归化是使你成为美国公民的过程。. 入籍考试, 或公民身份测试, 是一个采访. 您将接受公民和移民服务官员的询问. 这次采访是成为美国公民的重要一步. 了解入籍考试以及如何准备面试.

Naturalization is the process that makes you a citizen of the United States of America. The naturalization test, or citizenship test, is an interview. You will be questioned by a Citizenship and Immigration Services officer. The interview is an important step in becoming a US citizen. Find out about the naturalization test and how to prepare for the interview.

naturalization interview
naturalization interview
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入籍考试是成为美国公民过程中的几个步骤之一. 当你参加面试的时候, 你会有:

The naturalization test is one of several steps in the process to become a US citizen. By the time you attend your interview, you will have:


Before your naturalization test

美国护照当所有的文书工作完成后, 美国公民身份和移民服务 (美国移民局) 将发送一个 预约通知. 通知会告诉你面试的日期和时间。.

US passportWhen all your paperwork is complete, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) will send an appointment notice. The notice will tell you the date and time of your interview.

面试是成为公民的最后一步. 一旦你通过了入籍考试, 你将能够成为美国公民.

The interview is the last step to becoming a citizen. Once you pass your naturalization test, you will be able to become a US citizen.


Getting ready for your naturalization test interview

你能做的最好的事情, 以成功在您的入籍面试是: 准备!

The best thing you can do to succeed at your naturalization interview is: be prepared!

准备意味着确保你的英语阅读, 口语和写作技巧都足够好. 这也意味着为公民考试做好准备. 请确保您了解所有的 面试中你会被问到的问题.

Being prepared means making sure your English reading, speaking and writing skills are good enough. It also means being ready for the Civics test. Make sure you understand all the questions you will be asked during your interview.

如果你还没有准备好, 您可以 注册我们的免费在线课程 为入籍考试做准备.

If you are not ready, you can sign up for our free online classes to prepare you for the naturalization test.


Things to bring with you


Being prepared also means having everything you need to take to your interview.


You must bring the following items with you:

  • 您的预约通知
  • 您的永久性居民身份证或外国人登记卡 (格林卡)
  • 您的驾照或国家签发的身份证
  • 所有现行及过期护照或旅行证件
  • Your appointment notice
  • Your Permanent Resident Card or Alien Registration Card (green card)
  • Your driver’s license or state-issued identification card
  • All current and expired passports or travel documents


You may also want to bring:

  • 你的 N-400 申请表副本, 供你参考
  • A 列表中的 100 问题 军官会选 10 问题从 (记住, 一些答案, 例如总统的名字, 将改变. 此列表将告诉您在哪里可以找到当前的名称).
  • A copy of your N-400 application form for your own reference
  • A list of the 100 questions that the officer will pick 10 questions from (remember that some of the answers, such as the name of the president, will change. This list will tell you where to find the current names).

你可以带你的律师, 如果你有一个.

You are allowed to bring your lawyer if you have one.

您的预约通知将告诉您是否需要带其他文档, 如婚姻或离婚证明书, 税务单据, 或与配偶或子女有关的文件.

Your appointment notice will tell you if you need to bring other documents, such as marriage or divorce certificates, tax documents, or documents to do with your spouse or children.


What will happen at your naturalization test

如果你知道面试时会发生什么, 你可以准备. 如果你准备好了, 你不需要感到紧张! 这是你需要知道的:

If you know what will happen during your interview, you can prepare. And if you are prepared, you will not need to feel nervous! This is what you need to know:


Arriving for the interview

一定要确切地知道你要去哪里, 这样你就不会迷路, 迟到了。. 你可能想在预约前一天去大楼, 这样你就能准确地知道办公室在哪里, 以及如何到达那里.

Make sure to know exactly where you are going so you don’t get lost and arrive late. You might want to travel to the building on a day before your appointment so you know exactly where the office is and how to get there.

很高兴提前半小时到达你的约会. 你需要时间通过安检, 找到合适的办公室和等候区. 还, 如果你在那里有点早, 你会觉得不那么匆忙和紧张.

It is good to arrive half an hour early for your appointment. You will need time to go through a security checkpoint and find the right office and the waiting area. Also, if you are there a little early, you will feel less rushed and nervous.

你可能要等一会儿, 直到轮到你了. 您可以利用这段时间查看您的表单或测试问题. 轮到你的时候, 移民局官员会出来叫你的名字. 你会去一个私人办公室. 在你坐下之前, 军官会要求你举起右手, 答应说实话.

