Scholarships for immigrants and refugees

Do you need help paying for college or university? Find a list of national and state scholarships for immigrants and refugees.

What are scholarships?

Scholarships are money awards to help you pay for your education. Many students apply for scholarships to help them pay for college in the USA. Scholarships are given for different reasons. The list below includes scholarships for immigrants, children of immigrants, refugees, and undocumented students. Some scholarships pay for your full tuition, while others offer a certain amount of money. You do not need to pay back a scholarship. 

Scholarships for specific groups and nationalities

Some foundations, organizations, and professional associations save money to award scholarships to people of certain ethnicities.


You can also apply for grants to pay for your education. The Office of Federal Student Aid provides grants, loans, and work-study funds for college or career school. Apply at Federal Application for Free Student Aid (FAFSA). Learn about the requirements for non-U.S. citizens.

Please email us any scholarships for immigrants and refugees that we can add to this page.

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