您是否正在寻找移民和难民奖学金? 在美国, 有许多奖学金,特别是难民和移民. 此页上, 你会发现奖学金按州, 按国籍, 并通过学习主题. 你可以申请这些奖学金,以帮助支付你的教育.

Are you looking for scholarships for immigrants and refugees? In the USA, there are many scholarships especially for refugees and immigrants. On this page, you will find scholarships by state, by nationality, and by learning topic. You can apply for these scholarships to help pay for your education.

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Scholarships for Refugee Students
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What are scholarships?

奖学金是金钱奖励,以帮助您支付您的教育费用. 在美国, 许多学生申请奖学金,帮助他们支付大学学费. 本页的奖学金是专门为难民和移民学生. 其中一些是为 “第一代” 学生. 这可能意味着你的父母是移民或难民. 它也可以意味着你是一个移民或难民谁现在有公民身份. 此外,对于非公民的学生,也有奖学金.

Scholarships are money awards to help you pay for your education. In the USA, many students apply for scholarships to help them pay for college. The scholarships on this page are especially for refugee and immigrant students. Some of them are for “first generation” students. This could mean that your parents were immigrants or refugees. It can also mean that you are an immigrant or refugee who now has citizenship. There are also scholarships for students who are not citizens.


National scholarships for immigrants and refugees

一奖学金 $10,000 每年颁发. 这 奖学金 不可再生. 这意味着明年你不会再得到它了。. 可应用于一学年. 申请人必须在美国境外出生,并且必须已经在学校 (或接受) 作为美国认可学院或大学的全日制本科生. 想在大学就读的高中毕业生也有资格. 最近的成绩单必须显示一个 GPA 3.4 或更大.

One scholarship of $10,000 is awarded each year. This scholarship is non-renewable. That means you will not get it again next year. It can be applied to one academic year. Applicants must be born outside the USA and must already be in school (or accepted) as a full-time undergraduate student at an accredited US college or university. High school seniors who want to enroll in college are also eligible. A recent transcript must show a GPA of 3.4 or greater.

电话: (866) 315-8261
电子邮件: info@charterup.com info@charterup

Phone: (866) 315-8261
Email: info@charterup.com

可再生奖学金为梦想家提供可能的津贴 (达卡和 TPS). 助学金是一笔钱, 你可以收到除了你的奖学金. 你必须计划第一次在一个同事或学士学位课程中注册全日制。. 高中毕业生 (或 HSE 文凭) 必须有 GPA 2.5+. 社区大学毕业生必须有 GPA 3.0+. 你必须有资格在州内的学费在合作伙伴学院.

Renewable scholarship with a possible stipend for DREAMers (DACA and TPS). A stipend is a sum of money you could receive in addition to your scholarship. You must be planning to enroll full time in an associate or bachelor’s degree program for the first time. High school graduates (or HSE diploma) must have GPA 2.5+. Community college graduates must have GPA 3.0+. You must be eligible for in-state tuition at a partner college.

电话: (855) 670-4787
电子邮件: TheDream.US@applyists.com TheDream US@applyists. com

Phone: (855) 670-4787
Email: TheDream.US@applyists.com

梦想家奖学金 (达卡或 TPS) 居住在他们将不得不支付州外学费或将不接受他们所在州的学校的国家. 您必须有高中毕业或获得的 HSE 文凭与 GPA 2.8+ .

Scholarship for DREAMers (DACA or TPS) living in states where they will have to pay out-of-state tuition or will not be accepted to the schools in their state. You must have graduated high school or earned HSE diploma with GPA 2.8+ .

电话: 855-670-4787
电子邮件: TheDream.US@Applyists.com

Phone: 855-670-4787
Email: TheDream.US@Applyists.com

非洲裔美国人奖学金, 美洲印第安人/阿拉斯加原住民, 亚洲太平洋岛民美国, 和拉美裔美国学生. 你必须有一个 “重大的财政需求” 在美国. 你需要说明你的家人赚了多少钱,他们会决定你是否可以申请.

Scholarships for African American, American Indian/Alaska Native, Asian Pacific Islander American, and Hispanic American students. You must have a “significant financial need” in the United States. You will need to state how much money your family makes and they will decide if you can apply.

联系人: 在线表格在 http://gmsp.org/a-contact-us/#

Contact: online form at http://gmsp.org/a-contact-us/#

A $90,000 奖励超过 2 移民年数, 难民, 和第一代美国人. 你必须计划在研究生学位课程中全职报名。. 你也必须在年龄 31.

A $90,000 award over 2 years for immigrants, refugees, and first-generation Americans. You must be planning to enroll full time in a graduate degree program. You also must be under the age of 31.

电话: (212) 547-6926 电子邮件: PDSoros@pdoros.or PDSoros@pdoros 或

Phone: (212) 547-6926 Email: PDSoros@pdoros.or

两 $1000 移民或移民子女奖学金. 要想获得资格, 你必须在四年制大学, 或者你必须被四年制大学录取. 您的 gpa 必须是 3.0 或更高的. 电子邮件: scholarships@runningothebulls.com

Two $1000 scholarships for immigrants or children of immigrants. To be eligible you must be in a 4-year college or you must have been accepted by a 4-year college. Your GPA must be 3.0 or higher as well. Email: scholarships@runningothebulls.com

非营利提供免费的个人/在线支持. 他们为低收入的学生提供和奖学金从他们的大学申请过程开始到他们的毕业从大学.

