Inivesite ak edikasyon granmoun

Angle touPa gen anglè

How to fill out your college application

Applying for college has to be done many months before the first day. You must decide what type of school you want to go to and gather and submit paperwork on time Li plis

Bous detid pou imigran ak refijye yo

A scholarship is donated money that you can apply to if you need help paying for college. Learn about scholarships that are specifically for newcomers Li plis

Peye pou Kolej oswa inivesite

College can be very expensive in America. Many people apply for donated funds called scholarship or government aid. Others also choose to work part-time Li plis

Etranje transcriptions-transfè kredi soti nan yon lòt peyi

Si ou vle pou yo kòmanse lekòl nan Etazini, ou pral oblije montre edikasyon ki ou achte nan peyi lakay ou. Anplwayè ka mande sou edikasyon ou, twò. W ap bezwen ou transcriptions etranje ki te evalye. Men, si ou gen yon degre oswa sètifika nan peyi lakay ou, you might need to take more classes or tests to work in your old job. Li plis

Edikasyon granmoun-kijan pou yo ale nan lekòl

Èske ou vle pou m fini edikasyon ou? Antrene yon nouvo travay oubyen pou amelyore aptitid ou? Ale nan Inivèsite oubyen aprann anglè? Find out how you can get an adult education online or in your community. Li plis

Voye yon timoun pou kolèj

Voye yon timoun nan Kolej se tre eksitan. Learn how to prepare and help your child through this big change. Li plis

Sòti de Komite a

ale nan kolèjAle nan kolèj: M' vwayaje sòti de refijye yon pou yon kolèj diplomeAle nan kolèj: Hassan, yon refijye nan Somali, writes about his experience going to college in the USA and offers advice to help other refugees succeed.
Anyone can dream and everything is possibleAnyone can dream and everything is possibleBefore moving to the USA, many immigrants hear rumors about the country. A former refugee tells us why her move made her feel like everything is possible.
5 Factors to Help You Succeed in American Schools5 Factors to Help You Succeed in American Schools5 Factors to Help You Succeed in American Schools. As a new American, you dream of freedom, edikasyon, endless opportunities, and success.