Workplace rights are legal and moral rights

Naser with IT team

Workplace rights in the USA are basic rules about how employees are treated.

Workplace rights are both legal and moral, in my opinion. It is legal since it is protected and framed by laws and regulations. In some countries, it is further protected by the constitution and other legal forms. In many countries, there is a special court for labor disputes and problems. It is moral since the employers have a responsibility to protect their employees from any unsafe or dangerous situation.

Workplace rights protect the physical and mental safety of employees. In other words, the employer has the responsibility to provide a safe and secure work environment for workers. The rights of the workplace can include:

  • the right of privacy
  • fair compensation if a worker got injured during his or her work
  • using proper and safe tools for work
  • providing heating and cooling conditions for workers
  • providing proper uniforms
  • safe work zone conditions, etc.

These are a few examples related to the safety and security of the workers. 

There are many differences between the workplace in the USA and back in Iraq.

Here in the USA, basic worker rights and safe conditions are provided. For example, the workers have a minimum wage. This minimum wage is different according to the laws and regulations of different states. In Iraq, this right is very problematic. Most of the workers do not know their minimum wage. Due to this, they can be easily exploited by their employers without effective legal protection.

What surprised me here is the separation of political parties and workers’ unions. They are separate so the workers’ union has their independent policies regarding wage requirements, work conditions, and so. In Iraq, political parties can easily impact these unions and syndicates. This involvement in the workers’ unions cannot serve the workers’ rights in any way. 

Another thing that really surprises me here in the USA is that workers can get fair compensations when something injures them during their work.

This is a very well-protected right here. Last year, I was working in a lab for a local company. During my work, one of my finger was injured a little bit. Once I reported that to the employer, they followed their policies to cover all medical and other expenses and costs. It was good to be protected by workers’ rights at that time.

د USAHello په غږونو او هیلو بلاګونو کې څرګند شوي نظرونه او مشورې خپله په اړونده لیکوالانو پورې اړه لري. USAHello په متحده ایالاتو کې د نويو راغلو وګړو سره د مرستې لپاره بې پرې معلومات او آنلاین کورسونه وړاندې کوي.