一些新来者不知道在哪里买到他们需要的日用品, 他们可能会错过来自祖国的传统食物. 在美国有许多不同的地方和方式去购物. 了解购买食品的商店种类. 了解如何购买传统食品. 了解在哪里购买衣服以及如何在网上购物.

Some newcomers are not sure where to buy the groceries they need, and they may miss traditional foods from their native country. There are many different places and ways to go shopping in the USA. Learn about the kinds of shops for buying food. Find out how to buy traditional foods. Read about where to buy clothes and how to shop online.

Where to buy in the US, photo copyright UK Aid, CC.
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Where to buy in the US, photo copyright UK Aid, CC.
Shopping in the US, photo copyright UK Aid, CC..


Buying food

这个词 杂货 意思是你买的食物. 你应该试着花 20% 或低于你的家庭总收入每月在杂货. 这意味着如果有 $1,000 在每个月收入, 你应该花 $200 或更少的杂货. 如果你得到 $500 每个月, 你可以负担不起只花钱 $100 或更少的食物, 如果你也要支付住房和公用事业.

The word groceries means food you buy. You should try to spend about 20% or less of your total family income on groceries each month. This means if have $1,000 in income each month, you should spend $200 or less on groceries. If you get $500 each month, you can afford to spend only $100 or less on food, if you are to also pay for housing and utilities.


Here are some useful things to know about buying food:

  • 有些东西在你的祖国花的钱很少, 在美国可能会很贵. 举个例子, 来自缅甸的难民可能喜欢吃新鲜的椰子和芒果, 但这些项目是昂贵的.
  • 在美国, 肉和水果通常很贵. 所以, 你可能需要尝试吃一些新的食物, 以及你的传统食物.
  • 购买食品, 特别是米饭、豆类和许多蔬菜, 从杂货店和烹调它自己通常比从餐厅购买食物便宜.
  • 如果商店中的商品定价, 你要付出的代价. 然而, 在销售二手商品的市场或商店中, 这一点并不真实。.
  • Some things that cost little in your home country may be expensive in the USA. For example, refugees from Burma may like to eat fresh coconuts and mangoes, but these items are expensive.
  • Meat and fruit are often expensive in the USA. So, you may need to try to eat some new foods as well as your traditional foods.
  • Buying food, especially rice and beans and many vegetables, from the grocery store and cooking it yourself is generally less expensive than buying food from a restaurant.
  • If an item in a store is priced, you have to pay that price. However, this is less true in markets or stores selling used goods.


Where to buy groceries

这里有一些不同的地方, 你可以买食物:

Here are some different places you can buy food:


Grocery stores

在美国的杂货店是大商店, 运载许多不同类型的食物. 有几个大型食品杂货 “连锁店。” 连锁店是一组在美国各地不同城市都相同的商店。. 杂货店分为几个部分如水果和蔬菜, 肉, 罐头的食品, 等. 许多大型杂货店鼓励您免费注册 “俱乐部” 卡, 或 “会员卡制作. 这是很好的, 因为你经常收到一个折扣你的食物与卡, 尽管卡是免费的. 其他商店, 如好事市, 为他们的卡收费, 更便宜地销售大量的食物. 这些都是值得加入的, 如果你有一个大家庭, 并购买大量的食物和家庭用品.

Grocery stores in the US are large stores that carry many different types of food. There are several large grocery “chain stores.” A chain is a group of stores that are the same in different cities across the US. Grocery stores are divided into sections such as fruit and vegetables, meat, canned foods, etc. Many large grocery stores encourage you to sign up for free “Club” cards, or “membership cards. This is good to do because you often receive a discount on your food with a card, even though the card is free. Other stores, such as Costco, do charge for their cards and sell large quantities of food more cheaply. These are worth joining if you have a big family and are buying food and household items in large quantities.

农民’ 市场

Farmers’ markets

在美国的大多数城市都有农民’ 市场, 尤其是在夏天. 在农民’ 市场, 你可以找到新鲜的水果和蔬菜种植和农民自己卖出. 在夏季, 你可以花更少的钱, 然后你会在杂货店为相同的项目, 但并非总是如此--一些大型杂货店的销售量比种植少量有机农产品的农民要少。, 举个例子.

Most cities in the US have farmers’ markets, especially in the summer. At a farmers’ market, you can find fresh fruit and vegetables grown and sold by the farmers themselves. In summer, you may spend less money then you would at a grocery store for the same items, but not always – some big grocery stores are able to sell for less than farmers who grow small amount of organic produce, for example.


Convenience stores

这些都是有时出售少量的食品或食品的小商店. 虽然这些商店可能会方便,因为他们是接近你的房子, 他们往往更昂贵比杂货店.

These are small stores that sometimes sell small amounts of groceries or food. While these stores may be convenient because they are close to your house, they are often more expensive than the grocery store.


Ethnic stores

一些社区有种族商店, 意思卖从特定的族裔背景的食品杂货商店. 举个例子, 可能有 “印度市场” 或 “中国市场” 那卖来自这些国家的食物. 你可以在许多城市找到民族杂货店。 芬德你好.

