您的 TPS 到期了吗?? 如果你的 TPS 或者是到期了, 你能做些什么?


您的租置或 ded 是否到期? 阅读所有 TPS 和 DED 程序的最新更新. 查找有关您所在国家/地区的 TPS 的信息. 了解 TPS 到期后的选项.

Is your TPS or DED expiring? Read the latest updates for all TPS and DED programs. Find information about your country’s TPS. Learn about your options after TPS expires.

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更新 8 月 1, 2019: TPS 叙利亚 已扩展为 18 几个月.

Update August 1, 2019: TPS Syria has been extended for 18 months.

今天,国土安全部将TPS叙利亚从9月起延长了18个月 30, 2019. 请参见 TPS 叙利亚 有关更多详细信息.

Today the Department of Homeland Security extended TPS Syria for eighteen months from September 30, 2019. See TPS Syria for more details.


Parents with children in the CAM program should get a letter from the US government.

6 月 12, 2019: 你来自洪都拉斯吗?, 萨尔瓦多和危地马拉,是你们申请中美洲未成年人方案 (凸轮) 有条件批准? 您在美国仍然拥有法律地位吗?? 政府开始处理经批准的 CAM 申请.

June 12, 2019: Are you from Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala and was your application to the Central American Minors Program (CAM) conditionally approved? Do you still have legal status in the USA? The government is starting to process approved CAM applications.


Watch a video about what you should do next

政府正在派遣 像这样的信 父母谁有条件地批准CAM. 如果您认为你仍然符合资格,并且没有收到这封信, IRAP 可以帮助您. 来自 IRAP 的 CAM 信息,并找到 IRAP 的联系信息.

The government is sending a letter like this to parents who were conditionally approved for CAM. If you believe you still qualify and have not received the letter, IRAP can help you. Read information about CAM from IRAP and find contact information for IRAP.

政府在5月份对尼泊尔 TPS 和洪都拉斯 TPS 的情况进行了哪些宣布 2019?

What did the government announce about Nepal TPS and Honduras TPS in May 2019?

政府发布了一项 5月的新公告 10, 2019. 政府说, “尼泊尔和洪都拉斯的 TPS 指定受益人将保留其 TPS, 但个人的租置计划身份不会因不符合资格而被撤销。” 这一宣布是因为法院的判决.

The government issued a new announcement on May 10, 2019. The government says, “Beneficiaries under the TPS designations for Nepal and Honduras will retain their TPS, provided that an individual’s TPS status is not withdrawn because of ineligibility.” This announcement is because of a court decision.

关于来自洪都拉斯的 TPS 持有人子女的新闻, 萨尔瓦多和危地马拉人民

News about the children of TPS holders from Honduras, El Salvador and of people from Guatemala

4 月 12, 2019: 美国一家法院曾表示, 美国政府必须对根据中美洲未成年人计划获准来美国的儿童进行处理. 孩子们要来和他们的父母团聚, 其中许多人是来自洪都拉斯和萨尔瓦多的TPS持有者. 但该计划被政府关闭在 2017, 和几乎 2,700 孩子们被阻止了.

April 12, 2019: A US court has said the US government must process the children who were approved to come to the USA under the Central American Minors Program. The children were coming to join their parents, many of whom are TPS holders from Honduras and El Salvador. But the program was closed by the government in 2017, and almost 2,700 children were stopped from coming.

法院命令只适用于已经参加该方案的儿童. 该程序不接受任何新的应用程序.

The court order only applies to children who were already in the program. The program is not taking any new applications.


What is the latest news about DED for Liberians?

3 月 28, 2019: 美国政府宣布推迟强制离开 (ded) 来自利比里亚的人已延长到3月 30, 2020.

March 28, 2019: The US government has announced that Deferred Enforced Departure (DED) for people from Liberia has been extended until March 30, 2020.

关于租置计划的最新消息是什么? 2019?

What is the latest news about TPS in 2019?

2 月 28, 2019: 国土安全部表示, TPS 已暂时扩大到四个国家. 来自萨尔瓦多的 TPS 持有人, 海地, 苏丹和尼加拉瓜将自动延长至1月 2020. 延期也适用于就业授权文件. 阅读人口与健康调查通知.

February 28, 2019: the Department of Homeland Security said TPS has been temporarily extended for four countries. TPS holders from El Salvador, Haiti, Sudan and Nicaragua will get an automatic extension to January 2020. The extension applies to employment authorization documents too. Read the DHS notice.

3 月 8, 2019: 国土安全部表示, TPS 已扩大到南苏丹. 阅读人口与健康调查关于南苏丹的通知.

March 8, 2019: the Department of Homeland Security said TPS had been extended for South Sudan. Read the DHS notice about South Sudan.

3 月 12, 2019: 政府同意推迟洪都拉斯和尼泊尔的 TPS 结束. 在进一步通知之前, 这两个国家的 TPS 不会结束. 最终日期将取决于法庭案件的结果. 如果法庭案件的结果允许租置计划结束, 尼泊尔和洪都拉斯 TPS 持有人至少仍将有 120 订单下达后离开的天数. 我们将更新此页, 只要我们有更多的信息. 您也可以查看移民局网站的公告. 查看美国移民局关于洪都拉斯和尼泊尔的任何新公告.

March 12, 2019: the government agreed to delay the end of TPS for Honduras and Nepal. TPS for these two countries will not end until further notice is given. The final date will depend on the result of a court case. If the court case result allows TPS to end, Nepali and Honduran TPS holders will still have at least 120 days to leave after the order is given. We will update this page as soon as we have more information. You can also check the USCIS website for announcements. Check for any new USCIS announcements about Honduras and Nepal here.

我的 tps 怎么了??

What happened to my TPS?

