DACA program updates

Here is the latest information about the DACA program.

جولای 15, 2019 – DACA program update:

The Supreme Court will start to hear the three DACA cases on November 12, 2019.

What does this mean?

The Supreme Court will decide whether or not the US government can end the DACA program. The Court will decide by June 2020.

در حال حاضر, USCIS is still accepting DACA renewal applications. If you had or previously had DACA status, and it has expired, you should submit a renewal application as soon as possible. پیدا کردن more information and how to renew on the USCIS website. در حال حاضر, you cannot apply for DACA unless you have previously held DACA.

ژوئن 28, 2019 – DACA program update:

The US Supreme Court has agreed to hear three cases about DACA termination in the fall of 2019. This means the court will decide if DACA can be stopped.

نوامبر 8, 2018 – DACA program update:

در نوامبر 8, a federal appeals court agreed with lower court decisions. The federal appeals court said the DACA program must not be ended.

اوت 20, 2018 – DACA program update:

On August 3, Judge John Bates, a federal judge in the District of Columbia, said his ruling about Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (اگر) must stay.

This means he has said again that protections for undocumented young adults in the DACA program must continue.

DACA برنامه به روز رسانی

The Department of Homeland Security (وزارت امنیت داخلی) is trying to end DACA. The judge said DHS has not given good enough reasons for this. He gave DHS time to explain its reasons better. Now he has said that the reasons are still not good enough to end DACA.

On August 20, the judge said that the government does not have to take new DACA applications for now. Find more information from the National Immigration Law Center.

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