您是否正在寻找一个居住的地方? 美国的住房通常很贵. 它可能很难找到一个好的地方,住在一个安全的小区. 你可能也会困惑如何找到住的地方. 本页提供有关支付账单的重要信息, 住在附近的邻居, 和自置居所.

Are you looking a place to live? Housing in the USA is often expensive. It may be hard to find a nice place to live in a safe neighborhood. You may also be confused by how to find a place to live. This page provides important information about paying bills, living near neighbors, and home ownership.


welcoming refugees

你的家是一个重要的地方. 还有一种说法在美国: “家是心之所在。” 这意味着我们身体的家园 — — 我们生活的地方 — — 象征的人和我们爱的事. 许多难民在新家园里感到自豪. 有一种安全, 舒适的住所将有助于使美国感觉像家一样. 每个家庭的难民住房需求不同, 但有许多不同类型的家庭选择从.

Your home is an important place. There is a saying in the United States: “Home is where the heart is.” This means our physical homes – the places we live – symbolize the people and things we love. Many refugees take pride in their new homes. Having a safe, comfortable place to live will help make the United States feel like home. Refugee housing needs are different for each family, but there are many different types of homes to choose from.


Types of housing


Renting a place to live

在美国的家园能公寓 (自包含的较大的建筑部分) 或一个单一的房子. 给你租一个房子, 向人,必须在每个月支付的金额. 你将签租约, 这是一项协议,说,你将支付你租金及其他费用账单每月.

Homes in the United States can be apartments (a self-contained part of a larger building) or a single house. To you rent a home, you must pay an amount every month to the owner. You will sign a lease, which is an agreement that says you will pay your rent and other bills each month.


Sharing a house or apartment

共享住房意味着你租房子或公寓与美国人叫什么 室友 — — 其他人生活在相同的房子或公寓,你和你的家人. 它往往比租自己的地方便宜, 因为你可以分摊租金和水电费 (电力, 暖气等). 通常每个人都有自己的卧室,他们共用一个客厅, 厨房和浴室.

Shared housing means you rent a house or an apartment with what Americans call roommates – other people living in the same house or apartment with you and your family. It is often cheaper than renting your own place because you can split the cost of the rent and utilities (electricity, heating etc). Usually everyone has their own bedroom and they share a living room, kitchen and bathroom.


Owning a home

在美国购房就是贵. 当你买一个家, 你通常要存钱来支付定金 (房子的总成本的百分比), 然后你经常借钱来支付其余的房子. 每个月你支付你借来的钱为向银行按揭付款. 当你买一个家, 你还有其他费用, 包括保险, 税收和上门维修.

Buying a home in the United States is expensive. When you buy a home, you normally need to have saved money to pay for a down payment (a percentage of the total cost of the house), and then you often borrow money to pay for the rest of the house. Each month you pay your mortgage payment to the bank for the money you borrowed. When you buy a home, you also have other expenses, including insurance, taxes and home repair.


Looking for a place to rent

找个地方出租很难. 对于负担得起的租金,总是有很多竞争. 有两种类型的住房,你可以尝试,当你正在寻找一个地方,以有限的收入居住:

Finding a place to rent is hard. There is always a lot of competition for affordable rentals. There are two types of housing you can try for when you are looking for a place to live on a limited income:


Affordable housing

在大城市和一些较小的城市, 有非营利组织和政府机构为低收入人群提供住房. 不幸的是,经济适用房通常需要长时间的等待. 但是,如果你的地区有负担得起的住房, 列入等待名单是好事. 住房咨询机构可以告诉你哪些经济适用房可用. 您可以搜索到两者 地方公共住房机构咨询机构 在您的地区.

In large cities and some smaller ones, there are non-profit organizations and government agencies that provide housing for low-income people. Unfortunately there is usually a long wait for affordable housing. But if there is affordable housing in your area, it is good to get on the waiting list. A housing counseling agency can tell you what affordable housing is available. You can search to fins both local public housing agencies and counseling agencies in your area.

您还可以在您的社区中搜索本地组织。 芬德你好. 选择您的语言, 然后选择你的城市. 然后选择 “住房 & 食品。” 如果没有为您的社区列出任何内容, 在互联网上搜索. 类型 “负担得起的住房 [城市名称].”

You can also search for a local organization in your community in FindHello. Choose your language, then choose your city. Then select “Housing & Food.” If there is nothing listed for your community, search on the internet. Type “affordable housing in [name of your city].”


Private rentals

廉价私人租赁一旦被广告填写. 您需要找到最好的列表,并每天检查它们. 某些列表页面将在发布新广告时通知您. 下面是 最好的公寓租赁网站和应用程序. 网站 Craigslist 是最常用的出租网站. 但在克雷格名单, 你必须小心有人试图欺骗你. 有些广告是欺诈性的. 切勿在线向任何人发送金钱或个人信息. 在达成协议之前,您永远不需要支付租金.