Some communities have ethnic stores, meaning a store that sells groceries from a particular ethnic background. For example, there might be an “Indian Market” or a “Chinese Market” that sells foods from those countries. You can find ethnic grocery stores in many cities in FindHello.



在美国的餐馆往往是最昂贵的地方得到食物. 快餐店是比普通餐馆便宜, 但你必须仔细选择, 以免吃太多不健康的食物.

Restaurants in the USA tend to be the most expensive place to get food. Fast-food restaurants are cheaper than regular restaurants, but you have to choose carefully so as to not eat too much unhealthy food.



在你的城镇, 有很多网站销售民族食品和其他特色食品, 在当地很难找到. 一个例子是 电子食品仓库.

There are a number of websites selling ethnic food and other specialty foods that are hard to find locally in your town or city. One example is eFood Depot.

你可以通过在线搜索找到特色美食. 键入 "购买" [你正在寻找的食物] 在线。”

You can find specialty foods by searching online. Type the words “buy [food you are looking for] online.”




Where to buy clothing and household items

在美国, 你有很多选择, 在哪里购物的衣服和东西为您的家. 您应该总是去买东西,当他们在销售的时候!

In the USA, you have lots of options of where to shop for clothes and things for your home. You should always try to buy things when they are on sale!


Thrift stores or used and secondhand stores

当你在想在哪里买衣服, 如果你想省钱, 考虑节俭商店. 旧货店卖衣服, 主页项目, 和家具其他人已放弃. 如果你花时间去看看, 你经常可以找到非常漂亮的衣服, 厨房用品, 家具, 玩具, 和更多在旧货商店. 这些商店往往是很低成本, 他们经常有天在商店里的一切都在出售.

When you are thinking of where to buy clothes, consider thrift stores if you want to save money. Thrift stores sell clothes, home items, and furniture other people have given away. If you take time to look, you can often find very nice clothes, items for your kitchen, furniture, toys, and more at thrift stores. These stores tend to be very low-cost, and they often have days where everything in the store is on sale.


Garage sales and yard sales

车库出售或庭院旧货出售是查找用于服装和家庭用品的好地方. 这些项目是通常相当便宜. 车库销售和院子销售是为数不多的在美国可以交换的地方之一. 这意味着, 如果你是在车库或院子出售, 你可以尝试要求一个较低的价格比什么是写在项目.

A garage sale or yard sale is a great place to find used clothing and household items. These items are normally quite cheap. Garage sales and yard sales are one of the few places you can barter in the USA. This means if you are at a garage or yard sale, you can try to ask for a lower price than what is written on the item.


Department stores and malls

你也可以在百货公司或商场购物. 这些商店往往更昂贵, 有著名的名牌. 这意味着项目很受欢迎的因为是知名的品牌, 如耐克鞋.

You can also shop at department stores or the mall. These stores tend to be more expensive and have famous name brands. This means the items are popular because the brand is well-known, such as Nike shoes.



超市是美国几乎所有东西都卖的商店. 这些包括像沃尔玛商店, 目标, 和凯马特. 这些商店通常比名牌百货公司便宜。.

Superstores are stores in the USA that sell nearly everything. These include stores like Walmart, Target, and Kmart. These stores are generally cheaper than name brand department stores.


Shopping locally

在你们的新城里可能有很多当地的商店. 本地是好店,因为你的钱留在你的社区. 你甚至会发现另一个难民开的商店.

There are probably lots of local stores in your new town. It is nice to shop locally because your money stays in your community. You may even find a store owned by another refugee.


Hardware stores

如果您需要的项目给你的房子,或者修复你的家, 你可以在一家五金商店购物. 在这些商店工作的人将回答你关于家庭维修的问题.

If you need items for your house or to repair your home, you can shop at a hardware store. The people who work at these stores will answer your questions about home repair.


Online and mail order

很多美国人在网上买衣服, 或者从邮件中的目录中购买衣服. 在美国, 你可以返回你在网上或从目录购买的衣服, 就像你可以退货在商店里买的东西一样.

A lot of Americans buy their clothes online or from catalogs that come in the mail. In the USA, you can return clothes you buy online or from a catalog, just like you can return items bought in stores.


Returning items

美国的商店可以让人们退货, 如果他们有什么问题, 甚至他们只是改变主意. 但他们不允许你在使用完东西后归还. 每当你购物, 保持您的收据. 这证明你买了这件东西, 当你买的时候. 如果您决定您想要返回的项目, 你需要收据. 要归还新鲜的食物是比较困难的, 但你应该总是返回食物, 如果你发现它被宠坏或过去 “销售方式” 日期.

Stores in the USA let people return goods if there is something wrong with them or even if they just change their mind. But they will not allow you to return something after you have used it. Whenever you shop, keep your receipt. This is proof that you bought the item and when you bought it. If you decide you want to return an item, you will need the receipt. It is harder to return fresh foods, but you should always return food if you found it was spoiled or past its “sell by” date.


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