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Успіх на робочому місці

Finding a job is only the first step. Now that you have gotten the job, learn about what to wear and how to act, so you can succeed and move up in your company. Читати далі

Losing your job or getting fired

Most people have found themselves without a job at some point in their lives. Financial help and job search strategies can help in this situation Читати далі

Кинути свою роботу

You may choose to leave your job for a number of reasons. This can be a big transition. It is important to know the right steps in ending your job in a positive way Читати далі

Ask for a raise

Asking for a raise may be a new experience. It can difficult if you are unprepared. The right time, мова, and behavior can convince your manager you have earned one Читати далі

Права трудящих

Every employed person has certain rights in the workplace. Право на особисте життя, freedom from discrimination, and fair pay are some of them Читати далі

Віддалена робота

Remote work means working from your home. Learn what jobs you can do remotely. Read about how to do well at remote work. Читати далі

How to get promoted

Getting a better position at your company is called being promoted. Here are five things you can to do help get promoted and move on to a better job. Читати далі

Жінки на роботі

Many women have professional jobs in America. But women at work have problems. Read about four problems women face and how to handle them. Читати далі

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4 tips to help you manage time wisely | USAHello4 tips to help you manage time wisely | USAHello4 tips to help you manage time wisely 1. Make a daily planner of what you will do each and every day. 2. Write down your goals for the day. 3.
Консультування з питань освіти у справі переселення біженцівКонсультування з питань працевлаштування та навчання у менеджера справи з питань переселення біженців
5 Злочинець-роботу своєї мрії5 secrets to finding your dream job5 Злочинець-роботу своєї мрії. What is the secret to finding your dream job? Finding your dream job is not an easy thing to do. The end of the school year is coming. Summer is near and we are almost halfway through the entire year. Для деяких людей, this means graduation, moving into a new place or new city.