Non-profit that provides free in-person/online support. They provide and scholarships to low-income students from the start of their college application process to their graduation from college.

电话: 415 652-2766
电子邮件: info@scholarmatch.org info@scholarmatch

Phone: 415 652-2766
Email: info@scholarmatch.org


Scholarships by state


This is a list of scholarships for refugees and immigrants in different states.



加州居民: 请浏览亚太基金网站. 该基金管理着加州的几个大奖学金,包括菲律宾学生, 亚洲, 和太平洋岛屿遗产, 和为移民农场工人. 您可以在奖学金网页上下载所有申请.

Californian residents: please look on the website of the Asian Pacific Fund. The fund administers several great scholarships in California including for students of Filipino, Asian, and Pacific Island heritage, and for migrant farm workers. You can download applications for all of them on the scholarship web page.

电话: (415) 395-9985
电子邮件: scholarship@asianpacificfund.org

Phone: (415) 395-9985
Email: scholarship@asianpacificfund.org

奖学金最多 $7,000 低收入移民. 你必须从高中毕业或就读于大学和研究生课程。. 你必须住在旧金山湾区的一所学校里。. 申请打开时,网站上有联系信息. 或者您可以通过电子邮件发送nancy@immigrantsrising.org.

Scholarship of up to $7,000 for low-income immigrants. You must be graduating from high school or enrolled in college and graduate programs. You must live in or attend a school in the San Francisco Bay Area. Contact information is on the website when applications are open. Or you can email nancy@immigrantsrising.org.

第一代移民学生奖学金. 您必须是居住在加利福尼亚州的美国公民或合法居民.

Scholarship for first-generation immigrant students. You must be a US citizen or legal resident residing in California.

电话: (877) 968-6328
电子邮件: grants@foroutanfoundation.org

Phone: (877) 968-6328
Email: grants@foroutanfoundation.org

哥伦比亚特区, 马里兰州, 和弗吉尼亚

District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia

适用于在美国境外出生或父母双亲在美国境外出生并计划在认可的公立学院或大学全日制入学的学生. 申请人必须是哥伦比亚特区高中的应届毕业生, 马里兰州, 或弗吉尼亚或居住在华盛顿特区的最近 GED 毕业生, 马里兰州或弗吉尼亚州. 奖学金范围包括 $5000 自 $20,000, 取决于财务需要. 奖学金获得者将根据移民社区的传统价值和证明的品质进行挑选. 埃斯佩兰萨还为学生提供导师,帮助他们在大学里导航, 实习和开始职业生涯. 在线申请.

For students born outside the USA or who have both parents born outside the USA and planning to enroll full-time at an accredited public college or university. Applicants must be either a graduating senior at a high school in the District of Columbia, Maryland, or Virginia or a recent GED grad residing in DC, Maryland or Virginia. The scholarships range from $5000 to $20,000, depending on financial need. Scholarship recipients will be selected based on qualities traditionally valued and demonstrated by the immigrant community. Esperanza also provides students with mentors to help them navigate college, internships and starting a career. Apply online.

电子邮件: info@esperanzafund.org

Email: info@esperanzafund.org



HIAS在芝加哥HIAS的协助下,为移民或家庭移民到芝加哥地区的学生提供学术奖学金, 或谁访问HIAS’ 移民和公民服务一次在美国. 奖学金包括: 本顿-伯恩斯坦奖学金,为那些进入帮助专业的人; 蒂尔利·沃肖高中毕业生奖学金, 和其他一些.

HIAS provides academic scholarships to students who immigrated or whose family immigrated to the Chicago area with the assistance of HIAS Chicago, or who accessed HIAS’ immigration and citizenship services once in the United States. Scholarships include: the Benton-Bernstein Scholarship for those entering the helping professions; the Tilly Warshaw Scholarship for high school graduates, and several others.

电话: 312-357-4666
电子邮件: hiaschicago@jcfs.org

Phone: 312-357-4666
Email: hiaschicago@jcfs.org

国际教育学院 (撒谎) 提供朱莉娅·斯塔施难民和Asylee学生奖学金,以支持在芝加哥城市学院或芝加哥社区学院学习的学生。 请注意,以难民身份来到美国或获得资助的学生庇护,现在是永久居民或公民 都是 也符合条件.

The Institute of International Education (IIE) offers the Julia Stasch Scholarship for Refugee and Asylee Students to support students who are studying at one of the City Colleges of Chicago or a Community College in Chicagoland.  Please note that students who came to the USA as refugees or have been granted asylum and are now permanent residents or citizens are also eligible.

获奖者将获得 $10,000 奖学金,以支付未付的学费余额, 生活费, 和其他与教育相关的费用. 该奖学金还包括2020年夏季为期1周的领导课程,为学生提供领导技能。

Awardees will receive a $10,000 scholarship to cover outstanding tuition balances, living expenses, and other costs related to their education. The scholarship also includes a 1-week leadership program in summer 2020 to provide students with leadership skills. 

电子邮件: sei@iie.org

Email: sei@iie.org



2年奖学金参加南缅因州社区学院. 它被授予从波特兰高中毕业的非洲移民.

