Headshot of Paola Guzman

Paola Guzman

Board Member | Immigrant Justice

Paola is extremely passionate in the development of mechanisms that allow for the education and empowerment of marginalized communities of color in the hopes of creating agents of change to combat the cycles of violence, poverty, and exploitation. Paola has worked in the immigrant justice space in Houston since 2017 where she has been responsible for leading the strategy, operations and logistics of collaborative projects that streamline immigrant access to social and legal services; developing short- and long-term goals centered through a trauma informed lens; co-managing events, and mentoring professionals interested in working in non-traditional social work settings to provide holistic services.

Paola Guzman holds a Master of Social Work degree specializing in Community Organizing, Planning, and Administration from the University of Southern California and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sociology and Spanish from Mount St. Mary’s University.