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Working in sales

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I still recall my first day as a salesperson. It was scary.

I got that job not long after I arrived in the United States, and I did not know much about the culture yet. I was not sure if I am going to survive working in sales, but I did! It was thanks to a great mentor who taught some important principles that I still use today. I want to share them with you.

Learn from others

This is one of the most important tips that I learned. A mentor is someone who teaches and supports you. Finding a good and trusted mentor can make a great difference in a salesperson’s life. My mentor allowed me to observe his selling techniques. During that period, I learned about conversation and how not to lose the customer with boring talk.  

Be genuine

Every successful business is helped by building personal relationships. Customers are very aware that a salesperson wants to sell them something. Be yourself and practice the sales pitch before the meeting. Also, customers will be most likely to recommend a reliable salesperson who is always there to give trusted advice.   

Know your products well

Read, read, and read. Learn about the products you are selling, and even try them if appropriate. You can then share that experience with confidence with the customers.  I read the labels of the products and went on the maker’s website to learn more. Customers will ask detailed questions about the products. The biggest mistake a salesperson can make is to give wrong information or advice to a customer.  

Listen well and ask questions

Working in sales is not easy. As a salesperson, I learned to listen and ask the right questions of my customers. Customers often come with just an idea. They want the salesperson to recommend the right products for them. When I was working in sales, I talked about paints and other similar products. My job as a salesperson was to make sure that my customer had all he or she wanted before leaving. I listened to learn about their projects and then made recommendations.

In the beginning, I had unhappy customers because I did not always know what was talking about. For example, I did not recommend paint brushes and other products that are necessary for a painting job.

Stay focused

This is an important tip in every job. Having an organized schedule for the future can help anyone working in sales to make good sales. I used to set time aside to learn about new products, contact new customers, and follow up with current customers. It helped me to make sure things were going okay.

I consider working in sales to have been a great blessing in my life. I got to meet people in my new community and learn from them about living here in America. I also got to learn about products that I never heard of in my life before coming to the USA.

Paying attention to details, being organized, a quick learner, and committed to the job can make working in sales a rewarding job.

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