York, and some business people take taxis every day. However, taxis are very expensive, and they can get stuck in traffic, just like buses.


Carpooling and ride-shares

一个很好的方式来获得的地方是与其他人合伙车或使用乘车份额. 这是指一群人一起骑在一辆车到相同的位置. 举个例子, 如果你住在和你工作的人附近, 你可以拼车上班。. 或者你可以让你的孩子参加一拼车去学校活动. 如果你要拼车, 您必须确保汽车的司机具有有效的驾驶 ’ s 许可证和最新的保险.

One great way to get places is to carpool with someone else who has a car or to use a ride-share. This means a group of people ride together in one car to the same location. For example, you might carpool to work if you live near someone who works at the same job as you. Or you might have your children participate in a carpool to go to school activities. If you are going to carpool, you must make sure the driver of the car has a valid driver’s license and up-to-date insurance.


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