TASC 测试中的内容?


TASC 测试中的内容? 为测试做准备的最好方法是知道 TASC 测试中的内容. 查找有关测试中期望的问题的答案. 学习如何学习和实践考试.

What is on the TASC test? The best way to prepare for your test is to know what is on the TASC test. Find answers to your questions about what to expect in the test. Learn how to study and practice for the test.

TASC 测试中的内容

What is on the TASC test


What should I expect?

TASC 测试中的内容? 这是你可以期待的:

What is on the TASC test? This is what you can expect:

  • 你将去一个测试批准的网站参加 TASC 测试
  • 你不能在网上参加 tasc 测试
  • 你可以在电脑上或纸上参加考试
  • 你可以用英语或西班牙语进行考试。
  • 该测试已 5 部分, 称为子测试–每个内容区域一个 (主题)
  • You will go to a test-approved site to take the TASC test
  • You cannot take the TASC test online
  • You can take the test on a computer or on paper
  • You can take the test in English or Spanish
  • The test has 5 parts, called subtests – one for each content area (subject)

整个测试需要 7 小时 30 分钟. 但你可以采取 5 不同日期的零件. 这对忙碌的工人和父母很有好处。. 这意味着你可以选择分别为考试的每个部分学习. 或者你可以拿走你已经知道的部分, 然后用你的时间去学习更难的部分.

The whole test takes 7 hours 30 minutes. But you can take the 5 parts on different days. This is good for busy workers and parents. It means you can choose to study for each part of the test separately. Or you can take the parts you already know, and then use your time to study for the harder parts.


How do I know if I am ready to take the test?

你可以把我们 免费在线练习测试 看看你是否准备好了.

You can take our free online practice tests to see if you are ready.


Should I take the test on paper or computer?

一些测试站点在计算机上提供测试, 其他人在纸上提供测试, 有些人提供这两种选择.

Some test sites offer the test on computer, others offer the test on paper, and some offer both choices.

如果您要在计算机上参加考试, 你必须得到舒适使用的工具, 你会发现在测试. 您可以尝试使用 tasc 在线工具培训. 如果您不习惯使用计算机, 你可以决定在你的测试现场练习与实际的计算机, 您将在测试中使用的鼠标和键盘.

If you are taking the test on a computer, you must get comfortable using the tools you will find in the test. You can try the tools on the TASC online tools training. If you are not used to computers, you may decide to practice at your test site with the actual computer, mouse and keyboard you will use in the test.

或, 你可能会决定你更喜欢笔试. 使用 官方实践问题 尝试在纸上回答 TASC 的问题.

Or, you may decide you prefer the paper test. Use the official practice questions to try out answering TASC questions on paper.

您可以阅读更多关于 在纸上进行 TASC 测试 和约 在线进行 TASC 测试.


What are the questions like?

TASC 测试中的内容? TASC 测试有几种不同类型的问题. 有些是用来做电脑测试的, 而其他人则是为笔试.

What is on the TASC test? The TASC test has several different types of questions. Some are for the computer test, while others are for the paper test.


example multiple choice questionMultiple-choice questions

多选问题适用于计算机和纸张测试. 多重选择问题给你选择答案. 问题可能是关于文本, 或者它可能是关于图片或地图. 它可能是一个图表, 包括图表, 表, 或图形. 下面的文字或图像将是一个问题, 然后一个答案列表, 像这个例子的权利. 您可以通过单击计算机上的圆圈来选择正确的圆圈, 或在纸上做标记.

Multiple-choice questions are for both the computer and paper tests. A multiple-choice question gives you a choice of answers. The question might be about text, or it could be about a picture or map. It might be a diagram, including a chart, table, or graph. Below the text or image will be a question and then a list of answers, like this example to the right. You choose the right one by clicking a circle on the computer, or making a mark on paper.

多选问题看起来像选择题. 但他们要求你选择两个或三个正确的答案, 而不仅仅是一个.

Multiple-select questions look like multiple-choice questions. But they ask you to select two or three correct answers instead of just one.

多项选择题和多选题的好处是, 答案总是在你面前. 你只需要找出合适的方法(s). 要做到这一点, 你需要仔细观察你给出的信息。. 仔细阅读这个问题, 太. 它可能会欺骗你一点点-例如, 它可能会说, 哪个答案是不正确的?

The good thing about multiple-choice questions and multiple-select questions is that the answers are always there in front of you. You just have to figure out the right one(s). To do this, you need to look carefully at the information you are given. Read the question very carefully, too. It might trick you a little bit – for example, it might say, Which answer is not true?