Cheap private rentals get filled as soon as they are advertised. You will need to find the best listings and check them every day. Some listings pages will notify you when new advertisements are posted. Here is a list of the best apartment rental sites and apps. The website Craigslist is the most used site for rentals. But on Craiglist, you have to be careful of people trying to cheat you. Some of the ads are fraudulent. Never send money or personal information to anyone online. You never need to pay rent until you have an agreement.

你可能想租自己的房子, 特别是如果你不仅仅是一个人. 但是,如果你考虑合住一栋房子或公寓,你通常会有更好的机会找到某个地方. 在租金非常高的大国家,情况尤其如此。. 分享意味着不只是分享租金, 但与其他工作成人分享所有其他费用. 如果您准备分享, 你实际上可能最终是在一个更好的地方, 有更多的空间或一个院子, 因为和室友,你可以买得起更大的东西.

You probably want to rent your own place, especially if you are more than just one person. But often you will have a better chance of finding somewhere if you consider sharing a house or apartment. This is especially true in big cites where rents are very high. Sharing means not just sharing the rent, but sharing all the other costs with other working adults. If you are prepared to share, you may actually end up in a nicer place, with more space or with a yard, because with roommates you can afford something bigger.


Renting and rights

如果你租了一个家, 你有几项权利. 你有权住在干净的地方, 有没有 bug, 具有热和水. 在美国, 还有一项法律,房东不能歧视你. 这意味着房东不能说不到租赁应用程序,因为你的种族, 民族, 或宗教. 关于有多少人可以住在你公寓里和你的房东必须为您提供什么不同国家也有具体的法律. Hud.gov是一个关于住房的教育网站. 您可以了解 住房歧视 租户权利 在你的状态.

If you are renting a home, you have several rights. You have the right to live in a place that is clean, has no bugs, and has heat and water. In the United States, there is a law that a landlord cannot discriminate against you. This means a landlord cannot say no to your rental application because of your race, ethnicity, or religion. There are also specific laws in different states about how many people can live in your apartment and what your landlord must provide for you. Hud.gov is an educational website about housing. You can learn about housing discrimination and tenant rights in your state.


Signing a lease

租约是您在租用居住地点时签署的书面文件. 租约是您和房东之间的协议, 租住单位的业主. 在租约, 您同意每月按时付你房租和账单和房东同意提供安全和卫生 (清洁与没有错误) 租住单位.

A lease is a written document that you sign when you rent a place to live. The lease is an agreement between you and the landlord, the owner of the rental unit. In the lease, you agree to pay your rent and bills on time each month and the landlord agrees to provide a safe and sanitary (clean with no bugs) rental unit.


Before you sign

以前你签你的租约, 请务必看看租住单位与业主协商. 如果有件事打破, 或如果地方很脏, 要求业主在租约上写上了,. 这样你会有证据后来你没有破坏任何东西或弄脏.

Before you sign your lease, make sure to look at the rental unit with the landlord. If there are things broken, or if the place is dirty, ask the landlord to write that down on the lease. That way you will have evidence later that you did not break anything or make it dirty.


Paying security deposits

当你第一次移动, 您可能需要先付押金. 这笔钱是备房东,直到你搬出去,万一你不付房租,或如果你犯租住单位很脏,他们要钱,让它打扫. 如果你付你房租,打扫公寓,当你搬出去, 然后你应该穿你存款的钱退还给你. 一些租赁需要你打扫你的地毯,拿回押金. 入住时,请务必检查公寓的地毯是否已清洁. 如果它洗不干净, 房东要把放在你不需要清洗地毯的写作要求. 如果你不得不清洗地毯, 你可以租一个低的价格,而无需向公司支付了大量金钱来清洁这块地毯机.

When you first move in, you may have to pay a security deposit. This money is kept by the landlord until you move out in case you do not pay your rent or if you make the rental unit very dirty and they have to pay to have it cleaned. If you pay your rent and clean the apartment when you move out, then you should get your deposit money returned to you. Some leases require you to clean your carpet in order to get your deposit back. Be sure to check if the carpet in your apartment was cleaned when you moved in. If it was not cleaned, ask for the landlord to put in writing that you do not have to clean the carpet. If you do have to clean the carpet, you can rent a machine for a low price instead of having to pay a company a lot of money to clean the carpet.


Length of lease

在若干个月签订租约. 大多数租约是六个月或一年. 您可能还能够签月与月租约. 这意味着你可以移动出任何你想要的时间. 然而, 你通常必须提前一个月告诉房东你会搬家, 你必须在你的协议结束后付房租。.

Leases are signed for a certain number of months. Most leases are for six months or for one year. You might also be able to sign a month-to-month lease. This means you can move out any time you want. However, you would still normally have to tell the landlord a month in advance that you will move and you must pay rent through the end of your agreement.