在 2017, 美国政府表示, tps 计划正在慢慢结束. 租置计划及系统服务期满 (结束) 为不同日期的人. 其中一些日期可能会再次改变, 原因是法院案件尚未作出裁决.

In 2017, the US government said that the TPS program is slowly ending. TPS and DED expires (ends) for people on different dates. Some of these dates may change again due to a court case that has not been decided yet.

请点击下面的国家名称, 了解按国家/地区和您的选择的 TPS 信息. 这些信息是英文的, 并翻译成你自己的语言.

Please click on the country names below for information about TPS by country and about your options. The information is in English and translated into your own language.

萨尔瓦多租置计划将于一月一日届满 2, 2020.

TPS for El Salvador expires on January 2, 2020.

海地租置计划将于一月一月届满 2, 2020.

TPS for Haiti expires on January 2, 2020.

洪都拉斯租置计划将于一月一月届满 5, 2020, 但这个期限可能会因为法院的判决而改变.

TPS for Honduras expires on January 5, 2020, but this deadline may change due to a court decision.

利比里亚人民的保护妇女制度已延长至3月 30, 2020.

DED for people from Liberia has been extended until March 30, 2020.

尼泊尔的 TPS 已延长至3月 24, 2020, 由于法院的判决.

TPS for Nepal has been extended until March 24, 2020, due to a court decision.

尼加拉瓜租置计划于一月届满 2, 2020.

TPS for Nicaragua expires on January 2, 2020.

索马里 TPS 将于3月到期 17, 2020.

TPS for Somalia expires on March 17, 2020.

南苏丹 TPS 将于11月到期 2, 2020.

TPS for South Sudan expires on November 2, 2020.

苏丹 TPS 将于1月到期 2, 2020.

TPS for Sudan expires on January 2, 2020.

叙利亚的TPS将于3月到期 31, 2021.

TPS for Syria expires on March 31, 2021.

也门租置计划将于3月届满 3, 2020.

TPS for Yemen expires on March 3, 2020.


What does this mean for me and my family?

如果您是来自上述国家/地区之一的 tps 持有者, 您的保护将在上面显示的日期结束. 这意味着你将不得不改变你的身份或离开美国. 如果你什么都不做, 你将成为一个无证移民. 你将冒着被逮捕和驱逐出境的风险.

If you are a TPS holder from one of the above countries, your protection will end on the dates shown above. This means you will have to change your status or leave the United States. If you do nothing, you will become an undocumented immigrant. You will risk arrest and deportation.

如果我的租置计划即将到期, 我现在该怎么办??

What should I do now if my TPS is expiring?

1) 阅读上面关于您所在国家的 TPS 或 DED 的页面.

1) Read the page above that is about your country’s TPS or DED.

2) 您还可以在线阅读信息, 以确保您了解自己的选择.

2) You can also read information online to make sure you are informed about your choices.

3) 你可以向专门研究移民的专业人员寻求法律帮助.

3) You can seek legal help from a professional who specializes in immigration.

4) 在线阅读更多信息:

4) Read more information online:


Find immigration resources in your community

请使用我们的 FindHello 数据库查找您所在社区的组织, 以帮助处理移民事务和法律咨询.

Please use our FindHello database to look for organizations in your community that help with immigration matters and legal advice.

知情移民数据库还列出了数百个组织, 按州, 帮助移民.

The Informed Immigrant database also lists hundreds of organizations, state by state, that help immigrants.


How to help TPS holders

什么是临时受保护状态 (Tps)?

What is Temporary Protected Status (TPS)?

tps 为美国无法安全返回家园的人提供保护. 这可能是因为冲突, 也可能是自然灾害. tps 适用于一些来自仅十个国家的人.

TPS offers protection to people in the United States who cannot safely go back to their homeland. This may be because of conflict or because of natural disasters. TPS applies to some people from just ten countries.

tps 允许人们留在美国, 合法工作, 但它不给他们公民身份或绿卡. 租置计划持有人可逗留最少6个月. 一些租置计划持有人已获准逗留十多年.

TPS allows people to stay in the United States and work legally, but it does not give them citizenship or a green card. TPS holders can stay at least six months. Some TPS holders have been allowed to stay for more than ten years.

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Who is helping?

宗教间移民联盟 (Iic) 是致力于移民改革的信仰组织的伙伴关系, 欢迎所有新移民, 并以尊严和尊重的态度对待所有人. 其成员共同努力, 倡导公正和公平的移民政策, 教育信仰社区, 并为全国各地的移民人口提供服务.

The Interfaith Immigration Coalition (IIC) is a partnership of faith-based organizations committed to immigration reform that welcomes all newcomers and treats all human beings with dignity and respect. Its members work together to advocate for just and equitable immigration policies, educate faith communities, and serve immigrant populations around the country.

去吧 IIC 网站 找到你可以采取行动帮助保卫 TPS 的方法. 你可以帮助你所在社区和美国各地的 TPS 持有人.

Go the IIC website to find ways you can take action to help defend TPS. You can help TPS holders in your community and across the United States.


Learn more

本页面上的信息来自 国土安全部, 的 联邦登记册, 美国移民局 和其他受信任的来源. 它用于指导,并尽可能频繁地更新. 美国你好不提供法律意见, 也不是任何拟采取法律咨询作为我们材料. 如果您正在寻找免费或低成本的律师或法律帮助, 我们可以帮助您 寻找免费和低成本的法律服务.

The information on this page comes from the Department of Homeland Security, the Federal Register, USCIS and other trusted sources. It is intended for guidance and is updated as often as possible. USAHello does not give legal advice, nor are any of our materials intended to be taken as legal advice. If you are looking for a free or low-cost lawyer or legal help, we can help you find free and low-cost legal services.


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