Gridded response

格子响应 (答案) 用于纸张和计算机测试中的数学问题. 在参加数学考试之前, 你需要习惯这种输入答案的方法.

Gridded responses (answers) are used for math questions on both the paper and the computer tests. You will need to get used to this ways of entering your answers before you take your math test.

使用网格化响应, 你会输入你的答案两次. 您可以在顶部的正方形中写入每个数字或符号. 然后, 您可以通过在下面的列中使用相同数量的符号对圆圈进行着色来再次填充它. 这是 TASC 数学论文测试中的一个例子, 以获得答案 43.8. 在计算机测试中, 网格也是这样的.

With gridded responses, you will be entering your answer twice. You write each number or symbol in a square at the top. Then you fill it in again by shading the circle with the same number of symbol in the column below. This is an example from a TASC math paper test for the answer 43.8. The grid looks like this on the computer test too.


Drag-and-drop and other computer-only questions

拖放问题只在计算机测试中进行. 计算机测试使用 TSC 所调用的内容 “技术增强” 问题. 计算机技术允许你改变屏幕上的东西. 使用鼠标, 您将文本框从问题区域移动到答案区域. 或者您可以在框之间绘制一条线. 问题中将包含说明. 如果你知道如何使用鼠标, 技术是非常基本和容易的.

Drag-and-drop questions are only on the computer test. The computer test uses what TASC calls “technology-enhanced” questions. The computer technology allows you to change things on the screen. Using the mouse, you will move text boxes from a question area to an answer area. Or you might draw a line between boxes. There will be instructions included in the question. If you know how to use a mouse, the technology is very basic and easy.


Writing questions

您的 TASC 测试将包括需要您编写答案的问题. 这可能是一个简短的回应, 也可能是一篇文章.

Your TASC test will include questions that require you to write an answer. It could be a short response or it could be an essay.

  • 构造响应: 这些都是简短的书面或打字的答案的问题.
  • 书写提示 (文章): t他是一个较长的书面或打字的答案, 在您的写作测试中的项目. 你会写一些段落, 关于一个主题, 你被赋予.
  • Constructed response: these are short written or typed answers to questions.
  • Writing prompt (essay): this is a longer written or typed answer to an item in your writing test. You will have write a few paragraphs about a topic you are given.


Try them out!

你可以在纸上或电脑上进行 TASC 测试. 尝试不同的格式--如果你提前练习, 你就能完成所有的问题类型!

You can take the TASC test on paper or on a computer. Try the different formats – you will be able to complete all of the question types if you practice ahead of time!


What are the subjects?

TASC 测试中的内容? 有五个子测试 (科目) 在 TSC 测试: 社会研究, 科学, 数学 (数学短), 读写.

What is on the TASC test? There are five subtests (subjects) on the TASC test: social studies, science, mathematics (math for short), reading and writing.

TASC 测试中的内容: 阅读

What is on the TASC test: Reading

阅读测试需要 85 分钟. 它有多项选择题, 计算机测试的拖放或类似项目, 和一个需要一个构建答案的问题.

The reading test takes 85 minutes. It has multiple-choice questions, drag-and-drop or similar items for the computer test, and a question that needs a constructed answer.

你将回答有关你所读的文本的材料. 您将阅读 75 % 信息性文本, 如报纸文章或事实文章. 您将阅读 24 % 文学文本, 如小说节选, 戏剧或诗歌.

You will answer materials about texts you read. You will read 75 % informational texts, such as newspaper articles or factual essays. You will read 24 % literary text, such as excerpts from novels, plays or poems.


The test will measure:

  • 理解: 理解文章说什么
  • 分析: 检查如何以及为什么使用详细信息
  • 应用程序: 将思想从一个上下文转移到另一个语境
  • 合成: 把想法放在一起, 以理解一个更大的含义
  • comprehension: understanding what the passage says
  • analysis: examining how and why details are used
  • application: transferring ideas from one context to another
  • synthesis: putting ideas together to understand a larger meaning

TASC 测试中的内容: 写作

What is on the TASC test: Writing

写作测试持续 110 分钟. 部分 1 需要 65 分钟. 它有多项选择题, 并可用于计算机测试的拖放或类似项目. 部分 2 需要 45 分钟, 并有一个书面论文问题.

The writing test lasts 110 minutes. Part 1 takes 65 minutes. It has multiple-choice questions and drag-and-drop or similar items for the computer test. Part 2 takes 45 minutes and has one written essay question.

