You can help your child succeed in school

Bakhshan Abdullah with children

By learning American culture and being active at my son’s school, I helped my child succeed in school.

Refugees, in general, can participate very positively to help our kids succeed at school in the United States. This might not be very easy at the beginning, but following some strategies and certain ways would benefit parents of kids of refugees. In this short story, I will share my experience as a refugee so other parents can help their kids be successful.

Our goal was to help our son succeed in school and to involve positively in American culture. When we came to the USA, our son Asos was only one year old. We were totally unaware of many aspects of life in America. After several years of experience, I can say that kids of refugees can be very successful in school if the parents follow several strategies.

Positive behavior

First of all, the parents should behave very positively in dealing with their kids. Positive behavior includes several things, such as discussing their problems, and disciplining them in legally accepted and modern ways.

When my son made mistakes, we were not spanking as many parents do. Instead, we were explaining to him why his behavior is wrong. After that, if he repeated the same mistake, we were following positive disciplining. For example, « time out » for a couple of minutes, not letting him play with favorite toys and so on. These kinds of disciplining are regarded as a psychological pressure to make him understand his wrong behavior and obey parents and teachers at school.

American culture

Also, parents should familiarize themselves and their kids with the American Culture. This is especially a good and effective strategy for future success. Knowing the American culture is very important for refugees and newcomers. American culture includes several things like language, assumptions and values like privacy, independence, and self-dependence etc. Refugees should take this point very seriously and explain that for their kids.

Knowing the culture is important to avoid mistakes in schools and outside in the community.

Community connections

Another strategy for the success of the students is parents should connect strongly with the school and the community. The key success for students is not only study or positive behavior by a parent, but parents should try to be involved with their kid’s school and other community activities. These activities will grow positive views about community, school, and life in general.


After using all these strategies with our son, now he is a very good student. His teachers love him. His grades are very high. His behavior is very positive. Asos is a very happy and successful student. He is respecting his teachers, doing his homework very well, loves the parents, teachers, and student. Helping our kids might takes some time, but it eventually paid off.

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