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Angle touPa gen anglè

Refijye yo t' ap moutre yo ak imigran

Information and resources for educators with refugees and immigrants in their classroom. Learn how to effectively engage and assist your newcomer students. Li plis

Pwofil kiltirèl jan nou koumanse

Pa te culturel enfòme, you’ll be better equipped for teaching diverse students in your multicultural classroom. Li plis

Akeyi refijye yo

Learn ways to welcome refugees into your community and skills for working with refugees. Li plis

Sòti de Komite a

A teacher's perspective on how to succeed in schoolsPèspektiv nan afè yon pwofesè sou kijan pou yo reyisi nan lekòl yoDoing well in school means different things in each country. A teacher from Iraq shares her thoughts on how to succeed in schools.
American Education Through Refugee Student LensUSA school system through a refugee student lensChallenges refugees face in the US education system. Most refugees move to America simply because they don’t have any future living in the refugee camp.
Pwofesè imigran ESL Erika WarnerAn immigrant ESL teacher finds connections through her classroomAn immigrant ESL teacher, finds her purpose in teaching refugees and immigrants. Read about how she connects with her students