了解技术行业和不同类型的计算机作业. 了解您在信息技术领域可以走的不同职业道路. 了解您需要哪些培训以及从何处开始求职.

Learn about the technology industry and different kinds of computer jobs. Read about the different career paths you can take in information technology. Find out what training you need and where to start your job search.


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技术是人们用来做工作的工具。. 今天, 几乎每项业务中最重要的工具是计算机. 如果你可以使用这个重要的工具, 你可以找到一份工作. 有许多计算机工作的熟练工人. 工作与其他行业重叠, 从健康到好客到制造业. 所有这些行业都需要有计算机技能的人.

Technology is any tool people use to do their work. Today, the most important tool in almost every business is the computer. If you can use this important tool, you can find a job. There are many computer jobs for skilled workers. The jobs overlap with every other industry, from health to hospitality to manufacturing. All these industries need people with computer skills.


Which computer job?

计算机作业通常称为信息技术 (它). IT 专业人员可以遵循许多不同的路径:

Computer jobs are often called information technology (IT). An IT professional can follow many different paths:

  • 编码和编程 –程序员编写每个程序后面的代码. 这是一个很好的开始, 因为培训很容易获得, 有很多入门级的工作.
  • Web 开发人员 -这些天, 每个企业都需要一个网站. 这是一个很好的工作, 如果你想为自己工作.
  • 项目经理 – 项目经理汇集并促进不同 IT 专业人员的团队. 他们帮助他们有效地协同工作, 朝着一个项目/目标. 学习 如何成为 IT 项目经理.
  • 分析和数据 -越来越多的企业使用数据来赚钱. 数据科学家分析数据为企业生产有用的信息.
  • 安全 -数据和系统安全性对大多数企业都很重要. 这是一个快速增长的领域.
  • 管理员 -IT 专家和网络管理员负责保持公司的系统正常工作. 他们确保网络连接并完成员工所需的工作。.
  • 卫生信息技术员 (打) –健康信息技术员保持数字病历的安全, 准确, 和最新. 学习 如何成为健康信息技术员.
  • 软件开发人员 -使应用程序 (应用程序) 每个人都可以使用或自定义程序的一个业务. 游戏和智能手机的其他应用正在增长领域.
  • Coding and programming –­ programmers write the code that is behind every program. This is good place to start because training is easily available and there are lots of entry-level jobs.
  • Web developer – these days, every business needs a website. This is a good job if you want to work for yourself.
  • Project manager – project managers bring together and facilitate teams of diverse IT professionals. They help them to work together efficiently toward a project/goal. Learn how to become an IT project manager.
  • Analytics and data – more and more businesses use data to make money. A data scientist analyzes data to produce useful information for businesses.
  • Security – data and system security is important to most businesses. It is a fast-growing field.
  • Administrator – IT specialists and network administrators are responsible for keeping a company’s system working. They make sure the network is connected and doing what employees need.
  • Health information technician (HIT) – health information technicians keep digital medical records safe, accurate, and up to date. Learn how to become a health information technician.
  • Software developer – making applications (apps) that everyone can use or custom programs for one business. Games and other applications for smartphones are growing fields.


Are computer jobs and information technology the right job for me?

计算机技术是求职的一个很好的领域, 因为计算机技能在雇主的需求很高。. 但不是每个人都想在电脑上工作. 在 careeronestop.org 进行自我评估测试

Computer technology is a great field for finding jobs because computer skills are in high demand by employers. But not everyone wants to work on a computer. Take a self-assessment test at careeronestop.org

Watch a computer program assistant talk about his job

Watch a computer program assistant talk about his job


Where do I start?

高技能 IT 工作, 大多数雇主会寻找经验和学位. 但有许多水平的培训, 需要更少的时间, 更容易获得新来者.

For highly skilled IT jobs, most employers will look for experience and a degree. But there are many levels of training that take less time and are more accessible to newcomers.


Learn online

  • Code Academy – learn coding on an easy, free platform
  • FreeCodeCamp.org – another free site that offers certification and teaches you programming by building projects for non-profits. You can join a group in your city to collaborate with people near you.
  • Khan Academy – all kinds of free classes, including many computer programming classes
  • How to get hired in web development – a short course from the Odin Project


Find a class near you

许多社区学院提供低成本的计算机培训课程. 他们可能有类特别是为新手和英语学习者. 在你附近找一所社区学院.

Many community colleges offer low-cost computer training classes. They may have classes especially for newcomers and English learners. Find a community college near you.

  • Code.org 有一个本地编码类的数据库. 该网站还功能编码游戏, 学习锻炼与各年龄段的教育资源.
  • Code.org has a database of local coding classes. The site also features coding games, learning exercises and educational resources for all ages.


What if I am already qualified in another country?

如果你有技术资格或者计算机科学学位, 向上全球 帮助工作授权的移民, 难民, 庇护, 签证持有人重新开始他们在美国的职业生涯.我还需要什么??

If you have technology qualification or a degree in computer science, Upwardly Global helps work-authorized immigrants, refugees, asylees, and visa holders restart their professional careers in the United States.What else do I need?


Start your job search


Here are some ways to start your job search:

  • 使用您当地的就业中心: 每个城市的政府就业中心都是免费的。. 他们提供建议并保留一份本地工作清单。. 他们帮助简历和求职申请. 他们可以把你与职业培训和教育联系起来. 找到 您最近的就业中心.
  • 获得自由职业者的工作: 把自己放在 Upwork, 一个在线工作的自由职业者网站.
  • 在线查看: 骰子 专业从事计算机技术工作, 包括信息技术, 软件, 高科技, 安全和生物技术.
  • 在您所在地区和在线查找技术课程 Launchcode
  • 查看您希望为其工作的公司的网站
  • 了解有关 IT 领域的各种职业道路
  • Use your local employment center: government employment centers in every city are free. They offer advice and keep a list of local jobs. They help with resumes and job applications. They can connect you to job training and education. Find your nearest employment center.
  • Get freelance jobs: put yourself on Upwork, a website for freelancers working online.
  • Look online: Dice specializes in computer technology jobs including information technology, software, high tech, security and biotech.
  • Find tech courses in your area and online at Launchcode
  • Check the websites of companies you would like to work for
  • Learn about the various career paths in IT


Learn more

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