Educating refugee and immigrant students

This online course covers student assets, multilingual learning, strategies for cross-cultural communication, classroom applications, responding to effects of trauma, and family engagement.

maestra sonriendo a dos niños pequeños en el aula
Photo: US Department of Education

We believe all students deserve a positive and meaningful education experience, regardless of background. Created by experts in the field, the Educating Refugee and Immigrant Students course (ERIS) will help you enhance classroom strategies for working with English Language Learners, trauma, interpreters, refugee and immigrant families, and more. We focus on the specific needs and assets of refugee and immigrant students in the USA.

“The content of this course helps teachers build knowledge that will support them in empathizing and forming meaningful relationships with students from diverse, particularly refugee, backgrounds. Each lesson has a clear focus on an element of the refugee experience or best instructional practices for students who have recently arrived in the U.S. Any teacher who teaches refugee students or students who have recently immigrated to the U.S. would benefit from the content and structure of this course.”

— Shelley Goulder, Public School Teacher, Oakland, California

Downloadable resources include cultural background information for newcomer groups in the USA.

This course was developed by USAHello in collaboration with the Center for Learning in Practice and is offered on their learning platform for a nominal tech fee.

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