USAHello is a free online center for information and education for refugees, asylum seekers, immigrants and welcoming communities.

Meet USAHello

USAHello uses the power of the internet to help immigrants, asylum seekers, refugees and the communities that welcome them build brighter futures for themselves and their families.

Since our founding as a nation, the USA has welcomed people from all over the world to come together toward a shared dream. Today, over 1 million future Americans come to the USA each year, bringing with them the diverse talents, culture and perspectives that help our country prosper. We know that when our newest neighbors have the information and tools they need to succeed, everyone benefits. We are here to bridge the gap from survive to thrive.

What we do

Today, USAHello is the largest multilingual online hub for information and education created especially for refugees, asylum seekers, immigrants and receiving communities in the USA. Our website has hundreds of information pages about topics such as immigration policy, American culture and laws, education, citizenship, healthcare and more. Our FindHello app (a partnership with UNHCR), helps people connect to local services in communities across the USA. And our popular online classroom offers free classes to help you prepare for citizenship and to take the GED high school equivalency test.

We know that the vast majority of Americans support immigrants, and our How to help section is for community members wanting to get informed about immigrants and immigration policy or get involved with welcoming newcomers in their communities.

For more information about all of USAHello’s programs, please visit our FAQ page.

Guided by the population we serve

Our work is guided by the communities we serve. We believe that newcomers themselves are their own best advocates, and more than half of our board members are resettled refugees or first- and second-generation immigrants. Our programs were developed by and are continually guided by community input, including USAHello’s Technical Advisory Council of refugees and immigrants, many of whom work directly with other newcomers. We encourage regular feedback and contributions from diverse voices throughout our site.


USAHello was founded in 2013 as the Refugee Center Online, in response to the eagerness of newly arrived refugees and other immigrants to learn and adapt and the lack of online content for this population. Today the digital gap in both language and content geared to non-native English speakers still exists and the growing demand for our services – from 70,000 site visitors in 2016 to more than 800,000 in 2019 – shows that we are meeting a critical need.

In 2019 we changed our name to USAHello to make sure that our audience knows that everyone is welcome. We also launched a sister website, ItaliaHello, to serve migrants in Europe,