How to Look for Job Opportunities in the United States

Do you need to know where to look for a job? Learn where to look for job opportunities online and in your community. Find out how to understand a job description.

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There are many ways to look for jobs. You can use one or all of these ways to look.

Look for job opportunities in your neighborhood

You can walk around your neighborhood and look in the windows of the businesses near you for signs that say “Help Wanted.” This means the business is looking for employees.

Sign up at an employment center

All cities have employment centers that help you search for work. Find your nearest employment center. If you are a refugee, you resettlement agency also will help you look for your first job. If they helped you to find your first job, you can tell them you are looking for a new job. They may be able to help you again.

Search for job opportunities online

The advantage of looking online for work is that you can be specific with your job search. You can look for the exact kind of jobs and careers opportunities you want. Research the work, location, and hours that are best for you. If you don’t have a computer, you can use free computers at the public library.

Learning computer skills

Looking online for work can be difficult for people new to using computers. You can learn basic computer skills or you can search FindHello for computer classes in your town or city. 

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Using employment websites

There are some websites you can use to search for job opportunities online. All of these job search websites have the option for you to sign up for job alerts. If you enter your email address, you will receive updates when jobs become available in your area of interest.

  • Indeed is a good website to search for job postings in your city. Enter your city to search for new jobs in your area.
  • Idealist is a website has lots of nonprofit jobs. Refugees can sometimes find jobs working to help other refugees, especially if you speak more than one language.
  • Monster lets you sign up for email updates listing new jobs. If you are looking for a job, it is a good idea to become a member of a website like Monster.
  • LinkedIn can be used on a computer or on your phone to apply for jobs. Search for the title you want and apply for any position that matches your qualifications.

Learn how to make a LinkedIn profile that will help you with job opportunities

  • CareerBuilder lets you create an account to access job postings and share your resume. You can get advice on your job search and professional development.
  • Glassdoor lets you find the most recent job opportunities in your field of interest. You can also find information about salaries as well as reviews of potential employers.
  • USjobs is a website where you can look for state government jobs. Be sure to check every posting before applying to see if the job requires citizenship.
  • USAjobs is for those who have US citizenship. This is a good resource for federal (US government) jobs. You can access and apply for job postings from all federal agencies.
  • ZipRecruiter is another resource you can use on a computer or on your phone. You will have to complete a profile, which includes your professional background and interests. You can choose to receive updates when jobs become available. This way, career opportunities come directly to you. 

Understanding a job description

As you look for job opportunities, you will need to understand the job descriptions. To know if you are a good fit for the job, you will want to find the qualifications for the job.

Look for words and phrases such as minimum, must be, must have, must be able to, needed, necessary, required, requirements, and at least. This will help you find what skills, experience and education are needed to get the job.

It is very important that you have a good understanding of the qualifications for the job. You should make sure you have the qualifications before applying. If you can show that you understand and have the qualifications for the position, you will have a good chance to get an interview and get the job.