部分 1 将测量:

Part 1 will measure:

  • 写作 (15%)
  • 语法使用 (30%)
  • 拼写错误 (25%)
  • 语言知识 (30%)
  • writing (15%)
  • grammar/usage (30%)
  • capitalization/punctuation/spelling (25%)
  • knowledge of language (30%)

部分 2 (这篇文章) 将被打分:

Part 2 (the essay) will be scored on:

  • 清晰的表达
  • 清晰而战略性的组织
  • 思想的全面发展
  • 句子结构, 标点符号, 语法, 单词选择, 和拼写
  • clarity of expression
  • clear and strategic organization
  • complete development of ideas
  • sentence structure, punctuation, grammar, word choice, and spelling

TASC 测试中的内容: 社会研究

What is on the TASC test: Social studies

社会研究测试持续 75 分钟. 它有多项选择题, 计算机测试的拖放或类似项目, 和一个需要一个构建答案的问题.

The social studies test lasts 75 minutes. It has multiple-choice questions, drag-and-drop or similar items for the computer test, and a question that needs a constructed answer.

在测试过程中, 你将回答有关美国和世界历史的问题, 经济学, 地理, 公民, 和政府. 测试将衡量你对这些领域基本原则的理解. 你会看到文字段落, 插图, 图, 和图表. 你可以学习 更多关于 TASC 社会研究子测试.

During the test, you will answer questions on US and world history, economics, geography, civics, and government. The test will measure your understanding of the basic principles in each of those areas. You will be looking at text passages, illustrations, graphs, and charts. You can learn more about the TASC Social studies subtest.

TASC 测试中的内容: 数学

What is on the TASC test: Mathematics

数学考试持续 105 分钟. 对于部分 1 (55 分钟) 你用计算器. 对于部分 2 (50 分钟) 不允许使用计算器. 有多种选择问题, 网格化的响应问题, 和拖放或类似的项目的计算机测试.

The math test lasts 105 minutes. For part 1 (55 minutes) you use a calculator. For part 2 (50 minutes) calculators are not allowed. There are multiple choice questions, gridded response questions, and drag-and-drop or similar items for the computer test.

数学考试将集中在你的数学推理能力上. 它还将衡量你对:

The math test will focus on your mathematical reasoning skills. It will also measure your understanding of:

  • 基础数学
  • 单词问题
  • 代数
  • 几何
  • basic math
  • word problems
  • algebra
  • geometry

数学考试的计算机版本在屏幕上有一个计算器. 您可以在数学部分使用在线计算器进行练习。 tasc 在线工具培训. 如果您更喜欢手持计算器而不是屏幕上的计算器, 在你的测试现场询问你是否可以从下面的列表中带来你自己的.

The computer version of the math test has an on-screen calculator. You can practice with the online calculator in the math section of the TASC online tools training. If you prefer a handheld calculator to an on-screen calculator, ask at your testing site if you can bring your own from the list below.

如果你要参加纸送测试, 你需要带一个手持式计算器. 德州仪器型号 TI-30XS 是参加 TASC 测试的首选计算器, 但有一个完整的 已批准的计算器列表.

If you’re taking the paper-delivered test, you will need to bring a handheld calculator. Texas Instrument Model TI-30XS is the preferred calculator for taking the TASC test, but there is a complete list of approved calculators.

TASC 测试中的内容: 科学

What is on the TASC test: Science

科学测试持续 75 分钟. 它有多项选择题, 并可用于计算机测试的拖放或类似项目.

The science test lasts 75 minutes. It has multiple-choice questions and drag-and-drop or similar items for the computer test.

科学测试将集中在物理科学上, 生命科学, 地球与空间科学. 你需要了解一些基本的科学思想和科学方法. 你可能需要回忆知识, 应用知识和技能, 或应用推理. 你可以学习 更多关于 TASC 科学子测试.

The science test will focus on physical science, life science, and earth and space science. You will need to understand some basic scientific ideas and the scientific method. You may need to recall knowledge, apply knowledge and skills, or apply reasoning. You can learn more about the TASC Science subtest.


How are the tests scored?

测试的评分是在 300 自 800 对于每个子测试. 最低传球分数为:

The tests are scored on a scale of 300 to 800 for each subtest. The minimum passing scores are:

·阅读 500

• Reading 500

·数学 500
• Mathematics 500
·科学 500
• Science 500
·社会研究 500
• Social Studies 500
·写作 500 加上至少 2 出来的 8 可能的点在文章

• Writing 500 plus at least 2 out of 8 possible points on the essay

当你通过了所有五个子测试, 你已经通过了 TASC 测试.

When you have pass all five subtests, you have passed the TASC test.

我有关于如何在我的州参加 TASC 测试的问题.

I have questions about how to take the TASC test in my state.

您可以 了解如何采取 tasc 测试 在你的状态.

You can find out how to take the TASC test in your state.


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