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LGBT 代表女同性恋, 男同, 双性恋和变性者. 在每个国家和社会, 许多人属于这些社区之一. 在美国, LGBT 人群享有与其他人相同的权利和自由, 包括同性伴侣结婚的权利.

LGBT stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender. In every country and society, many people belong to one of these communities. In the USA, LGBT people have the same rights and freedoms as everyone else, including the right to marry partners of the same sex.




Who is LGBT?

标识作为一部分的女同性恋者的人, 男同, 双性恋, 或变性人 (LGBT) 社区来自不同的背景. LGBT 包括所有种族的人, 民族, 年龄, 状态, 和民族. 周围有 11 美国百万男女同性恋、双性恋和变性者. 这是关于 5% 人口.

People who identify as part of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender (LGBT) community come from different backgrounds. LGBT includes people of all races, ethnicity, ages, status, and nationalities. There are around 11 million LGBT people in the USA. This is about 5% of the population.

有同性伴侣的人和在性别之间过渡的人可以被描述为 LGBT. LGBT 还包括那些不确定自己的性别或性行为的人. 有些人改变他们用来描述自己在有生之年的词语.

People who have same-sex partners and people who are transitioning between genders can be described as LGBT. LGBT also includes people who are not sure about their gender or sexuality. Some people change the words they use to describe themselves during their lifetime.


Equal rights to marriage

在 2015, 美国最高法院 (这是该国最高法院) 宣布两人的同性之间的婚姻是合法. 在美国大部分的, 两个同性之间的浪漫关系被认为与一男一女之间的关系相等. 在一些国家中, 人们并不都接受LGBT的人. 当您旅行时, 了解什么是共同的意见, 这样你就可以保持安全.

In 2015, the US Supreme Court (which is the highest court in the country) declared that marriages between two people of the same sex are legal. In most of the USA, romantic relationships between two people of the same sex are viewed as equal to those between a man and a woman. In some states, people are not all accepting of LGBT people. When you travel, learn what common opinions are so you can stay safe.

女同, 男同, 双性恋和变性的定义

Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender definitions

以下是 LGBT 中每个字母的解释:

Here is an explanation of each letter in LGBT:

  • L: 女同
  • G: 男同
    最常用来形容一个男人经历浪漫的爱情或对另一个男人的性吸引力. 这个术语有时用来指对同性或同性伴侣经历浪漫爱情或性吸引力的男性和女性.
  • B: 双性恋
  • T: 变性人或变性人
    一个不认同他们出生的身体性别的人. 他们可能处于身体转型的某个阶段, 以适应自己的性别. 这个词和其他术语不同, 因为它不指一个人被谁吸引. 变性者也可能是女同性恋者, 举个例子.
  • L: lesbian
    A woman who experiences romantic love or sexual attraction for another woman as a romantic partner
  • G: gay
    Most often used to describe a man who experiences romantic love or sexual attraction for another man. This term sometimes is used to refer to both males and females who experience romantic love or sexual attraction for a same-sex or same-gender partner.
  • B: bisexual
    A man or woman who experiences romantic and/or sexual attraction toward both males and females.
  • T: transgender or transexual
    Somebody who does not identify with the sex of the body they were born into. They may be in some stage of physical transition to fit their gender. This term is different than all the others because it does not refer to who a person is attracted to. Someone who is transgender can also be lesbian, for example.

有时, 你可能会看到术语男女同性恋、双性恋和变性者添加了更多的首字母. 例如,LGBTIAA. 这就是其他字母的意思.

Sometimes, you may see the term LGBT with more initials added. An example is LGBTIAA. This is what the other letters mean.

