餐厅经理在餐厅中保持一切平稳运行. 他们与客户打交道并管理员工. 了解这份工作,了解成为餐厅经理所需的步骤.

Restaurant managers keep everything running smoothly in a restaurant. They deal with customers and manage staff. Learn about the job and find out the steps you need to take to become a restaurant manager.

restaurant manager with a server
restaurant manager with a server
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什么 餐厅经理?

What is a restaurant manager?

餐厅经理确保餐厅内的所有东西都运行,因为它应该. 餐馆经理的工作也被称为餐饮服务经理.

Restaurant managers make sure everything in the restaurant is running as it should. The job of a restaurant manager is also known as food service manager.

在美国有超过100万家餐馆, 有对好餐馆经理的需求. 餐馆业需要关心人和食物的人管理这些餐馆.

With more than a million restaurants in the United States, there is a demand for good restaurant managers. The restaurant industry needs people who care about people and food to manage these restaurants.

下表告诉您一些关于餐厅经理职业生涯的事实. 这表明,大多数餐馆经理和业主从底部开始,并努力向上. 这意味着您可能不需要资格,开始在这个职业道路上. 报告还显示,许多人在餐馆找到了工作,未来会有更多的工作机会。.

The table below tells you some facts about a restaurant manager career. It shows that most restaurant managers and owners started from the bottom and worked their way up. This means you may not need a qualification to start on this career path. It also shows that many people have found jobs in restaurants and that even more jobs will open up in the future.

restaurant manager - facts at a glance

restaurant manager - facts at a glance


About the job


What can you expect in the job of restaurant manager?


Duties of a restaurant manager

他们与客户打交道,监督员工, 用品, 和质量. 管理者处理客户服务问题,解决员工中的问题. 他们确保食品的质量和服务良好. 另外, 他们确保餐厅开张前一切就绪. 他们也可能管理食物准备, 组织股票, 和订购用品. 最后, 经理让员工清洁设备并遵守安全规则.

They deal with customers and oversee staff, supplies, and quality. Managers deal with customer service issues and solve problems among the employees. They make sure that the food quality and service is good. Additionally, they ensure that everything is ready before the restaurant opens. They may also manage food preparation, organizing stock, and ordering supplies. Finally, managers make employees clean equipment and follow safety rules.

餐厅经理负责面试, 招聘, 并监督新工作人员. 他们还可以管理预算和工资单. 有时, 经理也是餐厅的主人.

Restaurant managers are responsible for interviewing, hiring, and supervising new staff members. They may also manage a budget and payroll. Sometimes, managers are also the owners of the restaurant.


Watch this video to learn more about what restaurant owners do



餐馆经理在家庭经营的餐厅工作, 快餐和其他连锁餐厅, 度假村, 和酒店. 餐厅经理通常有一个办公室,在那里他们执行管理任务和管理他们的日常活动.

Restaurants managers work in family-owned restaurants, fast-food and other chain restaurants, resorts, and hotels. Restaurant managers usually have an office where they do administrative tasks and manage their day-to-day activities.

十分之九的餐馆的餐馆数量少于 50 员工. 但工作场所可能很繁忙.

Nine out of ten restaurants have fewer than 50 employees. But the workplace can be hectic.


Salary for restaurant managers

餐馆经理的薪水范围很广, 但他们赚取的平均 $35,570 每年. 年薪起于 $19,865 并去 $54,300. 每小时工资范围从 $9.55 自 $26.09.

Restaurant managers’ salaries cover a wide range, but they earn an average of $35,570 annually. Annual salaries start at $19,865 and go up to $54,300. Hourly wages range from $9.55 to $26.09.


About the person


What kind of person makes a good restaurant manager?


Qualities you should have

  • 能够在压力下保持积极的态度
  • 能够与人很好地合作并管理人员
  • 愉快, 礼貌的举止
  • 观察细节
  • 能够迅速做出响应和决策
  • 非常有条理
  • 外交在困难的情况下
  • able to keep a positive attitude under stress
  • able to work well with and manage people
  • pleasant, courteous demeanor
  • observant of details
  • able to respond and make decisions quickly
  • very organized
  • diplomatic in difficult situations


Skills you will need

  • 算术
  • 预算
  • 厨房和餐厅实践的知识和经验
  • 良好的沟通能力
  • 领导技能
  • 冲突解决技术
  • arithmetic
  • budgeting
  • knowledge and experience of kitchen and restaurant practices
  • good communication skills
  • leadership skills
  • conflict resolution techniques

top five cities - restaurant manager

top five cities - restaurant manager


Get qualified


Training and experience

大多数在餐馆工作的人开始在餐馆的入门级工作,并工作的方式. 在职经验是获得培训的最常见方式.

Most people in the restaurant business start in an entry-level job in a restaurant and work their way up. On-the-job experience is the most common way to gain training.

由于对人员填补入门级职位的需求很高, 你可以通过在餐馆找份工作来开始你的职业培训. 在职经验是实现目标的最可能方式.

As there is high demand for people to fill entry-level jobs, you can start training for your career by getting a job in a restaurant. On-the-job experience is the most likely way to reach your goal.

如果你觉得不太愿意在餐馆申请工作怎么办?? 一些 工作中心 和其他组织提供免费的基本工作培训. 部分培训包括向难民和进入餐馆工作和其他餐饮服务工作的移民提供工作技能.

What if you do not feel quite ready to apply for a job in a restaurant? Some job centers and other organizations offer free basic job training. Some of the training includes job skills to refugees and immigrants going into restaurant jobs and other food service jobs.

重要: 您无需支付巨额学费,就能获得餐饮业务的基本培训.

Important: You do not need to pay large tuition fees to get basic training for the restaurant business.



正如我们所了解到的, 十位餐厅经理中有九位从底层上前工作,达到了他们的位置. 他们可能没有认证. 但是证书可以帮助取得进步. 如果您非常致力于快速推进, 你可以通过参加学校或在线课程获得额外的培训. 你可以做一个兼职课程,同时你获得工作经验和谋生.

As we learned, nine of ten restaurant managers reached their position by working their way up from the bottom. They probably do not have certification. But certificates can help to get ahead. If you are very committed to advancing quickly, you can get additional training by attending a school or online class. you can do a part-time course at the same time that you are gaining job experience and earning a living.

在餐厅管理方面有许多课程和不同的认证. 四年制和两年制学院提供酒店课程, 在烹饪学校, 和其他职业学校. 你可以赚取在线关于不同类型的课程,你可以考虑:

There are many courses and different certifications in restaurant management. There are hospitality courses on offer at four-year and two-year colleges, at culinary schools, and at other vocational schools. You can learn online about the different types of courses you can consider:

有一些经济帮助,以取得合格的餐厅业务. 了解更多关于 餐厅职业奖学金.

There is some financial help available for gettin qualified in the restaurant business. Learn more about scholarships for restaurant careers.


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