How to network for newcomers

Wilson Kubwayo with other young people in classroom setting

Relationships and connections are an important part of getting a job.

Making connections in the work world is called networking. Before we dive into the tips for how to network, keep this in mind: no person is an island! It is important that you allow others to help you as you go through your journey.

“Information is the new money.”

What is it that you wish to achieve? What is your “why” of wanting to achieve it? Creating relationships or connections is one of the best ways to acquire information that you otherwise would not have obtained. Networking is most useful when you network with the right people. This is one of the reasons you must figure out what you want.

One of the easiest ways you can best use the power of networking is to create what I call a circle of influence. This is a circle of individuals who influences you to be the best version of yourself and to achieve more.

When Isaac Newton was asked why he was able to see so much further, he replied; “I stood on the shoulders of the giants.”

Go to back to your goals or your dream and jot down the names of the people you look up to. A good circle of influence should be diverse. A good circle of influence should have a great age mix from your peers to the older people who have walked the same path that you are trying walk. It should have professionals who can provide you with useful resources when in need of them.

Now that you know what you want and why you want it, take the time to think of the relationships you already have.Everyone has a circle of influence but some people do not have the right people in their circle and therefore are not influenced to do the right things. In other words, your circle of influence is not adding much to your life. In fact, it is slowing you down because you do not have the right people behind your dream.

Maintaining the right people in your network is key to networking like a professional. Many people make the mistake of trying to network and mixing the people they want in their circle with the people who should not be in their circle. That is one of the reasons many people fail. It is not the networking that is difficult. It is the assessment of removing those who shouldn’t be in your network that gets difficult.

Clean up your social life! Go into your Facebook page and clean up your account.

No one will want to be your friend if your Facebook account includes inappropriate photos of you or your friends. You should take the time to go into your social media accounts and remove everything that could be a barrier to success. This includes any rude comments or inappropriate pictures.

You should open a LinkedIn account if you haven’t done so. Make your LinkedIn account professional by using a professional photo that shows you from the shoulders up, dressed in professional clothes. Be sure to include information of who you are and your skills. Remember, the goal is to network with other professionals! If you need someone to help review your LinkedIn page, USAHello can have a volunteer to help review your page. Email: [email protected] to ask for a volunteer to review your page.

“Today I will do what others won’t, so tomorrow I can accomplish what others can’t” -Jerry Rice.

Networking is about getting out your comfort zone.

Networking is not easy, but it is easier after going through the previous steps mentioned. One of the best ways you can network like a pro is to make it your lifestyle. Whether you are in the line during grocery shopping or in the school or workplace cafeteria, you can always start up a conversation with a stranger and you never know where that relationship takes you. Networking is about creating relationships. And one relationships create another after another and before you know it, opportunities will start happening at your fingertips.

Opportunities are in the people who should be in your circle of influence. Do not think of opportunities as just a name of something. It is a verb that can be conjugated only by you. The more people you can connect with as your circle of influence, the more opportunities you will be able to gain.

It is important that you do not befriend someone just because you need help from them.

You ought to network with someone because you know you can add value in their life as they add value to your life. You can do so much to help others by teaching them about your story and where you come from. No one knows everything! Everyone can learn something from anyone. This is your chance to educate the world about what you know while reaping the benefits that comes with networking. Networking is about communicating who you are. One of the best ways to network is to talk about your dream or passion and making it clear that you want to be friends with other goal-getters like yourself.

Attending different events will help you meet more people and gain more connections.

Use platforms like Meetup to look for events that are going on in your area. Meetup is a great tool to use to find events of your interests in your community.

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