  • Q: 奎尔/提问
    这个词在过去曾被用作侮辱. 现在, 是它被许多人用来谈论自己. 同性恋使用的怪人, 双性恋, 性别怪人, 和跨性别者. 对不同的人来说, 这意味着不同的东西. 整体, 这意味着你的性别和性与大多数人的是不同的. 或者,你可能还在搞清楚你的感受.
  • 我: 双性
    这是一个术语的人谁出生与属于两性的部分. 这可能意味着它们的繁殖部分是混合的. 有些人可能是男性, 而其他人则是女性. 这还可能意味着他们的基因属于两性.
  • A: 无性
    没有体验过性吸引的人. 无性的人可以约会, 也可以在恋爱中, 但他们没有性. 这也可能意味着 “盟军”. 这是一个不是男女同性恋、双性恋和变性者的人, 但支持的人的权利。.
  • A: 盟友
    盟友是一个被认定为异性恋的人 (也称为直) 但支持LGBTQIAA社区
  • Q: Queer/Questioning
    This term was used as an insult in the past. Now, is it used by many to talk about themselves. Queer is used by gay, bisexual, genderqueer, and transgender people. It means different things to different people. Overall, it means that your gender and sexuality are different than most people’s. Or that you might still be figuring out how you feel.
  • I: Intersex
    This is a term for a person who was born with parts that belong to both sexes. This might mean that their reproductive parts are mixed. Some may be male, while others are female. It could also mean that their genes belong to both sexes.
  • A: Asexual
    Someone who does not experience sexual attraction. Asexual people can date and be in relationships, but they do not have sex. This can also mean “allied”. This is a person who is not LGBT but supports the rights of people who are.
  • A: Ally
    An Ally is someone who identifies as heterosexual (also known as straight) but supports the LGBTQIAA community

有法律防止歧视LGBT人群. 歧视是有害的语言或行为. 每个州都有自己的法律,学习您所在城市或城镇的法律非常重要.

There are laws that prevent discrimination against LGBT people. Discrimination is hurtful language or behavior. Each state has its own laws and it is important to learn the laws in your city or town.


LGBT community

有许多空间为LGBT的人,在那里你可以找到支持和交朋友. 每个城市都有不同的团体, 中心, 缔约方, 甚至男女同性恋、双性恋和变性者企业. LGBT中心 拥有资源并组织跨组和活动.

There are many spaces for LGBT people where you can find support and make friends. Each city has different groups, centers, parties, and even LGBT businesses. LGBT centers have resources and organize trans groups and events.

每年六月, LGBT社区庆祝他们的成就和历史.

Every June, the LGBT community celebrates their achievements and history.


For transgender people

查找您所在地区的跨组, 您可以使用 Facebook 或谷歌. 许多团体都在脸谱网上. 联机查找组, 使用单词 “转”“奇怪的交换” 一起 与您的城市或附近的大城市的名称.

To find trans groups in your area, you can use Facebook or Google. Many groups are on Facebook. To look for groups online, use the words “trans” or “queer exchange” together with the name of your city or a nearby larger city.

变性人有一些与女同性恋不同的经历, 男同, 和双性恋的人. 您可以通过这些页面了解有关变性人的更多信息.

Transgender people have some different experiences than lesbian, gay, and bisexual people. You can learn more about transgender people through these pages.

变性人 (也称为转) 社区有特殊的术语,他们用来谈论自己和他们的经验.

The transgender (also known as trans) community has special terms they use to talk about themselves and their experiences.

变性人在获得医疗保健时拥有特定的权利. 改变性别后, 他们通常想得到新的识别. 这可能包括驾驶执照和出生证.

Transgender people have specific rights when getting healthcare. After changing their gender, they usually want to get new identification. This can include drivers licenses and birth certificates.

业主, 雇主和同事在法律上不允许歧视跨性别的人.

Landlords, employers and coworkers are legally not allowed to discriminate against trans people.


Gender reassignment is any medical procedure that helps transgender people match their physical sex to their gender.


For young people

LGBT年轻人可以 访问特雷弗空间. 这是由特雷弗项目管理的, 男女同性恋、双性恋和变性者青年组织. TrevorSpace 是一个受监控的网站, 供年轻人与所在社区的男女同性恋、双性恋和变性者联系.

LGBT young people can visit TrevorSpace. This is run by the Trevor Project, an organization for LGBT youth. TrevorSpace is a monitored site for young people to connect with LGBT people in their community.


Resources for LGBT people and their friends and family


Learn more


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