A 2-year scholarship to attend Southern Maine Community College. It is awarded to an African immigrant graduating from a Portland high school.

电话: (207) 741-5957
电子邮件: info@mapsj.org

Phone: (207) 741-5957
Email: info@mapsj.org



弗雷德S. 发现奖学金是一次性奖励 $1500. 它向目前就读于密歇根州大学的任何移民开放. 奖励的颁发不考虑种族, 宗教, 性取向, 年龄, 或国籍. 你不需要填写申请或写文章. 要应用, 发送一个30秒的自拍视频解释为什么你应该得到这个奖学金. 较长的视频 30 秒将不考虑.

The Fred S. Findling Scholarship is a one time award of $1500. It is open to any immigrant that is currently enrolled at a Michigan college. Awards are granted without regard to race, religion, sexual orientation, age, or nationality. You do not need to fill out an application or write an essay. To apply, send a 30-second selfie video explaining why you deserve this scholarship. Videos that are longer than 30 seconds will not be considered.

电子邮件: scholarship@theprobatepro.com

Email: scholarship@theprobatepro.com

一个以上的列表 70 奖学金与一个毕业学生申请. 你必须住在肯特郡的高中. 你也可以去 Allegan 的高中。, 巴里, 爱奥尼亚, 渥太华, 蒙卡尔姆, 马斯基根, 或 Newaygo 县.

A list of over 70 scholarships with one application for graduating student. You must live in Kent County high schools. You can also go to high schools in Allegan, Barry, Ionia, Ottawa, Montcalm, Muskegon, or Newaygo counties.

电话: (616) 454-1751 分机. 103
电子邮件: (教育计划主任露丝主教) rbishop@grfoundation.org rbishop@grfoundation

Phone: (616) 454-1751 ext. 103
Email: (Education Program Officer Ruth Bishop) rbishop@grfoundation.org



第一代美国人或移民的奖学金. 你一定是从岗毕业的, 明尼苏达高中. 你可以申请这个奖学金的一个申请和 100+ 岗基金会的其他奖学金.

A scholarship for first-generation Americans or immigrants. You must be graduating from an Eagan, Minnesota high school. You can apply with one application for this scholarship and 100+ other scholarships in the Eagan Foundation.

电话:(651) 243-1198
电子邮件: admin@eaganfoundation.org

Phone:(651) 243-1198
Email: admin@eaganfoundation.org


New York

升天教育基金颁发奖学金,范围从 $2,500 自 $20,000 移民学生和从纽约市高中毕业进入公立或私立学院和大学的移民子女, 不分种族, 民族血统, 或移民身份. 申请期于11月开始时在线申请.

Ascend Educational Fund awards scholarships ranging from $2,500 to $20,000 to immigrant students and children of immigrants who are graduating from a New York City high school to attend public or private colleges and universities, regardless of ethnicity, national origin, or immigration status. Apply online when application period opens in November.

电子邮件: info@ascendfundny.org

Email: info@ascendfundny.org

奖学金为来自世界任何地方的流离失所学生提供无法完成高等教育的学生. 这些学生将获得全额学费, 住房, 和生活援助,同时追求本科或研究生学位的所有 18 哥伦比亚学校和附属学校, 反映哥伦比亚对应对这一全球危机的充分机构承诺. 此计划将承诺最多 $6 百万支持高达 30 学生每年. 奖学金将提供指导和支持, 以及哥伦比亚的学校和学生团体. 在线申请 奖学金申请页面.

The Scholarship supports displaced students from anywhere in the world who are unable to complete their higher education. These students will receive full tuition, housing, and living assistance while pursuing undergraduate or graduate degrees across all 18 Columbia schools and affiliates, reflecting Columbia’s full institutional commitment to addressing this global crisis. This program will commit up to $6 million in support for up to 30 students annually. Mentoring and support will be provided by the Scholarship, as well as by schools and student groups at Columbia. Apply online at the scholarship application page.

此奖学金计划适用于具有难民身份或已获得美国庇护或提交美国庇护申请的外国公民, 或在美国处于临时保护状态.

This scholarship program is for foreign nationals with refugee status or who have received US asylum or submitted a US asylum application, or are in the US under Temporary Protected Status.

电子邮件: CUSDS@columbia.edu

Email: CUSDS@columbia.edu

玛丽·罗森布卢姆·索米特奖学金基金提供 $4,000 ($2,000 每学期) 布法罗大学本科生, 纽约, 主修生物化学, 生物医学或药理学和毒理学. 优先考虑移民学生, 移民或第一代大学生的子女. 在网站上申请.

The Mary Rosenblum Somit Scholarship fund provides $4,000 ($2,000 per semester) to an undergraduate at the University of Buffalo, New York, who is majoring in biochemistry, biomedical sciences or pharmacology and toxicology. Preference is given to students who are immigrants, children of immigrants or first-generation college students. Apply on the website.

电话: (716) 829-3955
电子邮件: khickey@buffalo.edu

Phone: (716) 829-3955
Email: khickey@buffalo.edu


North Carolina

第一代美国公民奖学金, 难民, 和移民从唤醒县高中毕业. 您不需要法律文件申请.

Scholarship for first-generation US citizens, refugees, and immigrants graduating from a Wake County high school. You do not need legal documents to apply.

