预算是一个估计你有多少钱你每月和多少钱, 你需要支付租金, 实用程序, 食品, 运输, 服装, 等. 它将帮助你找出什么, 你可以花没有钱耗尽. 拥有预算也更容易省钱.

A budget is an estimate of how much money you have every month and how much money you need to pay for rent, utilities, food, transportation, clothing, etc. It will help you figure out what you can spend without running out of money. Having a budget also makes it easier to save money.

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How to save money and budget copyright Harsha KR, CC.
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制定预算意味着控制你的钱. 如果你的收入有限,这一点尤其重要. 在美国, 许多人陷入麻烦的钱,因为他们花比他们赚更多.

Making a budget means taking control of your money. This is especially important if you are living on a limited income. In the USA, many many people get into trouble with money because they spend more than they earn.


How to make a budget

围绕您的薪水创建预算. 你每周付工资吗?, 每两周, 或你每月? 围绕您的付薪期制定预算.

Create your budget around your paycheck. Are you paid weekly, every two weeks, or you monthly? Make your budget around your pay periods.

  • 写下你的月收入或周收入
  • 列出每月或每周的费用: 食品, 实用程序, 租金, 例如,公共汽车票价或汽车贷款
  • 列出您需要支付的其他费用: 保险, 修理费, 学校费用
  • 列出您需要搁置多少: 例如,你会想节省开支的紧急情况,并节省购买或旅行
  • 为娱乐或其他要花费的事项添加金额. 记住,在需要的东西之前购买你需要的东西是明智的!
  • Write down your monthly or weekly income
  • Make a list of monthly or weekly expenses: food, utilities, rent, bus fare or car loan for example
  • Make a list of other expenses you have to pay: insurance, repair bills, school expenses
  • List how much you need to put aside: for example you will want to save money for emergencies and save up for purchases or for travel
  • Add an amount for entertainment or other things you want to spend on. Just remember it is wise to buy the things you need before the things you want!

如果您的收入不足以支付您的所有费用, 您的预算不平衡. 如果你不能增加收入, 你需要削减开支,你可以.

If your income does not cover all your costs, your budget is not balanced. If you cannot increase your income, you will need to cut down on expenses where you can.


Save money and keep records

如果你有一些钱后,你的开支被覆盖, 开始保存! 省钱的最好方法是把钱存入你的储蓄账户. 你可以使用你的储蓄,如果你有一个紧急. 专家建议您创建一个紧急基金相当于六个月’ 在该事件中的费用你失去你的工作或受伤. 在你建立了紧急基金之后, 这样你就可以省钱去做一些有趣的事, 比如和家人去度假或者买点特别的东西.

If you have some money left over after your expenses are covered, start saving! The best way to save money is by putting it into your savings account. You can use your savings if you have an emergency. Experts recommend you create an emergency fund equal to six months’ expenses in the event you lose your job or get injured. After you have built up an emergency fund, then you can save money to do something fun, like go on a vacation with your family or buy something special.

确保按时支付所有账单, 这样您就不必支付任何逾期费用。. 保持所有您重要的收据和记录你如何花你的钱在一个箱子里, 抽屉里或文件.

Make sure to pay all of your bills on time so that you do not have to pay any late fees. Keep all of your important receipts and records of how you spend your money in one box, drawer or file.



信贷意味着从银行或信用合作社借钱, 以后再付钱。. 当你借钱使用信用, 你将不得不支付利息, 或借款费用.

Credit means borrowing money from the bank or credit union and paying it back later. When you borrow money using credit, you will have to pay interest, or a fee for borrowing the money.

按时支付所有账单是很重要的, 以便保护您的信用。. 如果你想要买一栋房子一天, 您可能需要使用信用. 你可以学习 更多关于信用卡和贷款.

It is important to pay all of your bills on time so that you protect your credit. If you want to buy a house one day, you may need to use credit. You can learn more about credit cards and loans.

如果你决定要一张信用卡, 你必须要非常小心,完全每月支付你的账单. 信用卡可以是有用的, 但经常收取你非常高的利息, 如果你不支付他们每月. 不花更多的钱比你!

If you decide to get a credit card, you need to be very careful to pay your bills entirely each month. Credit cards can be helpful but often charge you very high interest if you do not pay them off every month. Do not spend more money than you have!



小心当你给钱的人你不知道, 特别是如果你在用现金支付. 最好是在银行或信用合作社得到一个支票帐户, 这样你可以通过支票支付, 然后你有支付你的账单的证明. 如果你要付现金, 总是要求收据, 以便你有付款证明.

Be careful when you are giving money to people you do not know, especially if you are paying with cash. It is better to get a checking account at a bank or credit union so that you can pay by check and then you have proof of paying your bills. If you have to pay cash, always ask for a receipt so that you have proof of payment.

有一些诈骗 (欺骗人的把戏) 目标的人谁是新的这个国家, 并没有说英语好, 但. 如果你收到的邮件或电子邮件,说你需要付出很多的钱或,你赢了很多钱, 它可能是一个骗局或假. 检查与邮局, 你的志愿者/导师, 可信赖的朋友或邻居如果您不确定.

There are some scams (tricks to cheat people) that target people who are new to this country and do not speak English well yet. If you get mail or email that says you need to pay a lot of money or that you won a lot of money, it might be a scam or fake. Check with the post office, your volunteer/mentor, or a trusted friend or neighbor if you are unsure.

如果您正在考虑购买或投资, 或支付的东西, 要求书面同意是可以接受的。, 或者说你需要和你的配偶谈谈或者考虑一下这个提议. 不感到压力支付大量的钱没有文件或时间征求意见.

If you are considering buying or investing in, or paying for something, it is acceptable to ask for agreement in writing, or to say you need to talk to your spouse or think about the offer. Do not feel pressured to pay a large amount of money without documentation or time to ask for advice.



在美国, 每个人都需要在四月报告 15 每年他们收到多少收入前年. 该报告被称为纳税申报表. 你可能欠那部分收入税. 税收是你支付政府为你收到的公共服务的钱, 像学校为你的孩子和道路开车. 你可以学习 更多关于税收和如何纳税. 具体多少钱取决于你做, 然而, 您可能会收到退款 (从政府收回的钱) 在一年中你已经支付的税款.

In the USA, everyone is required to report by April 15 every year how much income they received in the year before. That report is called a tax return. You may owe taxes on that income. Taxes are money that you pay the government for the public services you receive, like school for your children and roads to drive on. You can learn more about taxes and how to pay taxes. Depending on how much money you make, however, you might receive a refund (money back from the government) on tax you already paid during the year.

当您收到一份薪水, 一些钱将采取出它涵盖某些税收. 你的雇主会从你的薪水中保留一些钱,代表你给政府. 这称为预扣税. 这包括州税和联邦税, 失业保险和社会保障, 退休或伤残储蓄.

When you receive a paycheck, some money will be taken out of of it to cover certain taxes. Your employer will keep some money from your paycheck to give to the government on your behalf. This called withholding taxes. This includes state and federal taxes, unemployment insurance and social security, which is savings for retirement or disability.

Sample Paycheck from the Wells Fargo "Hands on Banking" 程序.
这是富国银行的薪水样本 “双手放在银行” 程序.
Sample Paycheck from the Wells Fargo "Hands on Banking" program.
This is a sample paycheck from the Wells Fargo “Hands on Banking” program.


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