Kilti ameriken

Angle touPa gen anglè

Polite behavior

Learn some things to say and do so you can be polite in the USA. Li plis

Valè Ameriken

Read about the things that are important to Americans, such as independence, privacy and equality. Li plis

Talking and Communicating

Americans talk in a direct way. This means they tell you what they think. When you talk to an American, it is important to look people in the eye. Learn how to talk to Americans and understand American communication. Li plis

Konpòtman pèsonèl

Personal behavior in the USA might be very different than in your country. Read to learn about things like staying clean, smoking, and dating. Li plis

Women in the USA

Women in the USA are equal to men. Men, there are many ways in which men and women's life experiences are different. Read about women's rights, rad, and abuse of women. Learn about women's experiences at work, in the home and with having children. Li plis

Sòti de Komite a

bat bwavo pou refijye yoJwenn yon kote pou rele kayPremye mwa nan Amerik la kapab tre difisil pou Newcomers. Men, bagay yo jwenn pi bon ak tan ak pratik. Ote nou pataje eksperyans li
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