Cultural background resources

These cultural background information resources will help you to better understand your newcomer students.

Learn about your students and their backgrounds with cultural background resources from USAHello

By being culturally informed, you’ll be better equipped for teaching diverse students in your multicultural classroom. Read and download our cultural background resources. You can also download all of the resources as one PDF. The information is concise so you can quickly learn key information to help you help your students. These cultural background resources were designed for educators but can be used by anyone who wants to welcome newcomers in their community.

Afghan students

Algerian students

Bhutanese students from Nepal

Burmese students

Burundian students

Cambodian students

Chinese students

Colombian students

Cuban students

DR Congolese students

El Salvadoran students

Eritrean students

Ethiopian students

Guatemalan students

Haitian students

Honduran students

Iranian students

Iraqi students

Karen Burmese students

Karenni Burmese students

Laotian students

Liberian students

Mon Burmese students

Nepali students

Nicaraguan students

Pakistani students

Puerto Rican students

Rakhine students

Rohingya students

Russian and other former Soviet Union students

Shan Burmese students

Sierra Leonean students

Somali students

South Sudanese students

Syrian students

Vietnamese students

Yugoslavian students