You may have to wait for a while until it is your turn. You can use the time to look over your form or test questions. The USCIS officer will come out and call your name when it is your turn. You will go to a private office. Before you sit down, the officer will ask you to raise your right hand and promise to tell the truth.


Testing your English speaking skills

面试期间, 警官正在确保你的信息是真实和正确的. 他或她会问很多 有关应用程序信息的问题 (表单 N-400). 同时, 他或她正在测试你的英语语言技能。.

During the interview, the officer is making sure your information is true and correct. He or she will ask lots of questions about the information on your application (Form N-400). At the same time, he or she is testing your English language skills.

一些老年人和一些有健康问题或精神残疾的人可能会 有资格获得异常 符合英语语言要求.

Some older individuals and some people with health problems or mental disabilities may qualify for an exception to the English language requirement.


Background questions and signing forms

警官会问你的背景问题. 他或她可能会问申请表上没有的问题。. 做好准备, 您可能会被问到的问题.

The officer will ask questions about your background. He or she may ask questions that were not on the application form. Be prepared for the questions you may be asked.

当问题完成后, 您将需要签署一些文件, 包括您的应用程序和您的照片.

When the questions are finished, you will need to sign a few documents, including your application and your photographs.

公民考试, 读写能力

Civics test, reading and writing skills

大多数人还必须参加美国公民考试, 历史和政府. 面试的这一部分可能是同一个官员, 或者它可能是与不同的人. 它可能首先或在末端.

Most people will also have to take a test on US civics, history and government. This part of the interview may be with the same officer, or it may be with a different person. It could come first or at the end.

在这次考试中, 你必须回答 6 出来的 10 正确的问题关于我们公民. 问题和解答被谈论. 考试中将有一个简短的书面部分来测试你的写作技巧。. 军官会告诉你一个句子写下来. 你还将被要求阅读一个句子. 再一次, 你可以准备所有的 面试中你会被问到的问题.

During this exam, you must answer 6 out of 10 questions correctly about US civics. The questions and answers are spoken. There will be a short written part to the test to test your writing skills. The officer will tell you a sentence to write down. You will also be asked to read a sentence. Again, you can prepare for all the questions you will be asked during your interview.

有几个人不需要参加这个考试. 有 一些例外 老年人或有健康问题或残疾人的人.

A few people do not have to take this test. There are some exceptions for older people or people with health issues or disabilities.


Watch a video about the USCIS naturalization interview

您可以 下载 入籍指南 视频中提到的. 在浏览过程中使用本指南. 你所提出的大多数问题都将在指南中得到回答.

You can download the Guide to Naturalization mentioned in the video. Use this guide as you go through the process. Most of the questions you have will be answered in the guide.


Tips and suggestions for your naturalization test

• 从警官迎接您时起, 他或她正在测试你的英语技能. 一定要讲得仔细清楚.

• From the time the officer greets you, he or she is testing your English skills. Be sure to speak carefully and clearly.

• 始终说出真相,不要拒绝任何信息. 警官可能从其他来源得到了关于你的信息. 如果你不知道答案或不记得, 这样说是可以的. 如果你不明白什么, 告诉警察也是可以的 ".

• Always tell the truth and do not hold back any information. The officer may have information about you from another source. If you do not know an answer or cannot remember, it is okay to say so. It is also okay to tell the officer if you do not understand something.

• 如果您不会说英语, 设法找时间去你的社区上英语课. 许多地方学院, 图书馆和社区中心提供免费课程. 你可以看看 芬德你好 查找类. 或者你可以 在这里找到在线课程.

• If you do not speak English, try to find time to go to English classes in your community. Many local colleges, libraries and community centers offer free classes. You can look in FindHello to find classes. Or you can find online classes here.

• 参加美国公民课程,帮助您通过考试. 如果你想去你所在社区的一个班级, 您可以在这里搜索地点-我们的参考资料部分中列出的许多类都是免费的. 或者您也可以参加我们的免费在线公民课程. 您可以 在这里注册 并开始, 只要你准备好了!

• Take a US citizenship course to help you pass your test. If you would like to go to a class in your community, you can search for places here – many of the classes listed in our Resources section are free. Or you can take our free online Citizenship class. You can sign up here and begin whenever you are ready!

祝你面试顺利! 记得:

Good luck with your interview! Remember:

符合资格, 准备, 和真实的.

Be eligible, be prepared, and be truthful.


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