Distance learning with USAHello

Parents, students, teachers and English learners have all been asking us how they can use USAHello for distance learning while schools and adult education classes are closed.

Here are some of the ways USAHello helps immigrants and refugees with distance learning.

Study for your high school diploma

If you have always wanted to get your high school diploma, now is the time! Start studying for the GED® or HiSET tests with our free online classes. Study in English or in your own language. You can even read both languages side by side. Study wherever and whenever you can on your phone, tablet, or computer.

Prepare for citizenship

Use our citizenship pages and free class to prepare to be a US citizen. Our multilingual class has short lessons and quizzes to prepare you for the citizenship civics test. Our citizenship pages help you understand the application form and take you through the interview process.

Курсы онлайн USAHello открыты для каждого

Курсы USAHello бесплатны и предназначены для беженцев и иммигрантов. Подготовьтесь для вашего теста GED® или для того, чтобы стать гражданином США.

Узнайте о наших бесплатных курсах

Learn English

Our partners have distance learning programs used by millions of people around the world. They want to help immigrants, so they have given us free access to their programs!

Distance learning for parents with children

This is a hard time for parents who have their children home from school. It is even more difficult when English is not your first language. We have found some good resources in many languages for parents and children who are distance learning at home.

Distance learning resources for teachers

Adult education teachers are using the USAHello classroom for their students while their in-person classes are shut down. If you are a teacher of immigrant or refugee students, you can also take advantage of our professional development class and resources. Our ERIS course is offered by the Center for Learning in Practice at the Carey Institute for Global Good, which has new resources for teachers transitioning to distance education.

Find basic information

Do you need to learn about other topics? Use the blue bar at the top of this page or any page to get answers to your immigration or health questions. Find out about American life and culture, how to get a job, or how to go to college. They are specially for immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers, with information in many languages.

Please use all our resources for your distance learning!

Мнения и советы, указанные в разделе USAHello’s Voices («Опыт USAHello») и блоге Hello принадлежат их авторам. USAHello предлагает непредвзятую информацию и онлайн-курсы для помощи новоприбывшим в США.