电话: (919) 474-8370 分机. 4028
电子邮件: julia@trianglecf.org julia@trianglecf

Phone: (919) 474-8370 ext. 4028
Email: julia@trianglecf.org



在大辛辛那提三州地区居住的难民奖学金. 所有在公共场合追求高等教育的难民, 私人, 技术学院或大学在美国可以申请. 没有年龄限制.

Scholarship for refugees residing in the Greater Cincinnati tri-state area. All refugees pursuing higher education at a public, private, technical college or university in the USA can apply. There are no age restrictions.

电话: (513) 449-0368
电子邮件: info@refugeeconnect.org info@refugeeconnect

Phone: (513) 449-0368
Email: info@refugeeconnect.org



该奖学金适用于第一代移民子女,即父母中至少有一人移民到美国的儿童. 优先考虑来自墨西哥或中美洲的移民子女.

This scholarship is for first-generation immigrant children – those who have at least one parent who immigrated to the United States. Preference will be given to children of immigrants from Mexico or Central America.

电话: (210) 458-8000
电子邮件: onestop@utsa.edu

Phone: (210) 458-8000
Email: onestop@utsa.edu



为具有难民背景的全日制学生提供全额奖学金和辅导, 优先考虑从社区学院开始的新生. 必须保持 GPA 2.5 或更高版本.

Full scholarships and mentoring for full time students with refugee background, preference given to freshman students starting at a community college. Must maintain GPA of 2.5 or higher.

电话: (801) 360-5707
电子邮件: info@onerefugee.org

Phone: (801) 360-5707
Email: info@onerefugee.org



奖学金的 $1000 国际或第一代美国学生,其意图是从阿韦雷特大学毕业,并表现出经济需要. 必须保持平均成绩 3.0 或更好.

Scholarship of $1000 for international or first-generation American student who whose intent is to graduate from Averett University and demonstrates financial need. Must maintain a grade point average of 3.0 or better.

电话: (434) 791-5600
电子邮件: finaid@averett.edu

Phone: (434) 791-5600
Email: finaid@averett.edu



奖学金的 $500 授予第一代美国青年. 你必须证明财政需要和计划参加一个 7 怀俄明州大学社区学院.

Scholarship of $500 awarded to a first generation American youth. You must prove financial need and plan to attend one of the 7 community colleges of the University of Wyoming.

电话: (307) 777-6198
电子邮件: bruce.hayes@wyo.gov 布鲁斯. hayes@wyo 政府

Phone: (307) 777-6198
Email: bruce.hayes@wyo.gov

SAT 考试费和大学免申请费

SAT test fee and college application fee waiver

这是给那些家庭收入低的学生的。. 弃权意味着你不需要支付费用。. 你可以申请多达四所学校. 美国或美国地区的低收入 11 年级和 12 年级学生可获得豁免. 居住在美国境外的美国公民可以免除考试费用. 你可以申请 SAT 科目考试费豁免, 如果你是在年级 9 通过 12.

This is for students whose families have a low income. A waiver means that you will not need to pay the fee. You can apply for up to four schools. Waivers are available to low-income 11th and 12th grade students in the USA or US territories. US citizens living outside the USA may be able to have test fees waived. You can apply for SAT Subject Test fee waivers if you are in grades 9 through 12.

电话: (866) 630-9305

Phone: (866) 630-9305


Scholarships for specific fields of learning

为企业家和社会领袖提供为期两周的奖学金. 在你没有报酬的工作中的奖学金. 相反, 你可以学习新技能, 结识能帮助你的人。. 你必须对变化和跨文化对话感兴趣. 这是最好的, 如果它是犹太人和穆斯林社区之间的对话.

A two-week fellowship for entrepreneurs and social leaders. A fellowship in a job where you are not paid. Instead, you get to learn new skills and meet people who can help you. You must have an interest in change and cross-cultural conversation. It is best if it is conversation between Jewish and Muslim communities.

联系人: 在线表格在 http://adrfellowship.org/contact/

Contact: online form at http://adrfellowship.org/contact/

为从事国际发展事业的人提供为期12月的奖学金计划. 您必须在与国际发展相关的领域拥有研究生学位. 你也一定花了至少 6 在发展中国家的海外月份. 你必须精通英语和第二语言。.

A 12-month fellowship program for people who are working on a career in international development. You must have a graduate degree in a field relevant to international development. You also must have spent at least 6 months overseas in a developing country. You must be fluent in English and a second language.

电话: (888) 277-7575
电子邮件: idfp@crs.org idfp@crs 组织

Phone: (888) 277-7575
Email: idfp@crs.org

一个8月的计划, 提高您的英语沟通技能从先进到专业水平. 将向接受该计划的人提供全额奖学金。. 你必须要求得到一份工作与联邦政府, 当你完成该计划.

A 8-month program that improves your English communication skills from advanced to professional-level. A full scholarship will be provided to people who are accepted to the program. You must requirement that get a job with the federal government when you are done with the program.

电话: (202) 687-4455
电子邮件: info_ehlsprogram. 组织

Phone: (202) 687-4455
Email: info_ehlsprogram.org

奖学金的 $2,500 旨在支持世界各地的年轻人谁想上大学. 你一定是在年龄之间 18-26. 您必须选择在 STEM 领域或业务的本科学位.

