The benefits of US citizenship

Do you want to become a US citizen? There are many benefits to US citizenship. Learn about the benefits of US citizenship so you can decide if it is right for you.

The process of becoming a US citizen is called نیچرلائزیشن. There are many steps to naturalization, and it can be a long and difficult process. As you go through the steps, it is good to remind yourself of the benefits of US citizenship!

Citizenship gives you protection

With citizenship, you will gain protection both in the USA and overseas.

Protection against deportation

You cannot be deported if you are a US citizen, even if you are found guilty of a crime.

Protection overseas

The US government protect citizens when they travel overseas. If you are a citizen, you can go to a US embassy or consulate in any country to get help and information.

Protection returning home

Permanent residents have to be careful about travel regulations. They can be questioned at the border. But nobody can deny your right to re-enter the USA if you are a US passport holder.

Citizenship gives you a sense of belonging

There are many way that citizenship connects you to your new country.

Pride and patriotism

New citizens often feel proud of their new country and being able to say they are Americans.

Elected office

As a US citizen, you can hold elected office. Naturalized citizens can run for any elected office except United States president. Presidents have to be born in the USA.

Opportunity to bring family to the USA

Citizens get priority over permanent residents when they want to bring family members to live in the USA.

Benefits of US citizenship for your children

If your children are under 18 and resident in the USA, they automatically qualify for citizenship when you are naturalized.

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پناہ گزین مرکز آن لائن اب یوساہللا ہے.

Citizenship extends your rights

Everyone has certain rights in the USA under the law. But among the benefits of US citizenship is that you will have more rights. مثال کے طور:

Citizenship brings economic benefits

Government jobs are often more secure and better paid than jobs in private businesses. These government jobs are a big part of the US economy. But many government jobs are only open to citizens. You almost always have to be a citizen to work for the federal government.

Many employers in the private sector will also give preference to US citizens. One of the benefits of US citizenship is you will have access to those private sector jobs. On the whole, US residents earn about 9% more after naturalization.

If you are older or disabled, certain government benefits are guaranteed for citizens. You may not receive these benefits for more than 7 years if you are not a citizen. کے متعلق مزید جانیں public benefits.

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Are there any drawbacks to becoming a citizen?

The USA allows people to hold dual nationalities, but not all other countries do. مثال کے طور, if you are originally from China, ہندوستان, میانمار, or Norway, you will have to give up your citizenship to get the benefits of US citizenship. Learn which are the countries that do and don’t allow dual citizenship.

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اس صفحہ پر موجود معلومات سے آتا ہے Immihelp, اس New Americans Campaign اور دیگر معتبر ذرائع. اس کے لئے ہدایت کا مقصد ہے اور ممکنہ طور پر اکثر طور پر تازہ کاری کی ہے. یوساہللا قانونی مشورے نہیں دیتا, اور نہ ہی کوئی ہمارے مواد کو قانونی مشاورت تصور کیے جانے کا مقصد ہیں. اگر آپ ایک مفت یا کم قیمت کے وکیل یا قانونی مدد کے لئے تلاش کر رہے ہیں, ہم آپ کی مدد کر سکتے ہیں قانونی خدمات مفت اور کم قیمت کی تلاش.

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