Notice requirements

大多数租约将需要你给一定数量的天’ 注意到之前你搬出去. 如果你打算搬出你的租赁, 一定要检查你租赁看到提前多少天你需要告诉你你会移动的房东.

Most leases will require you to give a certain number of days’ notice before you move out. If you are going to move out of your rental, be sure to check your lease to see how many days ahead of time you need to tell your landlord you will be moving.


Mail and bills

当你找到一个居住的地方, 你需要按时付账单. 你可能会得到电费和其他公用事业在邮件中的账单.

When you find a place to live, you will need to pay your bills on time. You will probably get bills for electricity and other utilities in the mail.



房租通常是在每月的第一个月或在你第一次搬进的月份的那天到期的。. 试着总是付房租使用一张支票, 而不是现金. 总是要求收据, 以便您有证明您支付了.

Rent is normally due on the first of the month or on the day of the month that you first moved in. Try to always pay your rent using a check, instead of cash. Always ask for a receipt so that you have proof that you paid.



向房东询问邮箱的位置, 并确保定期检查邮件。. 如果你搬家,你需要在邮局填写一份表格。. 当你填写, 您的邮件将被发送到您的新地址.

Ask your landlord where your mailbox is located and be sure to check your mail regularly. You will need to fill out a form at the post office if you move. When you fill it out, your mail will be sent to you at your new address.



通常, 你将不得不支付你的公用事业, 包括你的电力, 天然气或油, 水, 电视/互联网, 电话, 垃圾, 下水道, 等. 有时, 某些或所有公用设施被列入你的房租, 但大多数情况下你必须付给他们分别. 你可以节省您的实用程序通过在房子里保持热低和穿着暖和的衣服, 关掉灯和拔下电子设备,在不需要时.

Usually, you will have to pay for your utilities including your electricity, natural gas or oil, water, TV/internet, telephone, trash, sewer, etc. Sometimes, some or all utilities are included in your rent, but most of the time you have to pay them separately. You can save money on your utilities by keeping your heat low and wearing warm clothes in the house, and by turning off lights and unplugging electronic devices when they are not needed.


Buying a house

买一套房子可能是你会做的大买卖. 有很多的为您的法律问题, 银行, 和个人卖家. 美国住房和城市发展部 关于购买你的第一个家的伟大信息 和首次购房和低收入购房者的项目.

Buying a house is probably the largest purchase you will ever make. There are lots of legal issues for you, the bank, and for the person selling the home. The US Department of Housing and Urban Development has great information about buying your first home and programs for first-time and low-income home buyers.

你可以寻找找到 购房计划 帮助您在城市或州买房.

You can look to find homebuying programs to help you buy a home in your city or state.

Smartasset.com 有好的工具,以帮助您决定租或买房子. 它可以帮助你学习, 如果你能买得起房子.

Smartasset.com has good tools to help you decide to rent or buy a house. It can help you learn if you can afford to buy a house.



它始终是重要的是有良好的关系,和你的邻居, 无论你住在哪. 但这种关系可能不同于在你的国家. 举个例子, 在您的国家, 你可能会在一天中的任何时候去拜访你的邻居. 在美国, 人们经常在拜访朋友或邻居之前打电话. 你也应该要尊重你的邻居. 许多美国人认为他们的财产作为私有财产. 他们可能不喜欢, 如果你走在他们的院子里或公园在他们的房子前面.

It is always important to have a good relationship with your neighbors, wherever you live. But this relationship might be different than in your home country. For example, in your country, you might visit your neighbor at any time of day. In the USA, people often call before they visit a friend or neighbor. You should also try to be respectful of your neighbors. Many Americans think of their property as private property. They might not like it if you walk in their yard or park in front of their house.

你也应该知道你制造了多少噪音。. 尽量保持安静 8 下午. 和 8 上午, 在美国通常的休息时间.

You should also be aware of how much noise you are making. Try to be quiet between 8 p.m. and 8 a.m., the usual time of rest in the USA.

如果你与你的邻居建立良好的关系, 这可以为你的家人好. 当新邻居搬进来的时候, 你可以介绍一下你自己并送餐或板的对待.

If you develop a good relationship with your neighbors, this can be good for your family. When new neighbors move in, you can introduce yourself and bring them a meal or plate of treats.

如果你有一个问题与你的邻居之一, 试着跟他们解释这种情况. 举个例子, 如果有人大声在晚上, 问他们, 如果他们可以安静, 因为你的孩子正在睡觉. 如果你需要更多的帮助,你可以告诉你的房东的问题,问他们谈谈你的邻居.

If you are having a problem with one of your neighbors, try to talk to them and explain the situation. For example, if someone is being loud at night, ask them nicely if they can be quieter because your children are sleeping. If you need more help you can tell your landlord about the problem and ask them to talk to your neighbor.


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