Scholarship of $2,500 designed to support young people around the world in who want to go to college. You must be between the ages of 18-26. You must choose an undergraduate degree in a STEM field or business.

电话: (202) 686-8652
电子邮件: wufoundation@iie.org

Tel: (202) 686-8652
Email: wufoundation@iie.org

scholarships for refugees and immigrants in the US. Thanks to the Portland Adult Education Program for use of their photos. Photo by Molly Haley.
照片提供的莫莉海莉, 波特兰成人教育项目.
scholarships for refugees and immigrants in the US. Thanks to the Portland Adult Education Program for use of their photos. Photo by Molly Haley.
Photo courtesy of Molly Haley, Portland Adult Education Program.


Scholarships for specific groups and nationalities

一些基础, 组织和专业协会省钱, 为某些种族的人颁发奖学金.

Some foundations, organizations and professional associations save money to award scholarships to people of certain ethnicities.


Students of African descent

非洲未来学者 (Fsa) 是一个位于犹他州的非盈利组织,由学生创建, 学生. FSA为移民和大学生提供移民, 难民, 或来自非洲的奖学金, 商友, 和所有科目的免费辅导. 服务定制,以满足每个学生的需求. 举个例子, 给计划上大学的高中生, 他们为如何在整个学院取得成功提供指导. 如果您有兴趣从 FSA 获得帮助,请发送电子邮件.

Future Scholars of Africa (FSA) is a Utah-based nonprofit organization created by students, for students. FSA provides high school and college students who are immigrants, refugees, or asylees from Africa with scholarships, mentorship, and free tutoring in all subjects. Services are customized to fit the needs of each student. For example, for high school students planning to go to college, they provide mentorship for on how to succeed throughout college. Email if you are interested in receiving help from FSA.

电子邮件: futurescholarsofafrica@gmail.com

Email: futurescholarsofafrica@gmail.com

2年奖学金参加南缅因州社区学院. 它被授予从波特兰高中毕业的非洲移民.

A 2-year scholarship to attend Southern Maine Community College. It is awarded to an African immigrant graduating from a Portland high school.

电子邮件: info@mapsj.org

Email: info@mapsj.org

亚洲, 东南亚和太平洋岛民学生

Asian, South East Asian and Pacific Islander students

2 自 3 奖学金 $2,500 — — $5,000 每个为亚裔和/或太平洋岛民种族的学生和居住在加利福尼亚州 (湾区首选). 在网站上下载应用程序. 由亚太基金管理.

2 to 3 scholarships of $2,500 – $5,000 each for students of Asian and/or Pacific Islander ethnicity and resident in California (Bay area preferred). Download the application on the website. Administered by the Asian Pacific Fund.

电话: (415) 395-9985
电子邮件: scholarship@asianpacificfund.org

Phone: (415) 395-9985
Email: scholarship@asianpacificfund.org

奖学金为亚洲和太平洋岛民重点放在学生具有较强的财务需要和 (或) 是第一个在家人去学院就读的特定的大学 (看到网站列表).

Scholarships for Asian and/or Pacific Islanders with a focus on students with strong financial need and/or are first in their families to go to college who are attending specific universities (see website for list).

电话: (877) 808-7032
电子邮件: info@apiascholars.org

Phone: (877) 808-7032
Email: info@apiascholars.org

表示在亚洲和太平洋岛民的激进主义的学生奖学金 (API). 它也是为女同性恋, 男同, 双性恋, 跨性人, 和男同性恋者 (LGBTQ) 在美国一所学校就读的社区.

Scholarship for students who express activism in the Asian and Pacific Islander (API). It is also for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) communities studying at a school in the US.

电话: (415) 857-4272 电子邮件: info@gapafoundation.org info@gapafoundation

Phone: (415) 857-4272 Email: info@gapafoundation.org

有积极性的本科生和研究生奖学金. 你一定在计划学习科学, 医学或生物学的东南亚裔学生.

Scholarship for motivated undergraduate and graduate students. You must be planning on studying science, medical or biology students of Southeast Asian heritage.

电子邮件: scholarship@stemcellthailand.org scholarship@stemcellthailand

Email: scholarship@stemcellthailand.org


Students of Arab descent

在竞争基础上授予阿拉伯遗产学生奖学金. 你必须规划申请社区学院, 四年大学, 和研究生院. 学校必须在纽约, 新泽西州, 或康涅狄格州.

Scholarship awarded on a competitive basis to students of Arab heritage. You must be planing on applying to a community college, four-year college, and graduate school. The school must be in New York, New Jersey, or Connecticut.

电话: (347) 924-9674/ (917) 591-2177
电子邮件: fernado@amln.org fernado@amln

Phone: (347) 924-9674/ (917) 591-2177
Email: fernado@amln.org

为在美国学习的阿拉伯裔美国人或阿拉伯裔个人提供若干奖学金. 请访问网站获得完整的奖学金列表.

Several scholarships available for Arab Americans or individuals of Arab descent studying in the USA. Please visit the website for full list of scholarships.

阿拉伯血统学生奖学金. 你一定是个少年, 媒体或新闻领域的高级或研究生课程. 你也可以主修新闻学, 电台, 电视和/或电影. 你必须在一个本科课程作为一个初级或高级. 你也可以在研究生课程.

