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My life as an international student

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I want to share with you my journey as an international student in the USA.

When I first came to the United States, the plan was to attend a four-year university as an international student and get my bachelor’s degree in Accounting. However, during that first year, and that first semester, things got tough financially. It got so tough that I had to transfer to a community college close by to continue my studies. It was quite a different experience, but I am glad about the years I have done there. I hope my story will give you hope and help you to know that there is always a way, even when you think there is no way.

As you probably know, community colleges only offer two-year programs.

Most of the students including international students who graduate from community colleges usually go on to a four-year university to complete the last two years and get their bachelor’s degree. So, I was expected to do the same. To continue to a four-year university to get my bachelor’s degree, which was fine with me.

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However, money was still a problem for me. I was wondering how I could afford to go to a four-year university?

I knew then that my only option was to get a scholarship. As easy as the thought of getting a scholarship was in my mind, it was far from being easy in reality. In fact, I did not feel like I had what it takes to get selected for a scholarship. Plus, I did not know anyone who had been given a scholarship before, let alone an international student.

So, I felt like my chances of getting a scholarship as an international student was close to zero. I started losing hope.

Later on, I got to realize that I was limiting and downgrading myself for no valid reason. In fact, just because no one around me had ever gotten a scholarship did not mean I could not get one. That was so true, especially since a few months later, I received a letter from a school agreeing to give me a partial scholarship to attend the school. And here I was getting ready to go to a four-year university, which I once thought was impossible for me.

I had a similar story for my MBA. After graduating from Georgetown College, I was contemplating the idea of going for a master’s degree. However, because of the high cost of the master’s programs in the United States, I did not believe I stood a chance of attending one. Indeed, I did not know how I would be able to afford a master program. I tried asking for loans from some companies, but it was unsuccessful.

Find part-time work to help pay for school fees and other needs.

Once again, I was discouraged thinking that this long dream of mine of getting my MBA in the United States will never come true. But once again I was wrong. One thing I did not realize was that there are universities such as Park University. I attend this school. They ask for relatively low fees for their master’s programs. Not only that, they offer evening programs. This allows international students to be able to work part-time in the morning throughout their studies. This kind of programs is rare, and I was fortunate enough to find one. That is how I, an international student was able to afford an MBA degree.

As an international student, I hope this article gives you hope and encourages you to never give up. Even when you think there is no way, just know that there is always a way. And that way might come to you as a surprise like it did for me. Good luck!

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