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Free English classes for immigrants online

Learnship offers free English classes to immigrants students through USAHello. Read about their online classes and find out how to sign up.

Free special offer

USAHello and Learnship want to help you learn English so that you can thrive in your new life in the United States. Learnship is offering free classes for 1,200 immigrant students in the U.S. who sign up through USAHello.

Learnship is a company using technology to help people learn languages. They teach over 12 languages. More than 250,000 people take their classes each year.

How to start

You can sign up anytime. Your membership will last for one year. Here’s how to sign up:

  • Give your name and email in the registration form.
  • We will use your email address to sign you up.
  • Your email address will be your username.
  • When you are registered, you can create your own password.
  • Check your spam folder if you do not get a confirmation email.

The classes

After signing in, you will study on the Learnship Solo English platform. Learnship Solo is an e-learning product that provides everything you need to practice and improve your English language skills at your own pace. It includes courses, tools, and resources that you can access via the Internet anytime and anywhere.

Before starting, you must take a short test or determine your own level of English proficiency. The platform will generate a training plan for you that matches your knowledge.

The classes are short and interactive so you can fit them into your schedule. There is no set schedule. The classes are made up of lessons you can do when you have available time. 

The lessons include videos, tests, listening, and speaking practices. You will learn grammar and new words while improving your English skills. Knowing how to understand, write and speak English will help you at work and in your daily life.

The English classes can help beginners and those who know some English but want more practice. The lessons will be helpful at your job or if you want to do business with English speakers.

You will improve your English pronunciation, writing, and understanding.

Class languages

You can learn English online with Learnship in these languages::

  • English
  • Chinese (Modern)
  • Chinese (Traditional)
  • Czech
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Polish
  • Portuguese (Brazil)
  • Russian
  • Spanish (Latin American)
  • Spanish (Spain)
  • Turkish

Your personal information

Learnship collects information from people who use their services to make it better. Learnship uses the information to see trends, make improvements, and help its users. You can read their privacy policy.

USAHello only has information about you that you choose to give us by email. We do not give, sell, or offer this information to any other person, organization, or website. 

There are other options to learn English online for free. Many organizations offer helpful resources on their websites and through their apps. 

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