Scholarship for students of Arab descent. You must be a junior, senior or attending graduate school in the field of media or journalism. You can also be majoring in journalism, radio, television and/or film. You must be in an undergraduate program as a junior or senior. You can also be in a graduate program.

电话: (202) 244-2990
电子邮件: organizing@adc.org

Phone: (202) 244-2990
Email: organizing@adc.org


Scholarship for Arab-Americans who have excellent grades and are involved in activism and in their community.

联系人: 在线表格在 http://www.naaponline.org/about-naap/contact/

Contact: online form at http://www.naaponline.org/about-naap/contact/

全日制本科生或研究生奖学金. 你必须学习工程学, 体系结构, 计算机科学, 或它. 你必须是 AAAEA 的现任学生成员 – 当前成员的资本区或子项.

Scholarship for full time undergraduate or graduate students. You must be studying engineering, architecture, computer science, or IT. You must be a current student member of AAAEA – Capital Area or a child of a current member.




Scholarship for Arab American women attending school in Michigan.

联系人: 伊冯娜·亚伯拉罕电邮: yabraham@aawbc.org yabraham@aawbc 组织

Contact: Yvonne Abraham Email: yabraham@aawbc.org


Students of Filipino descent

五个奖学金 $5000 每个每年给学生至少 50% 居住在加州的菲律宾遗产. 在网站上下载应用程序. 由亚太基金管理. 电话: (415) 395-9985 电子邮件: scholarship@asianpacificfund.org

Five scholarships of $5000 each given annually to students of at least 50% Filipino heritage who are living in California. Download the application on the website. Administered by the Asian Pacific Fund. Phone: (415) 395-9985 Email: scholarship@asianpacificfund.org


Students of Iranian descent

第一代移民学生奖学金. 必须是居住在加利福尼亚州的美国公民或合法居民.

Scholarship for first-generation immigrant students. Must be a US citizen or legal resident residing in California.

电话: (877) 968-6328
电子邮件: grants@foroutanfoundation.org

Phone: (877) 968-6328
Email: grants@foroutanfoundation.org

基于金融需要伊朗后裔学生多个奖学金, 社区参与, 或学业成绩.

Multiple scholarships for students of Iranian descent based on financial need, community involvement, or academic achievement.

电子邮件: info@theisf.org info@theisf 组织

Email: info@theisf.org


Multiple scholarships available to graduating high school students and full time college students of Iranian descent.

电话: 727-433-2133
电子邮件: momenifoundation@aol.com

Phone: 727-433-2133
Email: momenifoundation@aol.com


Latino/Hispanic students

寻求4年或高级学位的西班牙裔学生奖学金. 奖学金范围从 $500 自 $5,000 根据相对需要.

Scholarship for Hispanic students seeking 4-year or advanced degrees. Scholarships range from $500 to $5,000 based on relative need.

联系人: 在 https 的在线表格://www.hsf.net/en_US/contact-us

Contact: online form at https://www.hsf.net/en_US/contact-us

奖学金列表, 包括 MALDEF 法学院奖学金计划. 这是为那些想推进拉丁社区民权的法学学生.

A list of scholarships, including the MALDEF Law School Scholarship Program. This is for law students who want to advance the civil rights of the Latino community.

联系人: 在线表格在 http://www.maldef.org/contact/index.html

Contact: online form at http://www.maldef.org/contact/index.html

中美洲和拉丁裔学生的奖学金, 他们想在大学入学. 你必须住在洛杉矶地区. 奖学金对所有学生开放, 无论移民状况如何.

Scholarship for Central American and Latino students who want to enroll in college. You must live in the Los Angeles area. Scholarships are open to all students regardless of immigration status.

电话: (213) 480-1052

Phone: (213) 480-1052


Students from Myanmar

来自缅甸的新学生奖学金, 从人民大学寻求副学士学位.

Scholarship for new students from Myanmar seeking an associate’s degree from the University of the People.

电子邮件: financial.aid@uopeople.edu 财务. aid@uopeople

Email: financial.aid@uopeople.edu


Students of Palestinian descent


Scholarships for Palestinian and Palestinian American students from low-income homes.

电话: (734) 425-1600
电子邮件: admin@afrp.org admin@afrp 组织

Phone: (734) 425-1600
Email: admin@afrp.org


Syrian students


Scholarship for students around the world who are refugees or asylum seekers from Syria.

电子邮件: info@uopeople.edu info@uopeople

Email: info@uopeople.edu


Scholarships for migrant worker families

大学援助移民计划 (营地) 是一个联邦资助的教育支持和奖学金计划,帮助超过 2,000 每年从移民和季节性农场工作背景的学生达到并成功进入大学. 学员在大学一年级期间获得经济援助,并在毕业前持续获得学术支持. 您可以检查 CAMP 计划列表 看看你的州是否有奖学金计划.

The College Assistance Migrant Program (CAMP) is a federally-funded educational support and scholarship program that helps more than 2,000 students annually from migrant and seasonal farm-working backgrounds to reach and succeed in college. Participants receive financial assistance during their freshman year of college and ongoing academic support until their graduation. You can check the list of CAMP programs to see if there is a scholarship program in your state.

奖学金价值 $500 入学或就读大学或其他教育项目的学生. 这也是为那些没有完成高中, 但显示有能力继续上学的人.

Scholarship worth $500 for students entering or enrolled in college or other education programs. It is also for individuals who did not complete high school but show promise of ability to continue schooling.

联系人: 克里斯 · 诺顿, 主任
电子邮件: cnorton@gvboces.org
电话: 800-245-5681

Contact: Chris Norton, Director
Email: cnorton@gvboces.org
Phone: 800-245-5681

A $2000 农场工人或任何种族或族裔背景的农场工人或农场工人的子女的奖学金. 必须是美国公民或永久居民. 在网站上下载应用程序. 由亚太基金管理.

A $2000 scholarship for farm workers or child of farm workers of any racial or ethnic background. Must be US citizen or permanent resident. Download the application on the website. Administered by the Asian Pacific Fund.

电话: (415) 395-9985
电子邮件: scholarship@asianpacificfund.org

Phone: (415) 395-9985
Email: scholarship@asianpacificfund.org


Scholarships for New Americans or first-generation citizens

A $90,000 奖学金授予 2 移民年数, 难民, 和第一代美国人. 你必须计划在研究生学位课程中全职报名。. 你也必须在年龄 31.

A $90,000 scholarship awarded over 2 years for immigrants, refugees, and first-generation Americans. You must be planning to enroll full time in a graduate degree program. You also must be under the age of 31.

电话: (212) 547-6926
电子邮件: PDSoros@pdsoros.org

Phone: (212) 547-6926
Email: PDSoros@pdsoros.org

第一代公民奖学金, 难民, 或在醒郡就读的移民, 北卡罗莱纳州. 不需要文档.

Scholarship for first-generation citizens, refugees, or immigrants who attended school in Wake County, North Carolina. There is no documentation required.

电话: (919) 474-8370 分机. 4028
联系人: 朱莉娅·席尔瓦
电子邮件: julia@trianglecf.org julia@trianglecf

Phone: (919) 474-8370 ext. 4028
Contact: Julia Da Silva
Email: julia@trianglecf.org

在怀俄明州居住的第一代美国人的奖学金. 你必须计划参加一个州的 7 社区学院或怀俄明州大学.

Scholarship for first-generation Americans residing in Wyoming. You must be planning to attend one of the state’s 7 community colleges or the University of Wyoming.

电话: (307) 777-6198
电子邮件: bruce.hayes@wyo.gov 布鲁斯. hayes@wyo 政府

Phone: (307) 777-6198
Email: bruce.hayes@wyo.gov

第一代美国人或从伊根毕业的移民的奖学金, 明尼苏达高中. 申请这项奖学金的申请, 并 100+ 伊根基金会内的其他奖学金.

Scholarship for first-generation Americans or immigrants graduating from an Eagan, Minnesota high school. Apply with one application for this scholarship and 100+ other scholarships within the Eagan Foundation.

电话: (651) 243-1198
电子邮件: admin@eaganfoundation.org

Phone: (651) 243-1198
Email: admin@eaganfoundation.org


Scholarships with no documentation required

移民奖学金, 第一代公民, 或难民 (没有所需的文件) 谁参加了在威克郡的学校, 北卡罗莱纳州.

Scholarship for immigrants, first-generation citizens, or refugees (no documentation required) who attended school in Wake County, North Carolina.

电话: (919) 474-8370 分机. 4028
联系人: 朱莉娅·席尔瓦
电子邮件: julia@trianglecf.org julia@trianglecf

Phone: (919) 474-8370 ext. 4028
Contact: Julia Da Silva
Email: julia@trianglecf.org


A talent and need-based scholarship for DREAMers attending a Chicago public school.

联系人: 路易斯纳尔瓦埃斯
电子邮件: dreamers@cps.edu dreamers@cps

Contact: Luis Narvaez
Email: dreamers@cps.edu

奖学金最多 $7,000 高中毕业的低收入移民. 您还可以参加在旧金山湾区居住/就读的大学和研究生课程.

Scholarship of up to $7,000 for low-income immigrants graduating from high school. You can also be enrolled in college and graduate programs who live in/attend school in the San Francisco Bay Area.

电子邮件: nancy@immigrantsrising.org nancy@immigrantsrising

Email: nancy@immigrantsrising.org

移民上升也保持 其他奖学金更新名单 不需要居留公民身份证明.

Immigrants Rising also keeps an updated list of other scholarships that do not require proof of citizenship of residency.

高年级学生奖学金. 你必须计划在4年的学院攻读本科学位。. 申请人必须获得 DACA 或 TPS 的批准. 您必须有资格参加有偿实习.

Scholarship for students with great-grades. You must be planning to pursue an undergraduate degree at a 4-year college. Applicants must be approved for DACA or TPS. You must be eligible to participate in paid internships.

电子邮件: info@goldendoorscholars.org

Email: info@goldendoorscholars.org

这个奖学金计划由北美的墨西哥联合会理事会提供 (COFEM). 它颁发奖学金 $500 社区学院学生和 $1,000 到洛杉矶四年制学院或大学的本科生, 橙, 河 边, 内陆帝国, 圣贝纳迪诺和文图拉国家在加利福尼亚州. 申请人必须被视为无证件,或必须受益于 AB-540 或 DACA. 此外,他们也可以成为 COFEM 附属联合会或俱乐部的成员或与会员有关联.

This scholarship program is offered by the Council of Mexican Federations in North America (COFEM). It awards scholarships of $500 to Community College students and $1,000 to undergraduate students attending four-year colleges or universities in Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, Inland Empire, San Bernardino and Ventura countries in California. Applicants must be considered undocumented or must benefit from AB-540 or DACA. Also they can be a member or be related to a member of a COFEM-affiliated federation or club.

电话: (213) 417-8394
电子邮件: lzarazua@cofem.org

Phone: (213) 417-8394
Email: lzarazua@cofem.org


Scholarships for refugees or asylum seekers

佛蒙特州难民和寻求庇护学生需要的奖学金. 这是唯一的学生计划参加尚普兰学院.

Need-based scholarship for Vermont’s refugee and asylum-seeking students. This is only for students planning to attend Champlain College.

电话: (802) 860-2777
电子邮件: compass@champlain.edu compass@champlain

Phone: (802) 860-2777
Email: compass@champlain.edu

提供给世界各地的学生, 他们是难民或寻求庇护者.

Available to students around the world who are refugees or asylum seekers.

电子邮件: info@uopeople.edu info@uopeople

Email: info@uopeople.edu


Scholarship for refugees or asylum seekers planning to attend University of the People.

电话: info@uopeople.edu info@uopeople

Phone: info@uopeople.edu

这是一个长达一年的奖学金. 奖学金是没有报酬的工作, 你可以学习新的技能. 它是为教授, 研究人员, 与公共知识分子面对威胁到他们的生活和职业生涯在其本国的人.

This is a year-long fellowship. A fellowship is a unpaid job where you get to learn new skills. It is for professors, researchers, and public intellectuals who face threats to their lives and careers in their home countries.

电话: (212) 205-6486 电子邮件: srf@iie.org srf@iie 组织

Phone: (212) 205-6486 Email: srf@iie.org


Scholarships for women

职业发展补助金为拥有学士学位并准备提升或改变职业或重新就业的妇女提供资金. 主要考虑有色人种妇女和在非传统领域攻读高级学位或证书的妇女. 申请人必须为美国. 公民或永久居民,其最后一个学位是在6月前获得 30, 2014. 资金可用于学费, 费用, 书籍, 用品, 当地交通, 和受抚养者护理. 在网站上申请.

Career Development Grants provide funding to women who hold a bachelor’s degree and are preparing to advance or change careers or reenter the workforce. Primary consideration is given to women of color and women pursuing their first advanced degree or credentials in nontraditional fields. Applicants must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents whose last degree was received before June 30, 2014. Funds are available for tuition, fees, books, supplies, local transportation, and dependent care. Apply on the website.

电子邮件: connect@aauw.org
电话: 202.785.7700

E-mail: connect@aauw.org
Phone: 202.785.7700


Scholarship for Arab American women attending school in Michigan.

联系人: 亚伯拉罕
电子邮件: yabraham@aawbc.org yabraham@aawbc 组织

Contact: Yvonne Abraham
Email: yabraham@aawbc.org

希望重新进入专业领域的女性专业课程. 也有语言课程, 以融入他们的新国家或课程, 通过所需的国家考试.

Professional courses for women who want to re-enter their professional field. There are also language courses for integration into their new country or courses to pass required national exams.

电话: (+41) 22 731 2380

Phone: (+41) 22 731 2380

红线奖学金提供给即将于秋季进入美国学院或大学的具有国际背景的大学女性。研究金由两部分组成: 一个 $1000 奖学金和为期一年的导师支持. 没有 GPA 或美国. 居住要求. 该应用程序由几个短答案问题组成, 两篇文章, 和两封推荐信. 我们要求您的推荐人中至少有一位是学术参考, 如教师或辅导员. 在网站上申请.

The Red Thread Fellowship is available to college-bound women of international backgrounds who will be entering an American college or university in the coming fall.The fellowship consists of two parts: a $1000 scholarship award and year-long mentorship support. There are no GPA or U.S. residency requirements. The application consists of several short-answer questions, two essays, and two letters of recommendation. We require that at least one of your recommenders be an academic reference, such as a teacher or a guidance counselor. Apply on the website.

电子邮件: info@redthreadfoundation.org

Email: info@redthreadfoundation.org


Scholarships for everyone

Careeronestop是一个美国政府网站,帮助人们找到工作和培训的工作. 它有一个奖学金列表,你可以搜索. 您可以按学习水平或地点或两者进行筛选. 在下 “需要从属关系,” 你甚至可以过滤在少数民族.

Careeronestop is a US government website that helps people find jobs and training for jobs. It has a list of scholarships that you can search. You can filter by level of study or by place or by both. Under “affiliation required,” you can even filter for being in an ethnic minority.



你也可以申请补助金, 这是另一种对教育的财政支持. 联邦学生援助办公室提供赠款, 贷款, 和大学或职业学校勤工助学经费. 申请于 联邦应用免费助学 (FAFSA).

You can also apply for grants, which are another kind of financial support for education. The office of Federal Student Aid provides grants, loans, and work-study funds for college or career school. Apply at Federal Application for Free Student Aid (FAFSA).

有许多奖学金为移民和难民. 如果你知道其他人添加, 请 给我们发电子邮件. 我们会将它们添加到列表中.

There are many scholarships for immigrants and refugees. If you know of others to add, please email us. We will add them to the list.


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